The Worst Upstairs Neighbors

Our old upstairs neighbors sounded like they were dropping bowling balls on the floor, and our new upstairs neighbors have two boys who both play the drums. (Not joking.) We’ve spent years trying to figure out what certain sounds are and why a random alarm clock will go off for an hour at 4 a.m. So this video made me laugh out loud…

Do you have any neighbor horror stories?

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  1. Bryant says...

    why are all upstairs neighbors evil?

  2. Heidi says...

    I am dealing with this right now. Kids constantly running, playing ball in the apartment above me, the sound of weights being dropped at 3am, my husband going to dialysis shaking due to only getting an hour of sleep, my dogs shaking and trying to find a hiding place to block the noise out, myself shaking and have to take a blood pressure medicine as my blood pressure gets up to 193/178.
    I have to put the radio on full blast and the tv on the volume of 90 just to try to block them out.
    I tried to talk to the landlord before but this time I think it will be better because a lot of other people are complaining now too.
    We have a friend in the building that puts up with what we put up with too.

  3. Jane says...

    As I read this I was listening to my upstairs neighbors sound as if they were having wrestling matches peppered with occasional breaks to drop hard heavy objects on the floor. It’s close to 11:30pm. I don’t understand them. First of all, it’s supposed to be a single woman living up there, but I swear she’s running a boarding house for elephants. She also seems to go out of her way to be loud. She used to have nice thick carpeting with padding and the first couple years were great. I’ve lived in apartments before and the noise in the first couple years was acceptable. Then one day she up and had all of the carpet and padding taken out and put in cheap wood floors. I don’t think they even bothered to put padding under it because I can hear her dog’s nails clicking on the floor. Oh and the dog. Like I said earlier, the first couple years were great . The dog lived up there then but it didn’t make any noise. Then one day the dog started barking obsessively for HOURS on end, particularly when they had left it there alone. It had never done that before so I don’t know what was different. It would also bark non stop sometimes when they were there and they wouldn’t even try to quiet the dog. Hell, at least 3 times I heard what sounded like her boyfriend barking along WITH the dog to get it to keep barking! I put up with this for a year and a half before I finally asked my HOA if they had rules regarding excessive barking as the dog would bark upwards of 3 or more hours straight and sometimes very late at night. Actually the last straw that made me contact the HOA was when I endured an entire weekend of stereo non stop barking because she had another dog up there and her dog and it did NOT get along. Two days straight of non-stop territorial barking. Ugh. She had the nerve to tell the HOA that she didn’t have a dog and was dog sitting but they had gone home!!! The dog will still randomly bark but not for hours anymore (thank God), but what she did do was move a 2 year old in with her. Actually, to be honest, I don’t know if the kid lives there or she just makes sure to babysit it during the hours when I’m home. I don’t get home until late and I’ve even noticed that sometimes it sounds like the kid is being dropped off not long after I get home from work and then is loud until around 10pm. I understand kids will be kids and has a right to live there or be babysat or whatever but this kids is louder than any 2 year old I’ve ever met and I have two nieces that are toddlers. This kid SCREAMS more than I have ever heard any other kids scream and I think it’s because they are always yelling at him. That’s also how I know the kid is arriving because I can hear him screaming as he comes across the parking lot with whoever is bringing him. They also let the kid run with his shoes on back and forth and jump and throw things for hours. They also let him beat on the floor with toys and there has been nights where it’s 11 and the kid is still up. I’ve also been woken up while wearing earplugs before 7am by them letting the kid run in the bedroom directly over mine (which they know is over mine). I finally said something to them about it (which I was treated like “how dare I” say anything about how loud the kid is because he’s “just a kid” and “only two”. Yes that’s true, but the adults who should be keeping him from making so much noise (like not letting him run in shoes, putting him to bed at a decent hour, not letting him jump or run in the house or beat on the floor) are not two years old! I swear they are doing this s***t on purpose but I can’t figure out why. I try to always be VERY quiet. I won’t turn the TV up very loud. I always turn knobs on doors and pull them gently so they don’t make any noise. I won’t flush the toilet in the middle of the night so I don’t wake them up. In my old apartment I lived on the 3rd floor and was so quiet the downstairs neighbor thought no one lived there. I can’t figure it out.

  4. Deborah says...

    This had me in tears! I was searching the internet for ANY tips on blocking out the elephant above me. Our apartments are the size of a postage stamp however, I think he must do sprints up there combined with with something on wheels that he slides back and forth incessantly. This is compounded by dropping what sounds like a brick every now and then, just in case I was getting too comfortable with the sound of the heavy footed sprints. I thought couldn’t get worse until he listed his apartment on airbnb when he is out of town. Oh, how I miss that it did actually get quiet after 11. Now I hear tourists stomping around from 12-5 a.m. as they come in from the bars. The worse part of it is, other than not sleeping, is my 12 year old Golden gets so anxious he tries to jump out the window! Yup renting sucks!

  5. Dean says...

    I can hear nearly every noise my upstairs neighbor makes, and I think he has a bladder infection. I hear him stomp across the floor every 5-10 minutes, peeing, and flushing. Maybe he’s just drinking a lot of water. With all that drinking and flushing, that water bill must be enormous.

    Seriously, if I had to urinate as much as my neighbor, I would think something was seriously wrong.

  6. Sunny and Earl says...

    My neighbor to the side snores like a bull elephant. If he has been drinking or smoking it is 40x worse. Had to move our bed to another corner of the room but it’s now my husband to listens to the walls shake. Neighbor below is a shift working nurse who runs his dog around inside the apartment instead of walking it. Both neighbors smoke or have guests who smoke, which is a violation of the lease. Our landlord/property managers don’t care and say we are imagining it. Sadly, this is the best apartment (location) we’ve ever had. Renting sucks.

  7. Molly says...

    Absolute peace!

  8. Molly says...

    I laughed until I cried. I live in San Diego and for three months had absolute piece. Now the guy who just moved in over me is an OCD engineer who opens the closet doors (rolling) endlessly. I don’t know what the hell he’s putting in or taking out or just trying to get them to balance or what, but it’s driving me nuts. Or else he’s bowling. He’s a friend of the apt. manager and they’re both retired, so I don’t think it’s going to change…but this did give me a new perspective. Thanks…

    • Sunny and Earl says...

      Yep, our neighbor below does that, too. I’ve never lived in a place you can hear noise from below so loudly!!

    • Jan says...

      Yep, I can relate to this very well. I had the fortune of moving into an apartment where the upstairs neighbors were very quiet. Sure occasionally you would hear soft footsteps or drawers in the kitchen being pulled/pushed and the dishwasher going. It all went to Hell when some skinny white boy and his girlfriend moved in two years ago. I had to endure it all: loud stomping, TV too loud with their endless late-night gaming, closets being rolled open and then slammed shut, and heavy hard objects thudding on the floor. I was always on edge being startled by what sounded like bowling balls and weights being dropped. I complained to the landlord of course, and it sort of got better. That is until one day, the jerk had wooden flooring installed. Now, the sounds he makes are 80X worse. Any moment of peace I have is ruined by the sound of something hard and very heavy hitting that wooden floor, something hard rolling across the floor like golf balls, or furniture screeching and scraping as it’s being dragged around. Every. Single. Day. I have lived here for over seven years, and these past two years have been a total nightmare. The landlird does nothing. Thank God I’m moving out in less than two months.

