Genius Bridal Shower Game

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My good friend recently had a bridal shower, and I was put in charge of choosing a game. It was a no-brainer, since there’s one game that always works…

The Newlywed Game! Have you guys played it at showers? Basically, you ask the groom beforehand (just over email) a bunch of questions about himself, her and their relationship. Then, at the shower, you ask the bride the same questions and see if their answers match up. It’s always totally endearing and funny and helps everyone get to know them as a couple.

Here are the questions I asked my friend’s fiance:

What’s your favorite food?
What’s your least favorite food?
What’s your “drink”?
Where would you go on vacation tomorrow, if money/weather were no object?
What’s the best meal you’ve cooked for your significant other?
Are you a city mouse or country mouse?
What’s your favorite restaurant?
Which three things would you bring to a desert island?
What’s your most annoying habit?
Are you a morning person or a night owl?
What’s your favorite movie?
What’s your favorite book?
If your partner were to throw out one piece of your clothing, what would it be?
Describe your dream house.
What’s your irrational fear?
What’s your guilty pleasure?
Which movie do you quote most from?
What do you love most about her family?

What’s her favorite food?
What’s her least favorite food?
What’s her “drink”?
Where would she go on vacation tomorrow, if money/weather were no object?
What’s the best meal she has cooked for you?
Is she a city mouse or country mouse?
What’s her favorite restaurant in NYC?
Which three things would she bring to a desert island?
What’s her most annoying habit?
Is she a morning person or a night owl?
What’s her favorite movie?
What’s her favorite book?
Describe her dream house.
What’s her irrational fear?
What’s her guilty pleasure?
Which movie does she most quote from?
What does she love most about your family?
What does your family love most about her?

Where was your first date?
Where was your first kiss?
Where was your second date?
When did you realize you were in love with her?
Who first said, “I love you”?
Who’s first to apologize after an argument?
What are your pet names for each other?
How many children would you like to have? And her?
What’s your favorite thing about her?

Have you ever played it? It’s always a hit! What other games do you like? Is anyone engaged right now? Congratulations if so!

P.S. Did you have sex on your wedding night?

  1. I heard couples play this game all the time, and they say it’s super fun! I’m definitely going to recommend it to my friend who is getting married soon (and my readers too). Thank you for the idea, Joanna!

  2. C says...

    For anyone planning a shower in the future, do not go out of your way to stump the bride because that can be very awkward and humiliating for the bride. My sister-in-law did that to me and it was awful. I ended up crying in the bathroom because all the women in my husband’s family saw me only get 2 questions correct even though we knew each other extremely well.

  3. CW says...

    I’ll be using this game at a bridal brunch I’m hosting this weekend. These questions are perfect!

  4. this game can be great….IF you keep it light-hearted and steer away from anything negative or too personal. No one wants all of their family and friends to know what their fiance thinks is their most annoying habit oe embarrassing moment…and I think asking questions about each others family or future children is inappropriate. I went through dozens of versions of these games and picked only questions that were cute and nice, and if the answers didnt match, it brought laughs, not embarrassment or disappointment.

  5. I actually don’t like this game… after you’ve seen one sad bride become worried that she “doesn’t know her husband well enough to get married” you don’t ever want to see it again

    (the women married 20+ years tried to explain that they couldn’t answer those questions either but it didn’t help!)

    I prefer “how well do you know the bride” put guests in the hot seat and the winner gets a prize!

  6. Great idea! My hubby and I played this game on our honeymoon cruise in front of about 500 ppl! And the questions were a lot more naughty ;)

  7. We have been doing this game for years at Bachlorette parties! TIP! Video tape the groom answering these questions and play it at the party. Pause before his answer. Let the Bride guess. Play the video. If she is right, the party guests take a drink. If she is wrong, she takes a drink. So fun!

  8. This game is so good! Thanks for the idea! I will use it at my cousin’s bridal shower :-)

  9. We played this game at both of my bridal showers and I didn’t get very many questions correctly. It was notifying and awkward. My husband and I had dated for 7 years before our engagement but playing this game in front of rooms of people made me feel like I didn’t know him at all.

  10. I love this game! We played it at my sister in law’s bachelorette party (my husband’s brother’s fiancée) and I threw her a curve ball by pretending we asked him about her favorite sexual position. After she shyly answered “doggie style?” I said “juuuuust kidding we didn’t ask him that question!” :) luckily she’s a good sport so we all had a good laugh.

  11. ha! we did this at my own bachelorette weekend. it was the only game we played because we didn’t want to be super cheesy and it ended up being hilarious!

    fun tip: have the ladies in attendance answer the questions too and see who knows the bride better – her husband-to-be or her longtime girlfriends! it was funny to see which questions he got wrong and they got very, very right. :)

  12. E says...

    I just hosted a Bachelorette this past weekend and played an absolutely hilarious game of “Ex Charades”. The bride-to-be had a lot of… colorful exes. I wrote down their first names and some pertinent information (Phil, the funeral director with a mustache, for example) and the bachelorette had to guess who we were acting out. It was hilarious – she guessed each one in about 5 seconds but we all laughed our asses off!

  13. I just had a funny disappointed then immediately excited reaction when I read this. I’m probably done planning bridal showers for my life because my only sister is married but then I remembered that I’M engaged and can request to do this at my own bridal shower! I still can’t accept the fact that I’m going to be on the receiving end of all this fun wedding stuff that I’ve done for other people!

