The other day, we spent a sunny morning in Dumbo. Toby and I walked by the river, while Anton rode in our trusty carrier. We were trying out Ergo’s new Four Position 360 Baby Carrier, which is awesome because you can wear your baby in four different positions. Here are a few photos (and a giveaway), if you’d like to see…

As always, here are a few photos of Toby dancing. The kid cannot be stopped!

And now the Ergo: We’ve used Ergo baby carriers for the past four years. They are the best—they’re so easy and comfortable, even for long walks. (Your baby feels so light!) And it’s so nice to have your hands free and your baby close for kisses, squeezes and foot massages. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Toby and I tried skipping rocks in the East River, but neither of us could figure out how. (Any tips?! We need to look up a YouTube video:)

Then we went to get lunch since Toby suddenly started having hunger panic. I turned Anton around in the 360, so he could gaze at the food trucks.

Toby was apparently wearing the Brooklyn uniform.

We picked out a Vietnamese rice dish, and Toby paid! It was a great knock-around morning.

The Four Position 360 Baby Carrier was fantastic and comfy, and you can wear your baby in four different positions: facing in, facing out, on your hip or on your back. It officially comes out on April 17th, but Ergo is giving away a carrier to a Cup of Jo reader today. For a chance to win, please visit Ergo’s online shop and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck and thanks so much! Update: the winner has been emailed. Thanks so much for playing!

(Photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo. Thanks, Julia. This post is sponsored by Ergo, a brand our family loves and has used for years.)