1. Omg, this makes me SO happy. I was just sitting here eating rice cakes and Easter candy, just recognizing a twinge of guilt for…not going through my clothes.. When I found this post.
    Now I feel like I am in the company of friends!

  2. I’m definitely the “mundane conversation with the dog.” I also sing along to songs on Youtube while doing dishes. I know it’s lame, but I get 99% of the cleaning done when I’m home alone because I enjoy doing it :)

  3. Watch all those shows that I normally have to pause and/or rewind because I’m constantly interrupted by a 2 year old…or my 36 year old husband. Also I like to eat hummus on pita chips

  4. Change into comfortable clothes, eat food that requires little to no cooking, and binge watch trashy TV or read a book. Or, more likely, I grade as many papers as I can before my husband gets home from coaching whatever sport is in season. Since he is a teacher at the same school we can get caught up in discussing the students or the assignments with each other and then it takes me about twice as long as it should.

  5. Walk around naked…no joke. I also sing.

  6. Walk around naked…no joke. I also sing.

  7. I LOVE reading all the comments and seeing how we all turn into giant weirdos when we’re alone :) I love being home alone! I blast a playlist of insanely teeny bopper pop that my husband would never stand for and deep clean the kitchen and bathroom in pajamas and red lipstick and crazy winged eyeliner. Then I watch Bones (obsessed and there are SO MANY SEASONS) and paint my nails! It’s the best.

  8. I stay in my PJs all day and watch lots of trashy TV. Like A LOT.

  9. drink whiskey in the bath tub. but to be fair, I do that when my fiancé is home, too.

  10. Weird rituals of making sure doors and windows are locked – before dark.

    A bath – with a book! Why are the more luxurious when you’re home alone?!

    Oven baked chips (fries) for dinner and trashy TV before ultimately falling asleep in bed with a book (at like 3am because I can’t sleep when he’s not home).

  11. Oh my gosh, I’m not alone. I do yoga in my underwear, too.

  12. Sit around in my undies, take long showers, catch up on the shows only I like, and clean the house… that’s my “by myself” jam.

  13. I sleep in, guilt free. And eat obscene amounts of Trader Joe’s Mediterranean Hummus with pita chips (or just with my finger when I run out of chips)

  14. Hahahaha I do yoga in the livingroom in my underwear, too!! I eat whatever I want whenever I want and I also dance like mad my favorite music around the house, also in underwear, of course. I love watching one or two seasons of my favorite series (two years ago, I watched season 3, 4 and final from Six Feet Under in 6 days. Yeah. 6 days), taking long, relaxing baths while I sing, being in my pajamas all day long –if not in my underwear or even naked–, sleeping while sunbathing in the terrace, allowing my turtles to run free around the living room –they LOVE it and I love watching them exploring–, reading while lying in the couch in weird poses, trying on all my clothes and feeling like a it girl but really looking like an enormous, insane 4 year old, walking in high heels and feeling pretty damn sexy even if wearing it with my pajamas, sleeping like a koala in the couch, in the floor, in my bed and in my parent’s bed, wondering about stupid things, doing nothing. And I never get bored.

  15. cheese and wine for dinner, watch a whole series on netflix or stay up all night reading.

  16. play records, sing along loudly, make pancakes, read, watch all of the netflix. all of it. In my comfy pants. And usually pretend i’m being interviewed by Conan or Jimmy Fallon at some point.(obviously for my new screen play that was made into an award winning movie and i had to take one for the team and plan the lead though i refuse to call myself an actress…or something like that) It always happens

  17. I lay on the couch for hours with the laptop in my lap. Watch series, youtubers, blogs…

  18. I don’t do anything too quirky but I have noticed that I tend to narrate my activities.
    Such as, “ooh! yeah, I’m going to go make a sandwich.” or “I’m gonna go pee now.”

    Also, I binge eat Amy’s Frozen Mac-and-Cheese!

  19. Try on weird, funny make-up, or those really heavy eye make-ups that I see on tutorial videos on youtube.

  20. haha! i am seriously laughing out loud! i just had a baby 7 weeks ago, and i swear i’ve watched every single zumba video on youtube! as well as about a million other workouts on youtube, just trying to pump myself up to start working out again!

  21. Play the guitar and sing really loud and confidently because hey, who is going to judge you? No one! :)

  22. Clean and then drink wine while vegging on the couch. I watch the worst television that I can never watch when anyone else is home.

