The other day, I came across this quote from Nora Ephron:

“We have a game we play when we’re waiting for tables in restaurants, where you have to write the five things that describe yourself on a piece of paper. When I was [in my twenties], I would have put: ambitious, Wellesley graduate, daughter, Democrat, single. Ten years later not one of those five things turned up on my list. I was: journalist, feminist, New Yorker, divorced, funny. Today not one of those five things turns up in my list: writer, director, mother, sister, happy.”

Alex and I often talk about how people’s lives can be divided into distinct chapters— I’m curious, how would you describe yourself in five words at this stage in your life? Today mine might be writer, friend, mother, sleepy, loving.

P.S. Another brilliant quote from Ephron: “I have a theory that children remember two things—when you weren’t there and when they threw up.”