  9. Circa1989 says...

    I have the worst neighbors next door. I can hear every sound, churn, spin and thud from their washer and dryer which is against my bedroom wall. They insist on doing laundry EVERY. SINGLE. DAY at 6:30 A.M. and after 11:00 at night. Please help.

  10. I once lived in an apartment where the neighbors across the hall had a lot of visitors and very strange smells coming from their place. My roommate laughed at my naïveté and informed me they were drug dealers. I had never smelled pot before! In the same place, our downstairs neighbors played the drums ALL THE TIME, even though there was a “no instruments” policy. Drum noise goes both ways!

  11. Oh my goodness. I laughed till I cried over this video. Our upstairs neighbors are THE NOISIEST. We often speculate about what in the world could be going on up there. It is incredibly puzzling how they can make so much noise. Sometimes it seems like they’re wearing platform shoes made of concrete.

  12. So funny! I realized yesterday that I’m that upstairs neighbor… I bought a portable washing machine that probably causes some humming in the floor (my downstairs neighbors ceiling) and they started banging on the ceiling with a broom! Now, this is the first time that this has happened and I live with four college girls. That’s a success story if I’ve ever heard one.

  13. When we first moved into our apartment our upstairs neighbor and her boyfriend had very loud and “athletic” sex. Most of the noise was from the bed moving and when it was all over they would have to move all the furniture back into place (so if you happened to sleep through the actual sex part you were woken by the furniture move). He was also a bartender so this was always at 3:30 am. We were so relieved when they broke up! I wanted to leave a can of WD-40 on her doorstep.
    Now we mostly hear her playing video games and baby talking to her dog and apparently trying on clogs.
    We thought at least our downstairs neighbor is an orthodontist, so how bad could that be…turns out the air compressor is right under our bed and they fire it up at 6 am.
    We’re in SF, though so we can never ever switch apartments, ha.

  14. we live on the first floor. this poem is a family favorite:

    The People Upstairs By Ogden Nash

    The people upstairs all practise ballet
    Their living room is a bowling alley
    Their bedroom is full of conducted tours.
    Their radio is louder than yours,
    They celebrate week-ends all the week.
    When they take a shower, your ceilings leak.
    They try to get their parties to mix
    By supplying their guests with Pogo sticks,
    And when their fun at last abates,
    They go to the bathroom on roller skates.
    I would love the people upstairs wondrous
    If instead of above us, they just lived under us.

  15. I can tell when my downstairs neighbor (a french canadian guy with bleach blond hair) is going to have a lady over… because he plays old timey french music (like Edith Piaf and stuff) at ABSOLUTE TOP VOLUME and he sings along to it with great enthusiasm… and then later, has very loud sex. It’s hilarious!

  16. I think when I lived in NYC I was the horrible neighbor – I used to do Dance Dance Revolution daily as my exercise! Luckily I moved to LA, into a house, with nobody below me. And I don’t work out anymore…

  17. I know right? I totally have annoying neighbors.

  18. I laughed so much at that video. I have bad upstairs neighbours in the past but the weirdest ones were similar from that video when I went to complain the guy told me he was training for circus school!!!! 😳😂😂😂now I have an office above they leave at 5pm it’s bliss:)

  19. That video is the story of my life. Our Saint Bernard is 1000X quieter than their three yip dogs. It makes no sense.

  20. My husband showed me this video earlier today and we were in hysterics! I swear the people in the video live above us – and have lived above us in every other apartment we’ve lived in!

    Right now we have an upstairs neighbor who stomps around all day and night. I swear they’ve taken out all of the internal walls in their apartment and made it one big open plan room that they can jump around in. The worst part is that their jumping/stomping/whatever wakes my baby who then starts crying. They can obviously hear her crying and don’t like it, so they jump up and down angrily on the spot above her crib. This of course makes her cry more. So they jump more. It drives me crazy. I get the feeling they really don’t like kids. Someone in our building recently stole the pedals off our 4 year old’s bike. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the angry, child hating neighbor upstairs.

    In our previous apartment we had upstairs neighbors who seemed to spend their time dropping bowling balls and moving furniture around. Their apartment was carpeted so I have no idea how they managed to make so much noise. They also like building Ikea furniture at 1am. And I mean that literally. They apologized to the building management about the noise stating that it was the only time they could build all of their new flat pack furniture when they first moved in! The worst was when they got a treadmill and started a regular workout at 4am EVERY SINGLE MORNING! And it was directly above our bed. They ran on the treadmill for an hour which meant an hour of steady footfalls over our heads. Then it stopped right on 5am and their shower would start which made the pipes in our ensuite make funny noises. My husband went upstairs several times to complain but it turns out they were running with heaphones on and couldn’t hear the door (or me banging on the ceiling with a broom) over their music. They switched their treadmill workout to evenings after I left them a note.

    I do often wonder what we sound like to our downstairs neighbors. Maybe they think we’re dropping bowling balls too!

  21. I swear to God, since I have started reading this post and have contributed, I hear even more noise and awkward things from my upstairs, downstairs, next door neighbours…
    Suggestion: A sunshine post. This might influence my coming week in the most mysterious and wonderful way….

  22. We had upstairs neighbors who were generally quiet and not obnoxious at all….unless they got a sudden urge to clean their apartment, which always happened at 11:00 at night. So we would just be falling asleep when the vacuum would start humming, the washing machine would be spinning, and footsteps would be going back and forth. They would finally get it all cleaned around 1:00 a.m. We took to running a white noise machine to drown out some of the sound.

  23. I’m pretty tolerant probably because I have a small child and a dog so I can’t complain much. I’m mostly just relieved when my neighbors do awful things like vacuum at 3am and sing at the top of their lungs. Then I figure they can’t complain much about my kid. But my current neighbors ( same floor, a few shared walls ) are brutal. They complain endlessly about noise and seem completely unaware we can hear them as well but they are also our landlords so we just gave up and bought flor panels ( carpet with rubber on the bottom to absorb noise) for the hardwood floors and got acoustic panels. I have friend that put panels on the ceiling to help with the noise from their upstairs neighbors. So there are things you can do to diminish the noise on your own.

  24. This is brilliant. Thanks for sharing, hear ya with the upstairs neighbors thing.

  25. In grad school, I lived below someone who played a trumpet loudly at random times and had very loud hanky panky. It almost always seemed to happen when I was trying to study. Flash forward 10 years and my husband and I lived next door to people who had multiple dogs (in a small yard) when we moved in and kept acquiring more. They also did not pick up their dog poop on a very regular basis. We moved last year after waking up on a Sunday morning to 10 dogs barking at each other across our backyard (6 from their yard, 3 from another yard and 1 from another yard) and now live next door to people on each side who have 1 dog that pick up after. It is bliss.