  23. Watch CASTLE and oil pull. If you tell anyone, I will deny it! :)

  24. I usually crack open a bottle of wine, get take-out, watch an embarrassing amount of tv, and then stay up way too late reading in bed.

  25. I adore this infographic. Hilarious and oh, so true.

    I crank up the music and break out the terrible dance moves that have never seen the light of day in front of someone else. ;)

    Absolutely eat random things at random times. Lately it has been veggie chips at 10am. Strange.

    Read books, and watch girlie shows that the hubs doesn’t want to watch. ;)

    Or call my friends and sisters that live way too far away!

    Fun post!

  26. I too worry about intruders lol. Always have, always will. I organize and get rid of stuff (these days anyway, we’re hoping to move soon)… eat at odd times, and watch documentaries on YouTube that I probably shouldn’t.

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  28. Watch terrible rom-coms on Netflix while giving myself a Brazilian wax

  29. I watch pathetic and silly youtube videos, that I don’t tell my husband about, but share with my best friend.

  30. Alone, in my house? Haven’t been in 2 years since my girls were born! If I had the chance, I would probably clean, then sit down with a good book and a glass of wine for as long as possible!

  31. luxurious and excessive self care. bath, put lotion on every inch of my body, put on my robe, fix my eye brows, nails, do a mask. Put on my cutest underwear and feel like a raging diva.

  32. I’m already visualizing and salivating over the food I’m going to eat before he ever gets out the door. I get shamefully excited (and I do love my bf, but….you know, i love food too. :P )

  33. I sing!!

  34. I eat out of the fridge and refuse to cook. I also spend a lot of time not doing all the productive things I thought that I was going to do.

  35. I read books when I’m alone and make something really good to eat that takes a lot of time. But, I can’t really remember the last time I was at home and alone. It was at least 10.5 months ago, because that’s how old my son is. Same age as Anton :)

  36. I love this – I have an evening alone in the house this Friday, and now I can’t wait!
    I normally order chinese, drink too much wine, dance around the living room as if I’m the next Beyonce…then run to bed and close my eyes before any scary monsters catch me…

  37. I love to watch Hallmark movies and eat whatever weird stuff at weird times I like in my pajamas.

  38. Yep, yoga in my underwear in the living room. And writing and reading and watching whatever I want. I think my weirdest habit might be that I talk through my story that I’m writing out loud, so I’m basically talking to myself lol.

  39. I like to put all of my hair into tight tiny twists in the vein of “crazy eyes” from orange is the new black which looks less than flattering on me but feels amazing. Then I continue on doing whatever I would do if my husband were home.

  40. Sing along with Broadway showtunes. Loudly. Put on too much makeup.

  41. I get into cleaning and organizing kicks. I’ll iron, rearrange the cabinets, clean out the fridge etc. I also love to take long baths and paint my toe nails. I still cook decent meals and listen to podcasts, too.

  42. I watch Felicity or Gilmore Girls while doing Yoga in my underwear.

  43. Hmmm, last time I was home alone I changed out of my pants and lounged in my underwear in bed with the cat reading the current installment of the “Outlander” novels and fell asleep with all the lights on around 9. Falling asleep in the middle of things with the cat is bound to occur on home alone nights.

  44. I love some alone time! I do lots of talking to the dog, watch all kinds of terrible TV shows, usually order Chinese, but sometimes make myself some kind of junk food that my husband doesn’t like – especially Kraft Mac and Cheese. Definitely sleep with lights and TV on because that keeps burglars away.
    Made me think of this Onion piece. Could only find video. Text is even funnier:

  45. I listen to podcasts while playing games on the computer, accomplishing absolutely nothing. I make smoothies and drink them straight out of the measuring cup so as not to dirty up another glass. I wander around with a fancy top on and yoga pants, or no pants at all.

  46. Put on my pj’s the minute I get home from work. Eat popcorn and call it dinner. Talk to the cats like they have a clue what I’m saying :) Definitely watch whatever I feel like on tv.

  47. Watch beauty tutorials on YouTube, put on some bold lipstick, and eat ice cream.

  48. I love to read or watch silly romance flicks. Usually it involves meditating and maybe even a decadent mid-day nap!

  49. I love to read or watch silly romance flicks. Usually it involves meditating and maybe even a decadent mid-day nap!

  50. Haha. I love all of these comments! I definitely eat popcorn at 11 pm. Or 7 pm. Or 10 pm. and watch endless episodes of New Girl. I always mean to hang up my clothes… but that doesn’t usually happen.

