When the dating and relationships company HowAboutWe reached out to me about going on a NYC date, I really wanted to say yes. But the catch was: Alex and I are pretty homebound in the evenings. We typically put both kids to bed, then eat dinner and pass out ourselves. We miss date nights! We are so boring! We have watched so many 30 Rock reruns!

But then it occurred to me: What if we could have our date at home? I checked out their site, and then I saw it. AT-HOME COUPLES MASSAGES. SAY WHAT?!

Amazing, right?! Who knew that was even a thing?! We were pinching ourselves. Although HowAboutWe began as an online dating site, they’ve since launched HowAboutWe for Couples—where they help couples find awesome dates. You browse their list of dates, book the ones you like, and go. They take care of all the details. It’s great for people who want to do exciting offbeat stuff but don’t have time or energy to plan everything themselves.

So, after both boys were in bed, we cracked a bottle of rose and put out bowls of nuts, olives and kettle chips…

…and shoved the toys to the side of the room. :)

Getting Massages at Home

Two really nice and friendly massage therapists arrived and set up folding massage tables in our living room.

Massages at Home

We provided our own sheets and towels, and they put on relaxing spa music with sounds of rainforests and ocean waves.

Massages at Home

Needless to say, it was such an incredible date and definitely the coolest night we’ve had in ages. What a luxurious treat!!! I’ve been a basketcase recently with a toddler and newborn, so it was so amazing to do this for ourselves and then just roll into bed after the massage (next to Anton’s co-sleeper, haha) instead of commuting home.

I’d highly recommend HowAboutWe for Couples, which has so many fun date ideas. You can sign up for free and browse their dates in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle (and they’re expanding to new cities soon). BONUS: Get $50 off your first date through this link, until December 31st. Thanks so much, HowAboutWe!

(This post was sponsored by HowAboutWe, a service we now plan to use all the time. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible. Photos by our friend Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo, who stopped by at the beginning and left once the massages started haha. Definitely one of the funnier/more surreal blogging photo shoots:)