  26. I’ve always lived on the top floor of the buildings I’ve lived in (never on purpose or by any sense of trying to). However… when I lived in England, my neighbors would always have their alarms going off at random times. They were Muslim and would set them for prayer times, which is totally fine – don’t get me wrong. My problem was that they would NEVER get up when their alarms went off and I would have to get out of bed and pound on the wall (at like 4-5am), following which they would promptly turn off their alarms. That’s the worst I’ve had, which is really good compared to some stories I’ve heard.

  27. Oh, I forgot. Military neighbor would also start his motorcycle up first thing every morning in order to drive to class, which was quite literally across.the.street.

  28. My husband (then boyfriend) and I rented a downstairs duplex when we were in college and, when the house was sold, our new landlords moved in above us. They were two college-age guys and their friend. The friend was in the military, which was all he talked about, and he stomped around in combat boots 24/7. He ended up getting dishonorably discharged, but we won’t talk about that.

    They had parties every night of the week with the typical loud music and yelling. My two personal favorites were 1)They put in a pool table directly above our bedroom and knocked balls off the table constantly, usually at 2am and 2) They bought a used X-Men vs Streetfighter arcade game and you could hear the “Argh!, “Bam!” and “You LOSE!” throughout our apartment. We got so sick of going upstairs to talk to them about it (they would quiet down for 15 minutes and then start right back up again), that we just started throwing a soccer ball against the ceiling over and over and over again. I was beyond glad when our contract was up!

  29. mn says...

    Thanks for that one. laughed until I cried. Our NYC upstairs neighbor played the ball bearings game every night about 11:30. Or at least that’s all we could come up with.
    We’re the upstairs neighbors now, as we’ve got 2 kids and live upstairs from someone. To my embarrassment.

  30. Hmmm…I think I might take noisy neighbors over a downstairs neighbor who’s cigarette smoke leaks into our kitchen, closets and bathroom everyday. Oh man…I love New York!

    • Sunny and Earl says...

      I hear you. Our lease in our complex states NO SMOKING and they broadcast this apart complex is non smoking yet people sneak smoke all the time and the grounds are littered with butts. If you complain, management (mis management) says we are imagining it!

  31. So funny! And so spot on! The family that lives above us now has two little boys so there is always noise, but they’re always apologizing to us, so we don’t mind. But in the other house we lived in, our upstairs neighbour was the worst! She was always coming home drunk in the early hours and having disturbingly loud sex most weekends. I don’t miss her at all.

  32. Jo says...

    This is too hilarious! Hahahahahaha. Brilliant.

  33. Soooooo funny. As an upstairs neighbor & a former downstairs neighbor, this one totally hit home. After my last stint as a downstairs neighbor, I resolved that I would never EVER put myself in that position again. Thanks for sharing this. Hilarious.

  34. In our last apartment, our *downstairs* neighbor thought we were “unbearably” loud and that we “walked too much”. (I tend to go to sleep around 10 and we’re super quiet people). It was a few years of walking on eggshells.

    Ever since we had my son we’ve lived on the first floor, with no one below us to feel the pounding of his dance stomps!

  35. My upstairs neighbor in NYC had a compulsive clapping problem. Like an OCD tick, he clapped really loudly in short bursts for hours on end. It was sad/funny/frustrating all at once!

    • Downstairs victim says...

      Maybe he had a clap on light. Lol

  36. Brilliant!!!! I’ve suffered from pretty much every single thing in this video. I call my upstairs neighbors ELEPHANTS.

  37. I’ve never had to deal with this but man, was this video funny!! I am sure if I was in a day-to-day battle with this, though, it would not be funny at all!!

  38. The last apartment we rented was the worst! We were upstairs, but the downstairs neighbour got a girlfriend a month into our lease and she stayed home and listened to the worst music all day (Green Day on repeat) and then in the evenings + into the night they had the loudest sex. They would wake me out of my sleep at 3am. I was working and attempting to study for the lsat in the evenings – I cried in frustration a few times, attempted to stomp or very loudly express how annoyed I was (childish?). Also, I couldn’t get into any sort of mood with my boyfriend.

  39. Never lived in an apartment but have the following 2 stories too tell:
    My parents bought a house next to a rental (nothing wrong with people who rent) and it went through tenants quickly. Most were good but we had one family (a young couple and a toddler) who had loud parties and grew weed. We ended up calling the police couple of times regarding the parties and they told us to help ourselves to the weed when we wanted.
    In this current house (which my parents also own) we also live next door to a rental and a couple from the UK rented it and decided that as it was a long weekend for Australia day they would invite some friends over. This involved them for 2 nights straight singing ‘I come from the land down under’ repeatedly while drinking and smoking who knows what. The first night it went on until 2.00am and by it got to 12am the second night my Dad went over and told them to shut it down and thankfully they did.
    We also have these neighbours who despite being in their 70s like to have family parties which always ends up them singing Happy Birthday at 12am drunkenly.
    The joys of having neighbours!

  40. I can absolutely relate. I live in the old building and it’s something about the construction that makes it acoustic. What’s more, the wall between our apartment and the one next to us is really thin (someone told me it was accidentaly built like that). Last year we had a young couple living there. They were students like us, but we thought they’ll be ok (after all, it was only 2 of them). And then they turned out to be neighbours from hell. They’d SHOUT to each other instead of talking, they’d watch tv loudly after midnight and the guy’s laughter was pretty unbearable. We went through a stage of polite asking them to be quieter, then knocking on the walls with a mop and so on. It was so exhausting, but fortunately they eventually moved out. But I still don’t get people like that – it’s so rude.

  41. I have DIED of laughter! Seriously, this is my life. My upstairs neighbors never seem to sleep, and they are always doing what sounds like an ab roller on the floor…or something. Can’t figure it out. This video is so spot on! Thanks for sharing :)

  42. Hahahaa this is perfect!! We had an upstairs neighbor once that always had the longest pee’s late at night/early mornings. He was a big wine drinker haa! Oh and it alwahs sounded like he was dropping marbles! Another guy was super fit and average size, but sounded like an elephant stampede! And our current upstairs neighbors are always screeching something along their floors. They are the worst though because they smoke all the time and I have little kids :(

  43. Yes… but they’re not all amusing! There was the very noisy, very threatening guy who played One by U2 full volume on repeat even when he wasn’t home… then murdered a neighbour for complaining about it. Not kidding.

    Less dramatically, there was the old, angry, alcoholic man whose prostitute daughter used our communal areas to conduct her business. When he was eventually evicted he scattered a jigsaw all over the stairs (kind of pretty) and loosened all the stopcocks in the hopes of flooding the place (he failed).

    The flat downstairs is currently for sale and I’m feeling the New Neighbour Fear…

  44. What’s the video – apparently not available in my country to view!!

  45. Actually Jo, if you have any advice on how to cope with noise issues from neighbors I would love to hear it! This year was the absolute worst and I’ve had neighbors who held parties all night to neighbors whose “romantic” noises could be heard through the walls. Any tips?

