Boo! Are you dressing up for Halloween tonight? Toby will be a racecar driver and Anton will be a puppy. I’m so excited for trick-or-treating! I’ve also been reading this new book and dog-earing every page. Hope you have a delicious night (with lots of mini Snickers), and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

The Halloween candy exchange rate.

A good argument for taking a phone break.

Clever bike rack.

Unnecessary “quotation” marks.

Would you be friends with your mom if you were the same age?

5am flowers.

10 hours of walking in NYC as a woman. (Plus two quotes worth reading.)

And why catcalling is not okay.

How lovely is this California house?

Things not to say to a pregnant woman.

What beautiful wooden bowls.

Would you try a salad candle?

Made me laugh out loud.

Movies and their food pairings.

Plus, three posts you may have missed:
* Bringing your child’s favorite book to life.
* Real actors read Yelp reviews.
* How to do a braided crown.

(Photo by Karen Mordechai on instagram)