  14. Love this, one day it will defo come in handy!

  15. Forcing my boyfriend to answer these questions tonight for fun haha

  16. We did this at a bachelorette, but instead of just asking – we video taped the groom! He asked the question on camera, then we would pause it – the bride would answer, and then we’d un-pause. Her reaction was priceless!

  17. My friends set up this game for my recent bridal shower – soooo much fun! They had my fiance record his answers in mini videos we could all watch the day of the shower, which made it even better!

  18. I agree with @justme; I hated playing this game at my shower. I felt too judged and like it meant too much when I didn’t know most of the answers. Indeed — know your bride (and this INTJ assigns meaning to EVERYTHING!) *insert emoji eyeroll*

  19. Yes! This is my ‘go to’ shower game. It’s always a lot of fun! It also works perfectly as a drinking game for a stagette: The bride does a shot if she gets the answer wrong but if she gets it correct then the shot goes to someone else at the part. (I always fill a few glasses with juice to take it easy on her!)

  20. Yes! This is my ‘go to’ shower game. It’s always a lot of fun! It also works perfectly as a drinking game for a stagette: The bride does a shot if she gets the answer wrong but if she gets it correct then the shot goes to someone else at the part. (I always fill a few glasses with juice to take it easy on her!)

  21. I recently played this game at a bridal shower, but the MOH actually took a video of the groom answering the questions. It was so fun to watch him answer and see his reactions!

  22. We played this at my bridal shower and it was such a sweet relief, because I was a little uncomfortable being the center of attention. This was a great way to tell stories about our relationship!

  23. We did a version of this for my brother and now sister-in-laws, Jack and Jill shower. We sat them back to back, and each on held one of their own shoes in one hand, and one of the others shoes in the other hand. As we asked the questions, they had to answer with the corresponding shoe… it was hilarious.

  24. yup, did this when i was hosting a bridal shower. it’s a really fun game to do!

  25. I hated this game at my bridal shower. I totally felt put on the spot which is silly of course, the shower is about me. But I didn’t like having to answer all the questions and while I did just fine, it was really nerve wracking. But then again, I did not enjoy being the center of attention beforehand. So know your bride! :)

  26. Love this! My friend recorded my then-fiance’s answers (she was a reporter at the time so she had all the “gear”) and it was AMAZING!

  27. Love This!
    My aunt secretly wrote down things I said while opening presents, and then my phrases were re-read back to the group as “things said by the bride on her wedding night”!!!!!

    Everyone was laughing so hard we were in tears. Some of the best were: “oh it’s so tiny and cute”, “how useful! you could put it in the kitchen too!”, and “A COWBOY! Thank you, I love it”.

  28. My sister, and Maid of Honor, went above and beyond with the Newlywed Game for my Bridal Shower. Not only did she interview my then-finance, she videotaped his answers. At the shower she asked me the questions, waited for my response, and then played the video of my fiance’s answer (I believe I only got 4 of 10 questions right). I had played the Newlywed Game at numerous Bridal Showers — the addition of the video, well, it was just hilarious:

  29. My ‘maids did this for me at my shower and it was hilarious. They made it multiple choice which was surprisingly harder, but the options can be written to be really funny.

    You can also have everyone answer the quiz style version of the game and the person with the most right answers gets a prize.

    It makes it even funnier if someone kind of random gets the most right answers. I practically failed haha.

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  31. We always play this game! Except when the bride gets an answer wrong she has to eat a piece of Hubba Bubba ;) it’s endearing and hilarious!

  32. j says...

    Love this game!! My brother did this for his fiance’s shower and video taped himself which was even better since it was a little awkward! I hope someone does this at my future shower :)

  33. thanks for the suggestion, Joanna! This does sound fun. I am still undecided about having a bridal shower — does it seem too much like a gift grab? However, the idea of spending time with the women that I love does sound really wonderful : )

  34. B. says...

    My sisters played some fun games at my bridal shower last year. In one, they asked my mom and my husband’s mom for some funny stories about things we did as children, such as “Wore socks at all times” or “Ate dog food” and then everyone had to guess if it was about me or my husband.

    Another fun one was a series of pictures of my husband and I at various cute and awkward life stages, a “guess what age” game.

    I love the newlywed game though, and I’ve played it at several showers. It is always a laugh.

  35. I got engaged this past November, will be married this coming September. We just picked a venue (and just like that, a HUGE weight is off my shoulders).

    I’m definitely passing this on to my Maid of Honor :)


  36. Love this! For both my best friend’s bridal shower, and mine, we did pre-recorded VIDEOS of the fiance answering questions and showed them after the bride-to-be answered… it was amazing to see just how detailed and on point and similar our answers were. Plus, so fun to have it delivered directly from the man himself!

  37. Two bridal shower games that are also no fail and fun for everyone, regardless of how well they know the bride, are the price is right and gift bingo. Everyone can play price is right with items off the registry or stuff the bride likes or regularly buys. Creating bridal gift bingo is a great way to keep guests entertained while the bride opens gifts. Create bingo cards online with typical bridal shower gifts, other things like card that made the bride cry, or gag gift. The internet has lots of good ideas for it!

  38. This is perfect, I’m hosting a bridal shower in March and drawing a total blank on games that won’t be those games we all dread. Thanks!

  39. I’m recently engaged and am definitely saving this game for when we do my bridal shower! Sometimes the most simple games are truly the best! :)

  40. YES! We did this as a shower game for my oldest sister. And now I’m the Matron of Honor in my best friend’s wedding this summer – thank you for reminding me of this! It might even be fun to have him stop by for this portion just for the fun in seeing BOTH of their reactions :)

  41. I just got engaged this past weekend! Will be sending this to my best friends :)