    Also just a comment but it’s almost a crime how developers are now choosing to use cheap construction materials versus the nice solid materials of the past in residential buildings these days. Because of that neighbor noise issues are almost an inevitability!

  46. My downstairs neighbors used to complain when my son was first learning to walk– you know the stage when they take a few steps and then decide that they were done and just plop down. They wanted us to stop him from doing that…. somehow. His attempts to learn to walk were disturbing their relaxation time in the evening between 7pm and 8:30pm. The irony is that their son is 6 months younger than ours and hadn’t started walking yet at that time. 6 or 7 months later when their son started to walk we got a kinda apology, not apology from them. Also one time when my son was a toddler and did a full body, throw himself on the floor tantrum, they hit their ceiling/our floor with a broom or something which naturally scared the crap out of him and make him scream/cry even more. Yep, I was thrilled beyond belief when they moved.

  47. My current neighbors are the worst i’ve ever encountered. We hear shouting and noises that I’d care not to decipher. But the worst is that we are convinced one is a dj or something and at all hours of the day, totally unexplainable, we will hear loud bass bumping through our walls. Its unescapable and we keep trying to deal with it in different way, including the cops, but nothing has worked! I feel your pain!

    • John says...

      I too have a downstairs neighbor that plays his bass and it thumps our floor, if you find a way to deal with it please, i want to kick the door and smash there equipment.

  48. During the last several years my friend and I lived in an apartment on the second floor. During the time we lived in that place, we had police officers, nurses, a couple whose wife would run instead of walk around the apt, and the worse case – night owls who would do laundry and vacuum at midnight! – My solution ? I finally bought a house, no more apartments! My suggestion to you – live on the top floor if an apartment is the only option =)

  49. I had two boys who played the drums inside my house! Then one formed a band and I had an entire metal band inside my house for a year until I finally gave them a studio in my building I owned and worked in. I didn’t get away from the noise during the day but the nighttime peace was welcome!

  50. I’ve had bad experiences being both the up and downstairs neighbor. When I was in grad school I rented the first floor of a house with a basement apartment. A few days after I moved in, a friend visited. We were both in bed reading. Half my pets were in the living room in bed with her and the other half were with me. There was absolutely no noise. The downstairs neighbor went crazy banging on the ceiling and connecting wall and threatening to call the cops or kill me if I didn’t be quiet. I had to deal with the cops, who knew she was crazy and go to mediation. It was a rough 6 months until she moved out. I was scared to even walk and listened to music or watched tv with headphones on and she still went crazy threatening me. Then last year, I had a temporary apartment for a few months when I was working a short-term job. I’m pretty sure my upstairs neighbor did overnight phone tech support. He was on the phone all night and his desk appeared to be right over my bed. I blasted white noise on my phone and it didn’t help at all. I was only there a few nights a week so I just didn’t sleep half the week. I just couldn’t handle complaining and knew it was short term.

  51. Oh, and the way too common sound of men peeing into toilets. Sounds like they’re peeing directly into my face.

  52. Last year I lived in an apartment where my next door neighbor had a brief affair with a co-worker and they had REALLy loud sex! It was the middle of the afternoon and we all had odd work hours, so I’m pretty sure everyone heard. Not long after, she runs into our upstairs neighbors in the hall, and asks them if they wouldn’t mind not wearing their shoes in their own apartment, because the sound was bothering her (it was even easier to hear what was going on in the hall… I’m not *that* nosy). Later that night, our upstairs neighbors had such loud and… vigorous, you might say… sex that MY bed was shaking. I’m pretty sure it was payback for the shoe comment, because I never heard my upstairs neighbors have sex before or after that event. Gotta love those old colonials.

  53. That video is hilarious. I had upstairs neighbors in college and it was just.. ridiculous. I would randomly hear the loudest noise like they were jumping as hard as they could from the bed. I would wake up at 3am because there were a bunch of drunk girls giggling. They walked ALL the time. No, stomped. How does anyone walk that much?!

    Now I insist on living upstairs and try to be as quiet as I can, though unfortunately we don’t have much control over our cats and our neighbors admitted they literally hear them racing around.. Downstairs neighbors can be annoying too, our current ones fight daily and BLAST music. Our past ones had surround sound (in an apartment!) and the girl randomly screamed several times a day. Rant over. ;)

  54. Sometimes, quite unexpectedly, being in the upstairs apartment can be the disadvantage! We once lived above an elderly couple who took an immediate dislike to us the moment we moved in. They were forever telling us we were too loud and to keep it down, even though my boyfriend and i were very low key, worked long hours and mostly socialised out. One night we had a friend over late, and were just lounging around talking when the old man screamed up at us through the window for being too loud! It was quite horrible and I felt like I had to tiptoe around the entire time we lived there.

    Another time I lived in apartment above a lone elderly man who used to play the hawaiian guitar every morning. It was quite beautiful and we became friends and would get together for cups of tea :)

  55. Nice one!!! How many years have we had neighbour after weird neighbour making noise: the crazy psychiatrist who had crazy ex-girlfriends who would scream outside his door while he escaped out his other door; the crazy couple that started a high-level argument at 4 am (after hours of silence — how do you go from 0 to 60 from a point of sleep?); the various people with their annoying music blasting on and on and on; the sex neighbours; the rattling and making crazy sounds all across what must have been their kitchen. Is the answer that they are passive aggressive? Must be, to some degree.

  56. In my prior apartment, (4th floor out of 5), the pipes kept bursting above us from a leak in the roof. Now my roommate and I live on the 6th floor (top floor)…but we still have randoms who smoke weed on the roof, ugh, which is a whole different story from noisy neighbors above! Can’t win in this city, haha.

  57. I KNEW it! I have had the bowling balls, I swear! The guitar stories are also make me laugh, I had an upstairs neighbour trying to learn smoke on the water for 3 months…… Never got any further than the first few chords, the duh-duh-duhhhhh. Then nothing. Drove me nuts!

  58. This was hilarious! But coming from another perspective – I live on a top floor and have for three years. I had no complaints until a couple months ago when a new neighbor moved in. She complained incessantly that I “walked loud”. I stopped wearing shoes at home, even from my closet to the door getting dressed in the am. I tip toed 24/7 and flinched every time I dropped something. She made my life so miserable, I almost moved out. So sometimes those people upstairs are really trying! And I hope her new upstairs neighbors have some of these tricks up their sleeves!

  59. I forgot to add I woke up from a nightmare recently that my neighbors were cooking in my kitchen while I was asleep. I think this is because I can hear them next door putting away their dishes every morning (it usually wakes me up) and it sounds like they are IN my apartment. It sort of feels like having flatmates but not in a good way. Glad I could share this.