  51. Snack on whatever is still in my pantry.
    Scrub the dirty corners of my house or mop (probably in my underwear)
    Experiment with dramatic makeup.
    Try on all my clothes.

  52. Sing loudly, talk to myself and the cats, jump around, rarely wear pants, interview myself like I’m on the Daily Show, cry for no other reason than I feel like crying, clap for the same non-reason, and honestly, even though this is embarrassing it must be said, fart so loudly I’ve scared the cats. :)

  53. I’m home a lot these days due to pre-term labor and bed rest. I watch a lot of romantic comedies, wander into the new baby’s room probably 10 times a day and tell myself this will all be worth it, and read. I also fantasize about my first postpartum glass of wine…a lot.

  54. I am dying laughing at this! I can see this as a web series or something.

    I am 100% into eating random foods (I had a bowl of steamed cauliflower with butter around 11pm last night followed by Reese’s Pieces), doing zumba in the living room in my undies, and having one-woman dance parties with the only acceptable dance moves beings those that would embarrass others if they were seen in public.

  55. Have chats with our 12 year old Doberman. Eat almond butter out of the jar with a spoon. Dance to that Happy song by Pharrell. Secretly watch old episodes of Melrose Place. It’s such a good time!

  56. Joanna, you must be my anxiety twin. I’m home with Grace while my husband is on a 5 day business trip, and I barely slept a wink last night bc I kept hearing weird noises. I ended up bringing a knife and my keys (to hit the panic button!) into my room in case a “bag guy” came in. Oh, and I order Chinese take-out and eat it straight from the box with chopsticks and watch Parenthood.

  57. RB says...

    My husband is in the middle of a grueling medical residency (same type of program as your brother-in-law, Joanna), so after I put my toddler to bed every night I am essentially home alone. I am usually so tired after my own day at work that I just shove food in my mouth and binge watch HBO (what’s up, VEEP!), but your post and these great comments make me think I should have more fun! Maybe learn a silly skill or an easy instrument? And yes, I often eat nutella out of the jar, but would do that with hubby home as well ;-) Maybe I’ll try it while doing squats in my underwear.

  58. OK this is SO embarrassing but I will sometimes put on a roomy top/ dress and shove a pillow or rolled up towels down the front to see how i would look pregnant! (Like a complete and total insane person)…I also try the weird hairstyles and beauty remedies I find on Pinterest, like sugar waxing which was a painful, messy, unsuccessful endeavor…And then the usual stuff like watching things my boyfriend wouldn’t be interested in (which often ends up being documentaries, oddly enough) and eating everything in sight

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  60. (After I put my daughter to bed and if I have an ounce of energy left and don’t collapse unconscious into bed at 8pm): Spoonful of nutella! and cup of chamomile tea while watching the latest dvd find from the library.

  61. With 2 kids under 4, a dog and an introverted husband I rarely get the house to myself but when I do I smoke a spliff, listen to bob dylan, play with my makeup (usually do a Lisa Eldridge tutorial), eat cheese and pate for supper, and look at french chateaus for sale.

  62. so boring but i CLEAN. if i am home alone that means my 5 kids and husband are gone. so i clean so i can enjoy my efforts. i enjoy it too, it’s very therapeutic for me. i love a clean QUIET home. after that is over and if i am still home alone, i READ or watch NETFLIX. some down time is so uncommon here, i would probably VEG too. (blue belle ice cream straight out of the bucket.) ☺

  63. Attempt a long bath, but usually cut short due to the amount of times I jump in and out of tub to investigate noises. Eat bread & cheese & chocolate (& sometimes Doritos), drink copious amounts of red wine, and watch Bravo and International House Hunters. Shop on Sephora online after several glasses of said wine and go to bed with no less than 3 lights on in the house.

  64. I watch all the girly shows and movies on Netflix that I’m too embarrassed to watch when my husband’s home haha.

  65. I lived alone for years and years, and then I got married 4 years ago and promptly had 3 children. I am forgetting what alone time is like… But for me it was, popcorn, candy, magazines, take out chinese, and a movie.

