This weekend we threw a picnic for Toby‘s fourth birthday. (It’s crazy how time flies!) Here are a few photos, below, if you’d like to see….

We got a few giant balloons, spread out a couple blankets and served pizza, plus juice boxes for the kiddos and (sneaky) mimosas for the grown-ups.

Antoni celebrated by drumming with a spoon and letting all the ladies squeeze his yummy biceps.

I can’t believe we’re parents of a four-year-old!

(Those little toes!!!)

Per Toby’s request, we served chocolate cupcakes and glazed donut holes. It was eight-year-old Ella’s idea to arrange them into a number four, which made them feel super festive! Thanks, Ella!

Toby had a shy, excited smile on his face as we lit the candles. That morning, he had assured me that he wasn’t going to be scared of the Happy Birthday song this year. “I am not going to cry, Mama,” he explained. “I am four.”

The candles took a while to light because of the strong wind…

…the suspense was palpable.

Finally Toby blew out the candles…

…and everyone dug in!

Then the kiddos played. One thing that always surprises me is how little kids need to have fun. They just ran around. For hours.

It was so sweet!

Plus, a few classic jokes…

…some naps in the grass…

…and at the very end, we brought out a parachute.

It was such a lovely day celebrating this little treasure.

That night, I had a momentary pang that he was growing up too quickly—four feels a little like the end of baby/toddlerhood, the beginning of the end. But then he asked if he could sleep with his new firetruck and taxi, and suddenly seemed so little again. Oh, Toby. He will always be my baby.

P.S. Toby’s birthday picnics when he turned one, two and three—as well as his birth story, which feels like a lifetime ago!