  60. I live a small studio in a huge apartment complex. The upside is the units are pretty well soundproofed so I rarely hear anything from upstairs or through the walls, but if my windows are open and so are the couple’s right next door (which they usually are) I can hear everything they say. They are very loud talkers and I’ve started to loathe Dutch and American accents. I’m American, but live in New Zealand, so I rarely hear them anymore. Anyway, one night I heard a nasty argument between them, with her audibly and loudly sobbing, and thought they might break up and move out! Alas, they have not. sigh

  61. em says...

    hilarious!! our last apartment, oh man. the woman above us had a rather robust sex life (we heard our first threesome!). sometimes we would hear her and her partner finish and he would immediately slam the door and run downstairs.
    but the worst was when I heard her stomp over to the bathroom, turn on the tub faucet, run the water and plop into the tub. immediately water started pouring through our ceiling. I ran upstairs and banged on the door. she answered after 10 minutes and then proceeded to say it must be a random pipe burst because she didn’t take a bath, she’s been taking a nap… okay.

    …or my upstairs neighbor just out of college that played the keyboard. with an amp. when she got off work as a bartender. at 3am.

  62. We had an upstairs neighbor who was going through a divorce. We felt badly for him, but he would just sob and wail LOUDLY all night long. He also used to move furniture around and vacuum the hardwoods in the middle of the night. About a week after we asked him about stopping that we found eggs on our car.

  63. Haha, that was funny. Thanks for sharing.

  64. Hah this is really funny as someone who has been on the other side. Our downstairs neighbors once told us it sounded like someone was “typing something an old typwriter while sitting on the floor” (our best guess was that they were hearing us use our printer?) and “hammering nails into the wall at 10pm” (our best guess was tapping a yogurt container on the compost bin.) :-/

  65. I just moved from living in an apartment above a house, the couple below had two small children who were so loud stomping and yelling which ended up giving me anxiety. When the kids would fall and start crying I could find myself smirking to myself — which is awful!!
    My boyfriend and I just moved into an apartment where the upstairs neighbor is great except he smokes and it drifts into our apartment so we have towels over all the vents. At least he’s quiet I guess.

  66. “their ceiling is our stage” hahahahaha
    love the video

  67. So many stories after living in crap converted flats in Victorian houses in London. After a couple of years of being tortured by a noisy upstairs neighbour who came to be known As the Portuguese Man of Floor, I moved into a top floor flat, thinking I’d cleverly avoid the problem of upstairs neighbours.

    The guy downstairs was actually crazy, as well as a retired double bass player who fixed amplifiers. Any time of day or night, the sound of him testing amps ‘one two? One two?’ would come through the floor.

    So grateful for my house now!

  68. Yes, neighbours that love to sing Karaoke and ruin the precious weekends that we have!

  69. Our building has two apartments per floor and the walls are paper thin. The neighbors next to us just moved out thankfully, but before that they’d cook dinner at 11pm, banging pots and pans and chopping on a cutting board. The worst part about it was their kitchen shares a wall with my baby daughter’s room. Worst. Well they moved out. But the neighbor below us blasts techno music mid day while I try to get work done and my baby naps. Ugh!!!

  70. LK says...

    I went to grad school in boulder co so there were a lot of characters. In my first year I lived in a building near campus that pretty much only had upperclassmen and grad students. The walls were super thin and my bathroom was right next to the neighbors kitchen. It always smelled like weed and then about 30 minutes later you could smell the grilled cheese being cooked. It cracked me up every time. Our bedrooms also shared a wall and on many occasions I could hear the kid (he was was probably 20) calling his mom for dating advice.

  71. My boyfriend showed me this video yesterday afternoon after I had been woken up at 2:54 am the night before to loud lovemaking by our upstairs neighbors! This video is too funny and too true!

  72. PS – I love my current neighbors, but as the downstairs tenants we hear everything they do. One of them tends to learn one section of a song and play it over. And over. And over. This week, he’s onto the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  73. My husband and I shared our bedroom wall with an awful couple when we lived in San Francisco. They were the most oblivious, obnoxious humans to leave near us. The early AM (like 2, 3, 4 am…) noise got so bad, my husband knocked on the door to ask them to quiet down. Not only did they not answer, they turned off all of their lights to pretend they weren’t home. We were instructed by our landlord to write a letter asking them to keep it down. The worst part? She defended them saying, “Well, they’re artists…” when I mentioned the man building canvases all night.


  74. Well, I will say my downstairs neighbor sometimes drives me bonkers when she turns up the bass on her music!

  75. My husband and I lost it watching this. Our upstairs neighbors are so bad!! They stomp all night long. Like, we wake up at 4am and they are stomping around and it sounds like they are IN our apartment. UGH.

  76. i just sent this to my brother and his girlfriend, who swear that their upstairs neighbors have a 60 pound dog and a 2 year old, when really it’s just a middle aged couple.

  77. I have owned my condo since 1986. My bedroom backs up to my new neighbor’s bedroom. When the newbies moved in they did some remodeling. Unfortunately it was while I was sick in bed for a few days. The loud banging made my suffering worse. They also have a dachsund they leave in their courtyard while they are away. Of course that dog barks until lthey return. I imagine I should quit being such a wussy and go tell them about their dog. All this pales against the neighbor two doors down that was a wife beater and also operating a meth lab. Needless to say, there was eventually a drug bust after many neighbors reported suspiscious activity. We never saw them again and all was well in our little neighborhood once more.

  78. Our last upstairs neighbors overflowed their toilet and the water seeped through the floor into our apartment. Gross. Then a few months later we woke up one morning to find the wood deck above ours had a hole through it. Our not very smart neighbor had been grilling on one of those small charcoal grills (grills were not even permitted on those decks). He apparently forgot to put out the flame and it burned a whole through the deck. Luckily it didn’t turn into a fire! Having such bad neighbors motivated us to buy our own place where we wouldn’t have to deal with that anymore.

  79. haha, my friend just said her upstairs neighbors sound like they roll around a tiny marble. i totally know that sound! omg so annoying.

  80. We lived under someone who must have worked in a restaurant or bar and generally came home around 2 am to have LOUD sex to techno music for HOURS with his LOUD girlfriend (who must have been faking it; it can’t possibly have been so good for so many hours on end). They usually fell asleep about 45 minutes before we had to get up for work, at which point I could hear him snoring! When they weren’t going at it in that way, they were screaming at one another — and we could hear every word. When I ran into him in the hall, I always felt like I knew a little too much about his intimate life.

  81. SOOO many stories! I’ve had a ton of crazy neighbors over the years and I’m a light sleeper so this makes matters worse. :/

  82. we have been suffering with a bed bug infestation since January. We are from and live and Texas and up until now haven’t had much to do with them. Never knew anyone who had them. Thought they were a myth of sorts! Well after having multiple treatments done, with no success of eradicating them we were really starting to go CRAZY. We found out on Monday they are actually coming from the apartment next door. They are eating thru the dry wall. It is truly a nightmare. The neighbors have been refusing to let the landlords into the apartment for months, apparently.

