Last year was all about normcore — aka wearing stonewashed jeans, fleeces and sneakers like Seinfeld — but this spring, fashion is getting fun again! Here are 9 big trends this spring (what do you think of them?)…

1. Flared jeans. Think: 70’s style icons Jane Birkin and Farrah Fawcett. Flared jeans are sultry, flattering and make your legs look miles long. Pair them with a striped shirt and a braid and you’re good to go. Picks: These and these.

2. Maxi dresses. This year, they go ALL the way to your feet (no ankles allowed!), but have slits or bare backs that feel irresistibly sexy. Picks: This, this and this.

3. Swing tops. These effortlessly cool shirts cover up any belly and draw attention to your pretty shoulders. Plus, they look great with flared jeans. Picks: This and this.

4. Jumpsuits. One-piece wonders are gorgeous, current and as comfy as wearing pajamas. They’re pretty fashion-forward but easier to pull off than you’d think (I tried one on a lark and was surprised). Thoughts? Would you wear one? Picks: This and this.

5. Shirt dresses. Not in a buttoned-up news-anchor-y kind of way, but instead relaxed and bedhead-dy, as if you pulled on his shirt that morning and forgot to wear pants. Picks: This and this.

6. Anoraks. These hooded jackets make you feel like you’re walking on an English heath or through a small town in Maine. You can wear them almost year round—layered with jeans and sweaters, or pulled over dresses as spring rolls around. Picks: This and this.

7. Lace-up sandals. I’m not 100% sold on every shoe in this style (they can get crazy!), but the subtler styles can look really sexy. What do you guys think? Picks: These and these.

8. Flatforms. Walking in elevated sandals takes practice, but they make you look tall and lanky, and they’re so pretty with jeans or dresses. Picks: These and these.

9. Slides. When my friend Gemma bought these last summer, they reminded me of those sandals you wear into college communal showers so you don’t get a foot fungus. But she looked so cute wearing them with slouchy pants, ripped jeans and even summer dresses. Then Jenna Lyons put them in the J.Crew catalog and Gemma’s argument was forever won. Picks: These and of course these.

Thoughts? What do you like? Love? Loathe? I would love to hear!

(Photo by Angi Welsch for Madewell)