Have you heard about Spritz, the app that helps people read more quickly? According to Spritz, while reading, you spend only 20% of your time processing the words, while 80% of your time is spent physically moving your eyes around the page. To avoid that, Spritz flashes one word onto the screen at at a time, without forcing your eyes to move around the page.

Here, you’re reading at 250 words per minute:

Now you’re reading 350 words per minute:

And now 500 words per minute:

Fascinating, right? Spritz is still in development, but you can read articles right now with Spreeder. What do you think? It’s a little intense for reading in bed, but might be great for work or news? xoxo

P.S. Awesome people reading, and the very long book I’m currently reading.

(Via Digital News. Photo of Alfred Hitchcock)