  83. I live in an apartment and I can’t wait to get a house where neighbors are relatively far away!!! I have all sorts of complaints… everything from noise when I am trying to sleep to pot smoke wafting in my windows at all hours. I am just sick of it. Seems like common courtesy is not that common.

  84. SPOT ON!! been downstairs for 6 years now… aahhhhH!! we so want a house!

  85. hahahaha! This is so funny!
    When I lived in my apartment in Toronto our upstairs neighbors were a young couple, who hated each other. They fought all the time! The floor was so thin we could even hear specifically what they were fighting about.
    One time his parent’s were visiting and she was screaming at him to clean the toilet because it was his stupid family coming over.
    It was a great deal of entertainment for my husband and I. We often hushed each other just to hear what they were saying.
    Neighbors are always crazy!!

  86. We had a bongo player who lived upstairs. He often would fall asleep to the dvd home page loop. Not fun.

  87. I used to hear one of my neighbors shout “You are AMAZING! Oh my God you are AMAZING!” at the top of her lungs over and over. It was too funny and weird to be annoying.

  88. I’m laughing so hard! “she was a whore (literally)” was the best one!

    What about sideways neighbours? I lived in a building once where my bedroom wall was beside the neighbours bedroom wall. She had sex so loudly that I would wake up groggily wondering if she was in MY bed.
    More recently, an upstairs neighbour would be hysterically sobbing, moaning, crying several times a week at 1 am, then 4 am, then 6 am…. I eventually called the cops during a 4 am session and it (mostly) stopped after that. the joys of city living!

  89. So, try sharing the same bedroom wall with your neighbors. The occasional 4 AM “rendez-vous” next door is not ocol when you can hear ev-ery-thing. I mean, com’on now. It’s flippin 4 AM people!!!

  90. Ohmygosh. I had the downstairs neighbors from hell in my old apartment. They used to open the windows and watch tv as loudly as possible. It was so loud I heard her binge watch the first 3 seasons of Game of Thrones and could hear everything. My floor would vibrate the noise was so loud. If I knocked on the floor, she would turn it up louder so I just gave up. She complained that I got up too early and left me a note requesting I be quieter at 6:00 in morning because she worked nights, but I’m pretty sure she only watched tv until 3-4am every night. And her boyfriend/husband had a motorcycle that he would park directly under my bedroom window and at exactly 11:30pm every night he would rev it up, drive around the block, come home, and rev it some more. The entire process took about 10 minutes (or so) just enough time to fall asleep and be woken back up. To make matters worse, they would argue all the time, and more than once I woke up to her shouting at him “I hate you!” I was so grateful to move and not have people living below me. :)

  91. That video is spot on.

    In college, the girl in the apartment above us had a TREADMILL in her room – nightmare! 45 minutes of someone running on your ceiling.

    In my last apartment, my bedroom shared a wall with my neighbor’s kitchen. This is pretty embarrassing, but…I was single and dating at the time – you get the picture – and I didn’t realize quite how thin the walls were, until one morning when I was lying in bed and heard the guy burp through the wall! Yikes. I’m sure he got an earful :/

  92. My husband and I lived in a downstairs apartment and every once in a while we’d hear this big “Clonk!” then a few seconds later another “Clonk” from our upstairs neighbor. We wondered for a long time what could possibly make that sound. At one point we even wondered if perhaps he and his big, fluffy dog had both dropped dead. Finally we figured it out. He would kick off his work boots one by one!

  93. I laughed so hard! My general strategy with loud-sex neighbors is to wait until the dramatic conclusion and then yell, “She faked it!” as loud as I can. I love the quiet pause that comes afterward.

    I think Wonderwall boy might have been my ex-boyfriend!

  94. I once lived below a woman who was very talented at playing the flute. She only played in her apartment every few months right around when I went to bed… So when I would hear a few notes I would always open my window so I could listen while I fell asleep. It was really lovely! Strangely, I never met her, only saw her from time to time.

    And as an added bonus, she never seemed to stomp loudly or roll bowling balls around her apartment! Hooray!

  95. Hahaha love the video! After years of living in houses in Australia, now I’m in an apartment. My upstairs neighbours have a little kid and it sounds like he climbs up on something, jumps off, runs across the room, gets up on something else, jumps off, runs back. Repeat. Over and over.

  96. greta, that is hilarious. the neighbors we had in the west village had a teenage son who ONLY listened to the white album. i love the beatles, but after 5 years i was going insane. :)

  97. stephanie, that’s so interesting!! abbey, agreed what is with the rolling suitcases and clutziness?!!

  98. My upstairs neighbour enjoys making smoothies at 5am, dribbling basketballs, and constantly moves around his apartment like he is running late and searching for a missing sock.

    Luckily there’s no one below me so I can wear heels in my apartment when getting ready for a night out (which happens way less than this comment would make it seem :). I love living in a big city like Montreal, but man do I miss living in a house!


  99. HA! My boyfriend and I are moving in August and we’re going to be the upstairs neighbors. One of my biggest worries is about the noise we’ll make and how much it’s going to bother the downstairs neighbor.

  100. Ohhhh man. Our old neighbor was Deaf, and he would build furniture at night after work and then re-arrange it for photos to sell… right above our bedroom. So it’d be 11pm at night and we’d hear drills and power saws, and then at 6am we’d hear the dragging of new tables and chairs to various locations in the room for photo shoots. We approached him about it, but he never stopped doing it. No one was sad when he finally moved out.

  101. HA, that’s so spot on! Except for that one time I legitimately complained about it sounding like dead bodies hitting the floor and a year later it’s a murder scene… Thankfully we’re not always so right! ;)

  102. Oh man, we had the opposite neighbor horror story! For one awful winter, we lived upstairs from a guy who was convinced that the clanging of our ancient building’s noisy radiator system was us deliberately trying to torture him. (We later learned that he’d never lived outside of his parents’ house before, and this was their attempt to get him into his own place. Presumably he wasn’t familiar with steam radiators!) No amount of discussing it with him would convince him otherwise – he just became more sure that we were deliberately targeting him and concocting wild stories to cover it up. Meanwhile, we were totally freaked out by him (he would stand outside of our door making random noises to “get back at us,” and would bang on the ceiling in the middle of the night when the heating system fired up), and were literally whispering and tiptoeing around in bare feet over blankets that we’d laid down throughout the apartment so that he wouldn’t hear us and fly off the handle. The building management basically saw it as a he-said/ we-said dispute and wouldn’t intervene, until other neighbors finally complained about his erratic and scary behavior and they finally evicted him.

    After that traumatic experience, we only rented downstairs apartments, even though it meant that we had to deal with noise from upstairs neighbors – it was more annoying but less stressful. I’m always shocked when I visit friends who live in upstairs apartments and walk around with their shoes on or play loud music without regard for their downstairs neighbors. I even had acquaintances who would JUMP ROPE for exercise in their second-story apartment – on a hardwood floor! I asked them if their downstairs neighbors minded the noise, and they were like, “Huh. Never thought of that.” They’re lucky that they never had to deal with UnderNeighbor, as we’d nicknamed him.

