Fun Links From Around the Web

Fun Links From Around the Web

Fun Links From Around the Web

Fun Links From Around the Web

What are your plans for this weekend? Alex and I are going to see the Brian Wilson movie and to my new favorite wine bar, which has the most delicious carrots, of all things. Also, my bike wheels got stolen — bummer! — so we will be walking everywhere while patiently (semi-patiently) waiting for it to get fixed. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Wise words.

A print for book lovers.

Witness a marriage proposal in heartbeats.

10 annoying passengers on your flight.

It’s hard to be a toddler.

How to Instagram like it’s your job.

The wedding registry gifts we still use ten years later (and the ones we don’t).”

Just bought these guys for the summer!

A Dutch daycare that treats kids like researchers. Awesome.

If Wes Anderson had directed The Shining.

Surprising tip: Spray perfume in your hair.

What pretty wrapping paper.

Solid advice: Forget about being likable.

Finally, speaking of grieving, if you haven’t yet read Sheryl Sandberg’s post about her late husband, it’s definitely worth reading. Lots of love to you. xoxo

(Photos by Downtown from Behind)