Have you watched Transparent, the Golden-Globe-winning Amazon series? After a few of you recommended it last Friday, I started watching it and find it incredibly real, funny and poignant. Jeffrey Tambor plays Mort Pfefferman, a divorced 70-year-old father of three grown children, who has a secret he has always wanted to share: He’s actually a transgender woman named Maura. All three kids are completely self-involved in their own messy lives, which are equally compelling.

Vulture calls it “damn near perfect,” saying:

The plot has a very small footprint—it’s just this family, really—but the ideas it covers are really huge. Stories about people who are trans feel newsy and timely, but the stories about not truly knowing your parents until you grow up, and even then just barely, are completely familiar. Transparent is a crystalline bird’s nest, beautiful and fragile and a little bit dreamy and magical, where you hatched and from whence you’re obligated to fly away.

Here’s the trailer, if you’d like to see:

Thoughts? Have you watched it? I’d highly, highly recommend it.

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