  66. i love reading everyone’s answers. next time i’m definitely doing the try on all the clothing i never wear thing — that’s great! i usually order pad thai, watch reruns of Friends, HGTV or cooking shows, and paint my nails.

  67. This series is so great and hilarious!!! I love Emily McDowell’s drawings!

    I basically munch on everything in my pantry and get distracted by the internet :)


  68. No noise? No interruption?

    I’ll tell you what I do…

    I take a NAP!

    And if it’s beautiful outside, I take a nap on the back deck. And I enjoy every, single, minute of it. :o)

    V @ Life+1
    New Post : The Big 5 on Safari in Kruger: Part II

  69. Lol, I play my favorite music and dance! Been doing it since I was a kid and I’m in my mid 60’s now. It’s more fun now than ever!

  70. Watch all the shows on Netflix my husband will not: lately it’s been the TLC stuff: Jon and Kate+8, 19 Kids and counting, etc.

    I’m 34 weeks preg so trying on clothes somewhat–I have to see what still fits. I tried bathing suits on last time (my bikinis from our honeymoon! Not attractive at all! lol)

  71. Snack and watch bad movies I otherwise couldn’t watch with my other half!

  72. Let’s see, I:
    Jump at and investigate every unexplained noise
    Sing songs about my dog to popular tunes
    Eat a shameful amount of bread and Nutella
    Watch BBC period series/made-for-TV movies

    And now I want to try yoga in my underwear…

  73. Snack and watch bad movies I otherwise couldn’t watch with my other half!

  74. Eat weird greasy foods in bed, under the covers, with no pants on (preferably). netflix is always there.

  75. oh! the intruders are the worst part about being home alone! I usually watch way too many friday night lights, bake and take a REALLY long bath.

  76. I definitely eat random things. Last weekend I was alone and had ramen noodles and a chocolate chip cookie for dinner, the next day I had oatmeal at 11am and then 2 corn dogs and pickles for dinner. Total randomness since I just eat foods that appeal to me in the moment, not that need to be presentable to an audience!

  77. Cereal for every meal!
    Dog on the bed!
    Call my girlfriends who are out of state!
    Luxuriate in my aloneness!

  78. clean while catching up on a t.v. show (guilty pleasure is Revenge…i know terrible, right)nd put on a face mask while doing all the above!

  79. Ha ha ha. Yes to all these! It turns out that when my husband is away I only eat foods that require spoons. I always run out of spoons!

  80. Beyonce dance party for one while eating chips out of the bag in my kitchen. Catch up with friends on the phone, read blogs, nap, read a book, go to bed early (with the light on of course).

  81. I totally try on all the clothing i never wear. :) Sometimes i go really fancy and put on some heels and red lipstick too. Also, i eat too much. I cook dinner for two and will eat all by myself, sometimes in bed.
    I love this new series, such a great idea!


  82. I eat endless supplies of kettle chips with french onion dip, drink lots of red wine, and watch Food Network until I fall asleep on the couch. (then drag myself to bed whenever I wake up in the middle of the night!)

  83. Ha! YES, all of them! How funny. I never thought other people also tried on clothes…

  84. Time alone = self-care time as it happens pretty infrequently. I like to treat myself and watch really sappy rom coms and eat junk food I would never eat normally, its the best! haha

  85. I do work out videos in clothing I would never go to the gym in. I normally eat some odd assortment of things for dinner…. 5 PM saltines and organic Peanut Butter, 7 PM some healthy cereal (with fiber) that really tastes a lot like cardboard, 9 PM dive into the dark chocolate stash we have under our bar….

    and all the while, normally watching re-runs of big bang theory, lost, homeland, or movies i have seen because i don’t want to really have to pay attention.

  86. I will have major discussions with myself, or make songs to narrate what I’m doing… last weekend I sang ‘noodle time’ while draining pasta to the tune of ‘Edelweiss.’

    Also, yes to the crappy Netflix watching.

    And I eat out of the jar/container a lot!

  87. Definitely eat weird shit at weird times… Probably would disgust other people. And wear my grubbiest sweatpants. Usually don’t shower. Watch tv but then end up stalking on my iphone instead and have to rewind what I was watching like 5-6 times. Dance in my bathroom like a total weirdo while I get ready to absurd music!