    I’m so grateful that we live in a small house now with no one above OR below. Sheesh.

  103. This video made my day.

    Weirdly, it applies completely to my DOWNSTAIRS neighbours. They talk so loudly we can hear them through the floors, are moving around/running back and forth?!/talking on the phone at 3 a.m., and when we complained they said they absolutely would not “whisper” at night. Nobody asked you to!

    At least now I can imagine them doing silly things and be less angry about it.

  104. I love the “Wonderwall” story!

    We lived in a studio basement apartment and there were 4 college boys living above us. Their living room was right above our bed and all night, there would be these loud noises that were completely inexplicable. We really had an absurd amount of conversations about what they could POSSIBLY be doing – the sounds were just so odd and completely random.

    To be honest, I often thought it sounded like they were having tons of fun and would sometimes feel a bit left out (while also wishing they’d be quiet!).

    Then we were offered a chance to move into their apartment and as we were taking a tour – we found the source of the noise. The boys played a soccer video game and got really competitive. And they would run in place when it got heated and jump up and down when they scored and wrestle in between matches, etc. All that noise (and me thinking they were living quite the life) was just a video game!!

    I mean they definitely were enjoying themselves, but it made me laugh to realize that these raucous parties I had pictured were not quite the case.

  105. we live in the penthouse (it’s what i like to say… to be clear, we live on the top floor, that being the 3rd floor) and the neighbor directly below us likes to smoke pot. not the good stuff. and sometimes we can smell it in the hallway and in our unit.

    sometimes we go the passive aggressive route and will exclaim in exaggeration “EW!” or sniff loudly when we enter the building, either from our unit or from outside.

  106. Oh my god, that video made me laugh so hard I cried. When I was in grad school, my roommate and I lived below these undergrads who were dead set on plugging their electric guitar into their amp and playing shitty covers of classic rock and Dave Matthews Band songs at 1am. They’d never play at any other time, and they were so bad that I would find myself laying in bed and trying to figure out which song they were playing.

  107. our upstairs neighbours seem to love rearranging their furniture at 11pm, vacumming at 7am, rolling balls around (a common activity it seems), and may in fact have high heels permanently glued to their feet. Although they have been rather quiet lately… suspicious…

  108. Oh that video is painfully funny. Metals chains dragging along the floor… that is the only explanation!

    My last upstairs neighbor travelled a lot for her work. She couldn’t have ever slept more than a few hours each night as she’d be rolling her suitcase around and dropping everything (why are upstairs neighbors so damn clutzy??) until midnight or 1am, and then the 4:30am alarm would go off more often than not. And of course she used her cell phone as an alarm. And it had to be kept on the floor. Surely there was no other surface. All the other surfaces were laden with plastic-beaded jump-ropes, human heads (a gentler alternative to bowling balls), and the usual sound-art accoutrement.

    I used to joke with my boyfriend during those groggy 4:30am moments that if she were murdered I would be the prime suspect because no one could have had it out for her as much as her downstairs neighbor. Then one day there was a man’s voice above me in place of hers, no wooden-heeled shoes, no 4:30 wake-up buzz… and then we discovered she’d switched rooms and now lives above our kitchen. Ah, the small blessings in life :)

  109. This made me laugh out loud.

    Till last year we used to live next to 4 artstudents with a major in performance art. They’d do the weirdest things. Occasionaly we would see them running around town in bright pink bunny suits. Most of their art was made at home. Unfortunately much of their work contained hysterical crying, screaming, chains, sexnoises and karaoke.

    We often would just sit on the couch listening, wondering what they were doing. We literally threw a party when they left.

    Now we have new students who have bible studies at home and sing gospel all night.


  110. I might of just laughed out loud in my office and I might of received some quizzical looks from my office mates…….

    Thanks Jo for being some humor to this rather long and boring Thursday!

  111. Oh yes, I have a story to share. My upstairs neighbor was a man who loved music. He played the guitar. At night. And I mean night. Deep night. The problem was that he was not the most gifted musician on earth. This is why it took him a year (and I mean a year) to play this one song. “Hope of Deliverance”. Did I mention that John Lennon is my favorite Beatle? So after hours of his practising this one song, one night, I was so fed up, that I turned on my stereo. ABBA. “Thank you for the music”. That was Sir Paul for me. And for him. ;)

  112. Oh Joanna this speaks to my heart— SO ACCURATE! My husband and I were living this for the past six plus months! We were in a building with no insulation the upstairs neighbor had wood floors and very little furniture. He would be running through the condo at 2am on a tuesday with his girlfriend screaming and when we’d knock on his door he wouldn’t answer, then later he’d deny another person ever set foot in his apartment. The thing I found so relatable about this video is that we DID feel like he never slept and the sounds were SO random and unpredictable. After 7 months of torture we broke our lease and now live in a top floor unit. Peace at last. I feel your pain and I truly hope you guys can get some relief. It’s so sad that no matter how nice your place is, if your neighbors are loud and crazy, it ruins it! Many hopes that it gets better. -k

  113. Yes. I have two little girls and downstairs neighbours hit their roof EVERYDAY because my daughters are LIVING: Walk, cry, run, dance. Last night the girls were scared. It is horrible.

  114. In the last place we lived we had loud neighbors above AND below us! Upstairs it totally sounded like bowling balls (or more realistically weights) were being dropped several times in a row. It was always so startling! When we went upstairs to talk to him he acted like he had no idea what we were talking about and his apartment was completely empty! Downstairs the couple constantly yelled profanities at each other. Needless to say we were happy to move into our own house with no shared walls. :)

  115. The woman who lived above us in our last apartment had very loud sex, specifically between 1AM and 6AM. Great for her, not for us! I finally left her a very awkward note hinting at the problem. I was terrified she would open the door right as I was slipping the note under! But, we didn’t hear a single sound for about a month after that…

  116. I had upstairs neighbors drop what sounded like dumbbells on the floor and roll them around… all the time!!!!

    I also had an upstairs neighbor who had really really REALLY loud sex, like over the top. But she had a military boyfriend and I don’t think she saw him that often, so kuddos to her.

  117. The “prostitute across the hall” and the “Wonderwall boy” are my favourite stories so far!! xD

  118. Joanna, thank you for posting this! When my upstairs neighbors get. ermm.. intimate, the woman upstairs makes the loudest noises that make me inexplicably… frightened. I know it is irrational. But now I will think of this video and laugh it off. We all have crazy upstairs neighbors at some point.

  119. For the longest time I imagined my upstairs neighbour had a dog and they left it alone with a bowling ball that it would kick and roll around on the wooden floor. At all times of the day. Even the middle of the night. I finally went upstairs (live in a building) and knocked on my upstairs neighbour’s door to ask them what that sound was. It turned out that it was some sort of exercise ball that the guy used. He sheepishly said he would do his exercises on the carpet from now on :)

  120. This is seriously the plight of my life.

    A couple years ago we were convinced that we had a giant man living above us, who pounded back and forth across the floor, multiple times every few minutes. I envisioned Andre the Giant constantly running back and forth from a bedroom to a bathroom. Then we went up there to ask them to keep it down, and it was a small woman with a ridiculously loud foot fall who explained that she is an actress, keeps an irregular schedule, and rehearses in her apartment. Thankfully she moved about a year ago.

