Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers! What are you up to today? We’ll be heading to our friends’ house in Brooklyn, where they have a fireplace, red wine and lots of stinky cheese. Have a wonderful day, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The trailer for the next season of Girls. Will you be watching?

Mapping how Americans talk.

Curious to try this sleep app, which wakes you up when your body is ready.

How to sound like an art genius.

Such great Jackie Kennedy photos.

A babysitter’s adorable photo series. (Thanks, Julia)

Zach Braff photobombed this wedding couple!

Because grammar.

And, finally, three Thanksgiving tips from this great book:
* “Start serving drinks the minutes your guests arrive, no matter the hour. Thanksgiving is not a time to judge.”
* “A salad is a perfect accompaniment to many meals, a hit of astringency that can improve some dinners hugely. Not this one. You can have your salad tomorrow.”
* “Thanksgiving is a holiday that anchors itself in tradition. Which means: You should make turkey. Turkey is why you are here.”

Have a good one! xoxo

(Top photo by Vanessa Rees for Saveur)