  88. Oh my gosh…whenever my husband travels for work and I’m left alone to fend for myself, I go all out. He doesn’t care for pasta (what kind of monster is he???), so I’ll usually make a (way too big) bowl of delicious, creamy pasta with some warm, crusty bread on the side (give me ALL the carbs). I’ll drink a couple of glasses of wine…which inevitably turns into “How did that whole bottle disappear?” and watch TV shows he wouldn’t care to miss (this is how I got into Veronica Mars, Downton Abbey, Felicity…)

  89. dance parties, read, pretend/practice conversations in the mirror (did i just say that?), daydream, play on the internet

  90. I LOVE this post simply because, well, it’s quite rare I am home alone. When I am – it’s all about the kitchen. Cooking something slowly…..sippy slowly on some wine…..and slow music going. It’s all about the slow, apparently!

  91. I usually start a sewing and/or DIY project that I’ve seen on a blog. Work for a while, get frustrated, eat something (nutella, cheese, etc. are all acceptable), work on it some more, then convince myself to get out of the house and out of my pajamas, come home and drink wine and watch Netflix!

  92. Hilarious. I eat all meals standing up at the kitchen counter. (and +1 about the intruder, Joanna.)

  93. Try on my wedding dress and watch Grey’s Anatomy. Oh it’s the best!

  94. Oddly enough, one of my favourite things is to put on a movie with a good soundtrack and deep clean my house when I’m home alone. So satisfying.

  95. I live alone! I don’t even know where to start…..except that I always have this abrupt and awkward moment whenever I go to someone else’s house and remember, last minute, to shut the bathroom door.

  96. I always end up calling my mom or sister, watching horrible tv on netflix in bed, and inevitably consider either cheese and crackers or chips and salsa as a legitimate dinner. Oh, AND, naps.

  97. Tidy everything and then enjoy sitting in complete peace in my lovely house. Eat whatever I can find that requires no cooking at all.Spend hours looking at old images of London and then try and find then on google street view today.
    Or nothing at all. Can go either way.

  98. Definitely the yoga in the underwear out in the open of the apartment.

  99. Old Oscar Acceptance Speeches on YouTube! Check out oldies but goodies like Diane Keaton in her 70s/Annie Hall garb. Also I put on sunless tanner and air dry naked :)

  100. I sing as loud as I can in German, much to the cats’ chagrin, I watch Sex and the City with a glass or three of wine, and I become a weirdo Pinterest addict (bonus points if I start “pinning” random things while singing to myself in German also while watching Sex and the City).

  101. Definitely read!

  102. I try on all my highest heels and walk in them there and from in front of the mirror convincing myself that one day they will turn into my walking shoes (now being only trod-from-taxi-to-restaurant shoes, hehe). And of course, I annoy my neighbours from the apartment below with the sound of the heels on the wooden floors. :)

  103. I usually end up cooking fish since my husband hates the smell, and watch lots of girly tv or movies…

  104. lengthy conversations with pets happens throughout all the other secret home alone/single behaviors :)

  105. I grab the nutella and a spoon and watch my guilty pleasure shows – anything and everything on Bravo.
    I wish it was yoga in my underwear – that would be a lot healthier!

  106. I do all of this, minus the talking to the cat. I don’t have one, I just talk to myself. And turn the music up really loud and sing.

    And I am always afraid of intruders too! Last time my roomies were all gone I called the police at 12:30 a.m. to come check my house. I woke up to a noise and was convinced someone was upstairs. They kindly told me that it is better to be safe than sorry, and they checked the whole house and then left me to sleep in peace. :-)

  107. yoga in my underwear, cuddle my dog, read in complete silence. What about NAPPING?! How could we forget NAPPING? ah, the best.

  108. The “eat odd foods at odd times” is my go-to! I have bacon around 4pm yesterday…and then crepes with lemon at 10pm. My husband is on a business trip :)

  109. What’s this “being home alone” thing? ;) Usually I have to contend with my needy cat, who NEEDS TO SIT ON ME IMMEDIATELY AND FOR A LONG TIME.

  110. What’s this “being home alone” thing? ;) Usually I have to contend with my needy cat, who NEEDS TO SIT ON ME IMMEDIATELY AND FOR A LONG TIME.

  111. What’s this “being home alone” thing? ;) Usually I have to contend with my needy cat, who NEEDS TO SIT ON ME IMMEDIATELY AND FOR A LONG TIME.

