Mouth has tons of food gifts, but since Alex pointed out last night that “jerky is like crack for guys,” we’d recommend The Big Jerk ($50) features five gourmet flavors, from salmon to chicken to filet mignon.

We got a gift of Jeni’s ice cream during those hazy days when Toby was first born. I remember waking up one morning and finding Alex in a daze on the sofa. “I ate an entire pint last night,” he said. “An entire pint.” It’s that good. You can’t go wrong with the Top Sellers Pint Collection ($48), which includes flavors like salty caramel and brambleberry crisp, but these ice cream sandwiches ($32), above, look ridiculously good, too.

My dad goes nuts for the stinky, bloomy, barnyard-y triple-cream cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery, and their Everybody’s Favorite package ($35) includes Mt Tam cheese, fruit and nut crostini, and a bamboo cheese board. Another great place for cheese gifts is Murray’s Cheese, the West Village shop that delivers anywhere in the country.

Belgian Beerboxx curates packages of Belgian beers, in a range of prices ($46 to $152). Belgian beers have rich, creamy textures and are typically stronger than their British and American counterparts. (Dads, consider it a challenge.)

Thoughts? Any other places you love for food gifts? What does your dad like?<

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(Top photo of my dad)