Back in 1991, Zed Nelson took a photograph of his friends with their baby son, and every year since, he has photographed them against the same backdrop using the same lighting. “There are no distractions,” Nelson says. “Only the miracle of growth and the changes of time and age.” (See them all here.)

I actually found these photos surprisingly moving—did you feel the same? Sometimes I tell Alex that when you raise a child, it’s like raising a hundred different children—a needy newborn, a chubby baby, a chatty toddler, an independent child…they feel like separate people, and you want to freeze certain stages before they move on to the next. Sometimes I look back at photos and miss those past stages. I never really experienced nostalgia before having children and now it’s such a daily pang!

P.S. Toby as a newborn, baby, toddler and child.

(Via Kottke)