  112. 1. fluff up all 11 pillows on the bed, jump on them and pretend i’m a king.
    2. refluff
    3. repeat


  113. try the clothes: check. food that makes no sense: check. talk with cat: check. i also sing laudly while doing chores around the house. and dance. and watch silly girly movies. but sometimes the house gets really tidy so yay ;)

  114. talk to myself in the mirror 0_o

    And lip sync to some rocking tunes. With moves to match.

  115. I recently moved to a new place and live alone. I currently have eight different projects spread throughout my living and dining room in various stages of completion because I don’t have roommates to be mindful of. I also eat random foods at random times, esp. when I’m working on a project and don’t want to take the time to make a “real” meal.

  116. When my husband travels I eat dinner in bed and let the dog sleep with me every night (the only time he’s allowed on the bed!) It makes me feel safe. Also, bask in a clean house that stays clean for a whole week because it’s just me :) However, being that I’m 6 mos. pregnant these routines will probably change dramatically here soon!

  117. browse on my iphone, lying on the bed, in peace. (With a toddler around, I dont get to do this always). Take out lunch, with dessert. Make elaborate plans to knock off some items from the to-do list, but eventually do nothing, since the browsing and planning ate up all my day. Argh!

  118. I stay in my pajamas, and watch “that show so and so is talking about” then 5 hours later… get dressed and try for the 100th time to see if today will be the day I master the cat eye with my eyeliner!

  119. Clean the bathroom and watch Bravo.

  120. I eat cereal in bed, watch Netflix, and put on makeup.

  121. Oh, Joanna, the intruders ALWAYS come to my place when I’m home alone… such an irrational and ridiculous fear – but it happens every time! I try to stave off the bad guys by watching bad TV and eating ice cream (so far it’s worked:)

  122. Talk to myself a lot, listen to the radio in bed, organize my closet for the millionth time, sometimes dance around to really lame music…


  124. Yes to trying on all of the clothes I never wear (this is totally a female thing, I guess)!

    Eat peanut butter out of the jar (without feeling guilty), stay in pajamas all day, start to clean the computer room but get distracted and look at old photos, letters, etc. instead, binge-watch Netflix.

  125. Oh my. I usually blast the radio really loud and sing along just as loudly. Bake up some cookies or a fruit tart and catch up on shows I might have missed. Very exciting stuff!

  126. I cook a lot and leave the dishes everywhere until just before Dustin comes home!
    I also eat random foods at random times-popcorn at 11 pm for the win.
    And I always leave the tv on for background noise; that way the random little house noises don’t scare me as much!

  127. Eat peanut butter on Saltines with Coke. Yummy. Watch The Good Wife or Call the Midwife online. Nap without guilt. Get ideas for decorating online. All in my pajamas :-)

  128. I totally, totally eat random foods when alone, not meals! What a funny realization. And many too-in-depth conversations with my dog. And I’m with you Joanna, always convinced I hear footsteps or a doorknob turn…

  129. i love emily mcdowell’s illustrations! i eat whatever sounds good. last night while everyone was gone i made cookies then ate three with a side of cookie dough and called it dinner :)

  130. hahaha, amanda, i do the same. i watch the WORST tv. basically anything and everything that alex would refuse to watch with me:)

  131. Treat wine and cheese as a totally acceptable dinner, watch rom coms or chick shows, and let the dog sleep in the bed :)

  132. I’m ashamed to admit that I procrastinate in ways I can’t even begin to tell, eat all I can find in the fridge (this is so bad!) and take long naps -which is good because I barely sleep thanks to college :)

  133. i turn off all the lights, lay on the floor and listen to music from highschool. and make coffee in my underwear.

  134. Eating candy, drinking tea while watching bad chick flicks on netflix

  135. Read or write and eat ice cream.

  136. I literally do all of those things.

  137. The food thing is dead-on! I only eat random things at random times and forget to eat a “real” meal! I do love 11pm popcorn!

  138. The trying on clothes thing! Every time! Also, yes eating everything because there is nobody there to watch me. No guilt, no shame.


  139. Haha, I literally did yoga in my underwear in my living room last night.

  140. I TOTALLY try on all the clothing I never wear. Glad to know I’m not alone in that :)

  141. i call my mom, order indian food, and read in bed. and also invariably convince myself that there’s an intruder. :)

  142. Yoga. Underwear. Living room. 100%!!!