So! I’m 35 years old and you know what random thing I finally did that changed my life? It had been bothering me for as long as I can remember…


I bought twelve pairs of black underwear!

For the last few decades, more often than not, I would open my underwear drawer to find that all my decent pairs were in the wash, so I’d end up wearing a ratty old pair or (let’s be honest) a bikini bottom. It drove me crazy, but was something I just kind of accepted. Until suddenly I realized that, forehead slap, I COULD JUST ORDER MORE. I immediately went online and ordered a dozen new pairs. Such a small thing, but it makes the morning routine much smoother and makes me feel pretty and put together all day.

What about you? Do you have a fully stocked drawer or are you always sneaking around in bikini bottoms, too? :) If you’re looking for more pairs, I’d recommend these.

P.S. A great packing tip and four pretty outfits.

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