Spring Maternity Clothes

On a rainy day last week, my friends Sandra, Jennifer and I took our kids to the neighborhood playground. Jennifer is eight-and-a-half months pregnant (ready to pop!), so we were playing around with some clothes from the maternity line Hatch. Since you can wear their clothes before, during and after pregnancy, we all gave them a try.

My friend Sandra wore the batik dot Twilight Jumpsuit, along with red lipstick and black espadrilles. It would look so cute during pregnancy, and Sandra pointed out that the V-neck allowed for easy breastfeeding. How adorable is she?

Here, Jennifer wears the Luncheon Dress (with a lovely V-neck and A-line shape) and chic double-breasted Trench. Nothing cuter over a baby bump than a trench!

Here, Toby asks me what kind of ice cream I’d like from his shop:) I was wearing the chambray Bateau Dress with a boat neckline and two handy pockets.

One thing I love love love about living in New York is the playground culture. You don’t have to plan to meet up with friends, you can simply show up. Playgrounds are always packed with friendly parents and caretakers, which is wonderful and bolstering, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed. (The playground really saved me when I was a disoriented new mom.) You can just head over for a chat anytime.

Bonus for all readers: Get 15% off from Monday through Wednesday with the code CUPOFJO15. See the entire collection here. So many pretty things, whether you’re pregnant or not. (I also loved this and this.)

(This post is sponsored by Hatch, the maternity line you can wear before, during and after pregnancy. I’ve been a fan of Hatch for years and was lucky enough to wear a few of their beautiful pieces during my pregnancies. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo.)

  1. Great post. I think these posts of you and your friends just hanging out with lovely clothes and wonderful quality photos are my favorite.

  2. Agreed- the playground culture here is amazing!

  3. I’m a city kid and the playground was our backyard. Some of my mom’s best friends are people she met in the playground. We celebrate holidays and birthdays with them! She even used to sip frozen margaritas at the park! Shhhhh

  4. It’s Carroll Park! We were just there on Saturday and I was thinking of the same thing – that the parks in the Brooklyn neighborhoods are always so lively and are great places to hang with kids, chat with other parents, etc. Love living in NYC. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Joanna, I’d love to know if you or any of your friends tried the Brunch dress or the Jersey Drape Dress. I’m considering buying one great dress as a splurge for my pregnancy, and I’d love to know more about these two. I’m currently 15 weeks and looking for something basic and but still special that can go to work and elsewhere. The Brunch dress looks so short – it is described as above the knee but looks more like mid- to upper-thigh in the photos on the website. Just wondering your opinion.

  6. Maternity clothes have come a long way since I had babies!

  7. This little shoot turned out to be so cute! I love all the clothing you ladies chose- especially the jumpsuit! Can’t wait to peruse the Hatch website! :)

    xo Mary
    Mostly Salty

  8. Oh, and I completely bought from the Love, Hanna line after you featured them in the fall (thanks for that, btw!) With two boys ages 4 and 2, my pregnancy years are likely behind me, but I’m definitely recommending Hatch to a couple of friends!

  9. Great pieces! I’m from Chicago, but love the same thing about our playground culture. I’ve actually introduced myself to new people I’ve seen at the playground so they wouldn’t feel left out of the group that’s formed at our local playground over the years. And when winter ends and the kids come back outside, it’s so fun to see how everyone has grown!

  10. I’d love to read Sandra’s beauty uniform, she’s gorgeous!

  11. I look at Hatch and sigh wistfully all the time. Even with the bonus of 15% off – it’s still out of my price range. Even their sales are too high! Thus, sigh. But I agree with the other ladies – I use it for inspiration to find similar items (just cheaper!!) :)

  12. I’m in love with Hatch even though I’m not pregnant, yet! haha!!

  13. brooklynash, haha, i know! he has a bitchy resting face lol.

  14. Oh, Sandra’s side pony = hair goals! It’s so hard to find polished curly styles.

  15. So that jumpsuit is perfect. So gorgeous for summer nights. It’s going on my wish list!! (Even though Im not pregnant, it looks like it would perfectly conceal the post BBQ’s/burger dinner belly :) :)

  16. Such I’m in the same boat as some other women, not being able to afford Hatch. However, it is such great inspiration for cuts and fits that will work throughout your maternity experience.

    Also, I loved the bit about playgrounds in NYC! That’s such an interesting little glimpse into city life.

  17. little anton’s face! it kills me!

  18. I can’t say my Upper East side playgrounds are very friendly. People keep to themselves.

  19. I love Hatch even though the pregnancy ship has officially sailed!

  20. Lovely stuff, wish they had petites!

  21. i would love to know where jennifer gets her hair cut, it’s perfect.

  22. Looks good but wonder how it would fit on my 5’2″ frame? Also WAY WAY out of my budget/price range!

  23. I just wish they had larger sizes! They are beautiful and I’d love to get a classic dress or the trench or something, but being a 12-16 means I would never dare.

  24. gorgeous! Any chance we can know what shoes Jennifer is wearing? I’ve been looking for a great pair of strappy flats~

  25. Oh, how I love the style of Hatch! Unfortunately for me their pieces have always been out of my budget, even on sale, but I still love to see them for inspiration, if nothing else :)