  121. Haha! I lived on the top floor through most of college which was amazing, but then I moved into a studio apartment after I graduated and soon discovered my upstairs neighbors had sex every Wednesday night at 11pm. It was COMPLETELY obvious what they were doing due to the rhythmic hardwood floor creaking, and it was always right after I went to bed. So I just had to lay there listening to their weeknight lovemaking. Gross. I didn’t live there long.

  122. I live on the top floor, sharing a tiny hallway with only 1 other apartment. When I had a new neighbour move in last summer, I noticed she had A LOT of friends visiting. Like ALL. THE. TIME. So I made a comment about it at work and they told me to check if the visits were “on even hours”.. It was. A very long story short, she was a whore (literally) and I kept hearing her customers coming over, staying or an hour then leaving. Shortly after next one would come, stay and hour, leave.. Day and night. I unfortunately met some of her customers in the stairs and they were all a good 30 years older than her, and they all looked away and avoided me as much as possible. Understandable. After 4 long months my landlord finally managed to evict her. There are still some old customers coming over, usually around 3am on saturdays, and knocking on the door wanting her services. The poor little family living there now have had to call the police several times. Yay for neighbours?

  123. LOVE this! I have definitely had the bowling ball neighbours! What on earth…..???

  124. LOL! I remember we were so happy when we went from living in a first floor apartment to a townhouse with no upstairs neighbors, LOL. It was an amazing change!

  125. sil, our old upstairs neighbors used to move furniture in the middle of the night! it was so bizarre. there is no other explanation for those sounds. people are SO weird.

    although i have to say, i’m sure we are pretty annoying ourselves. we try to be as quiet as possible, but anton and toby always end up dropping toys and running around etc….i’m always calling after them “be quiet for michelle!!!” poor lady!

  126. Ha, we tried living on the top floor once to get away from this problem. Little did we know that the building wasn’t properly ventilated, so our apartment (even with ACs on) was like 90 – 100 degrees all summer. Awful!!!

    Our current upstairs neighbors love to stomp back and forth with shoes on for 3 – 4 hours (despite us politely asking them not to do this, as they wake up our kid). They also, I swear, own like 25 chairs that they are constantly loudly dragging out, whacking on the floor, sitting down in, then dragging back. Oh, and one of them talks on the phone for HOURS.

    So thanks for this! Have any about downstairs neighbors? One of ours laughs like a whinnying horse and they just got a puppy that barks ALL DAY lol. We can’t win!

    Oh, renting…

  127. When my husband and I were living in our first apartment together, there was a guy upstairs who would was learning “Wonderwall” by Oasis on his guitar. He would practice for HOURS – all day, every day, all we heard was Wonderwall. Then, one night, we were in bed but he was clearly having a party. Inevitably, he busted out his guitar and played (you guessed it) “Wonderwall.” All of his friends cheered — and we knew we had just overheard a great moment in this stranger’s life. We had to admit that we were pretty happy for him!

  128. Our downstairs neighbor took us to court because he felt our dog walked too loudly!

  129. I think we are becoming the neighbors from hell, with a 3 year old and twins on the way I really think the neighbors will hate us… but kids got to be kids… we’re at least going to try to keep the noise level down at nights…

  130. Oh boy, we lived on the second floor of a three story apartment building and it was not built well. I could see into the bedroom of the couple below through an open space around pipes in the furnace closet. Needless to say, we heard children’s birthday parties and their lovers quarrels. I placed a washcloth in the hole. But our upstairs neighbors. I am laughing right now! Every single time, without fail, we’d be ready to get, ahem, romantic and the upstairs woman would be belting out wild banshee sounds almost like a horse neigh. I would burst into laughter. It was terrible for our romantic life that year.

  131. -My upstairs neighbours once were moving furniture from 1 am to 6 am.
    -My neighbour across the hall usually leaves the door of her apartment open while listening to horrible music at a very loud volume (I once told her to either close the door or to turn the music down, she did both and I felt powerful!)
    -There are other neighbours (I think they’re downstairs) who once a month stay all night long singing and playing bass guitar (fortunately they’re talented).

  132. this is dead on!

    “their ceiling is our stage!” ha

    we are sandwiched in the middle of two units, so i always wonder if we sound as obnoxious as the people above us.

  133. We once moved into a beautiful, HUGE apartment with super cheap rent. We were below the super and I remember thinking “how loud is the super going to be?” I was wrong.

    They played the same song over and over and over day and night on full blast.

    It was absolute torture.

  134. Definitely laughed out loud! Oh man–our last apartment, our upstairs neighbor had the loudest, craziest yawn you’ve ever heard–it was like hearing the Sasquatch yawn (several times a day!). They also tended to sound like they were rearranging furniture every morning in the living room around 6:30. Oh, and it was delightful that if I was in the bathroom, I could literally hear them sitting on their toilet… eek!

    We moved last year and now we are the upstairs neighbors, with wood floors…and our downstairs neighbors complained about us to management! They said it sounded like we were stomping around at all hours of the day and night…even though we never wear shoes in the apartment. So I guess now I have empathy for both sides of the issue! :)

  135. Our upstairs neighbor would make her 2-3 year old run laps in the bedroom so he could get tired to go to sleep; meanwhile she had the condo divided into two segments and was taking boarders on the other side for extra cash (she did not need the money, she lived in a penthouse). I never managed to laugh about it. I have an endless list by the way, this was just the most recent.

    Thank you for bringing humor into our miseries. : )

  136. When my husband finished grad school and took a job in another college town, we rented the lower half of a house and lived below FOUR UNDERGRADUATE BOYS. I was only like 26 then, but we were like “never again. we’re too old for this!”.

  137. One of the upsides of moving to the suburbs is your neighbors are farther away! But this post immediately made me think of the Curious George episode “The Elephant Upstairs”… I live in a very Curious George world right now!

  138. My last apartment in Jersey City found me living on the 2nd floor of a 3-story building. The first floor and third floor were family — mom and daughter (and cousin and random others) on the first floor, and the adult son on the third. I was quite literally caught in the middle of their family drama!!

    I got to hear fights between siblings, between parents and kids, ex-wives, lovers’ spats, etc. They’d sometimes use the stairwell as a megaphone! But somehow, they’ve find a way to come together to hold an impromptu BBQ on the front patio, with friends and family from miles around joining the fun.

  139. LOLOLOL. This is just, yes.

  140. That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  141. it’s a funny video but i would have to have neighbors like that. So annoying :)

  142. I’ve figured out the solution to your problem–live on the top floor! I’ve done that every year since moving out of my first apartment 6 years ago and it’s quite a relief (and comes with better views)