What are your plans for this weekend? This weekend is supposed to be 64 and sunny, so we’re going to go to a park and fly kites! Can’t wait to be outside. Have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Broccoli cheese tots look surprisingly delicious.

Yelp reviews of newborn babies.

My fashion editor friends are freaking out about the arrival of these shoes.

Why people never smiled in old photographs.

This gluten-free art museum made me laugh.

Could you give up drinking for a year?

Love this print.

Behind-the-scenes with three ballerinas.

Brontosaurus is back, baby!

Racially diverse emojis are finally here.

I wish I’d never reported my rape.”

Emails acted out in real life make you realize how awful we all are.

Just ordered this for overnight guests.

Awesome NYC loft tour.

(Photo by You Are My Fave/Instagram. Gluten-free museum via Miss Moss)