Woven Wall Hangings

You know when you learn a new word and then suddenly start hearing it everywhere? Well, the same phenomenon is happening with wall hangings. My friend Audrey told me she was making them, and now I’m suddenly seeing them everywhere: house tours, on Instagram, in friends’ apartments. They can be neon and graphic or neutral and abstract, and it’s a cool twist on affordable art.

Here are a few places to find them:
Hazel & Hunter
MW Textiles
Urban Outfitters
Sunday in Color
Hollin Textiles
Wallflower Weavings

Woven Wall HangingsThoughts? Do you have a woven wall hanging? Would you?

P.S. Where to find affordable art.

(Top photo by Honey Lake Studio for Design*Sponge)

  1. Gosh.. Im making one of these too. I also made ceramic beads (white clay with seaside coloured underglaze) for it. Theres a cool knot app I use to learn all the tricks. Its very meditative and relaxing once you get into it

  2. Where are the pink and orange tapestries from? Love love love them but can’t find them on any of the sites listed above!

  3. Check out @maryannemoodie on insta. She creates amazing weavings (and she does classes in NY!)

  4. No, thank you.

  5. I love wall hangings, is a trend worth to give up a look, interesting also to try and do it. Ive been thinking to built a loom and start to create Beautiful scenerys.
    Best wishes from Peru.

  6. Goodness no. I grew up in the 60s/70s. I had enough of them then. Maybe a gorgeous quilt. Sure.

  7. You HAVE to check out Maryanne Moodie. I came across her Etsy shop and totally caught the “weaver fever”. My dad and I built a loom together in December and I’ve been weaving ever since :)

  8. This phenomenon is really interesting – it’s called perceptual vigilance. Once something is brought to your attention you can’t help but notice it again and again!

  9. I would totally have one in my house. I think it would be something festive for that one awkward wall that everyone always has no matter where they live. I especially like that hot pink! :)

  10. That phenomenon is baader meinhof !!! Hehe!

  11. I’m sure my overactive cats would very much appreciate the new wall hangings. ;) They look beautiful tho!!

  12. We had one for years. My husband purchased it in Peru before we started dating. I’ve always liked it!

  13. Whenever I read something like this, the bohemian rhapsody springs to mind: “no, no, no, no/ mamma mia/ mamma mia/ mamma mia let me go!”

  14. i feel like they are dust-magnets….not for me.

  15. My Mom had them when I was a kid…but it was the 70s. It might grow on me. I don’t think my husband will dig it. :)

  16. I totally love wall hangings. They remind me of my mom, who used to macrame them and sell them at craft shows in the ’70s. By the time I came along in the late 80s, we only had one in our outdoorsy screened-in porch.

    It’s interesting that the comments are very divided between people who seem to LOVE them and people who hate them. I have a theory that if you lived through a trend the first time, you’re not as keen to jump on board the second time around. Since macrame wall hangings were before my time, I think of them as romantic and vintage and fabulous!

  17. Whoa. Timely post. I have been really into these (from afar) as I’ve been seeing them everywhere. I like how they are sculptural. So far, don’t own one though but I am budgeting for it!

  18. We have a wall that we are trying to figure out, it’s across from a wall that we have signs we made from wood we pulled out of the lake. Some of the signs have metal letterings, others have carved wood, and others still are handprinted.

    I was thinking a large metal piece would be cool, a huge gear or cog, but woven might be a nice contrast. You’ve re-energized my desire to get something on the blank space! Could also be a great things for my husband and I to do together, projects always help us reconnect.

  19. I think they are gorgeous, but how do you keep them clean? I just imagine that eventually they become so dusty…

  20. I make them too. I have a macrame one above my bed.

  21. Not my style and a little too retro for me. I’m a vintage type decorator.

  22. p says...

    These look pretty in the pictures. But, I’m pretty sure I did a sixth grade art project to make these.

  23. Nay! Looks like a dust collector!

  24. I have to say I agree with Christina. They just look like dust collectors to me. To each their own, but they look too hard to clean for my taste.

  25. It seems as though macrame is back!

  26. I came home from work last week and found my five year old daughter weaving :) It cracks me up that everything in my grandparents’ home is now popular again.

  27. I think they’re really georgeous, but I just cant get past how much dust they would collect. To me, they seem like glorified dust collectors.

  28. Target has an amazing one by Nate Berkus. It’s beautiful in my living room.

  29. So crazy! I just bought one of these after noticing them being popular in design posts lately (and cause they are cool). Blowing up my spot cup of jo!

  30. I made my mom one in the late 70’s and all the wool I spun on a spinning wheel then dyed the wool with different vegetables for the colors. She still has it and loves it!

  31. I really don’t like these.. another thing to dust!!

  32. Hi! I’ve never had them at home but have seen them around. They can bring instant warmth to a wall. In the northern part of Argentina are very easy to find since there are many artisans there. In Buenos Aires not so much, only in specific markets.

  33. got to be honest – I don’t think these are cute at all! they’re a ’70s trend that doesn’t need to come back…

  34. Thanks for featuring my shop. Love your blog!

  35. There are some really gorgeous, artistic wall hangings on Etsy. I have several on my Favorites list.

  36. I’m more of a modern style, so not my thing.

  37. I don’t really like the look of woven wall hangings like these, it’s very dated I think, but would go well with a more vintage-y decor. I really love the modern wall hangings with prints or quotes though!


  38. Ugh, not a fan at all! But to each their own. :)

  39. and not just woven ones…the macrame tied ones too…like the one on the wall in the first shot.

  40. If you go to there’s a bunch of tutorials for woven wall hangings.

  41. K says...

    Hi Joanna!!!

    Here in Mexico we have “ojo de dios”, they are colorful and in all kinds of shapes :) I have a couple of them at home, I bought them from a market here and I love them, check them out!

  42. K says...

    Hi Joanna!!!

    Here in Mexico we have “ojo de dios”, they are colorful and in all kinds of shapes :) I have a couple of them at home, I bought them from a market here and I love them, check them out!

  43. i have one and love it! it was my christmas gift from my husband (that i bought, and wrapped, and wrote the note). ha!

  44. I love a retro trend as much as the next gal, but this one just feels too dated to me! Maybe they’ll grow on me as they become more popular.

  45. I love them, but could never bring myself to pay $100+ for one, especially since I could easily knit and weave one myself. Some of the patterns are gorgeous though.

  46. The 70’s are coming back in a big way!