Our New Apartment

Thank you for all the well wishes for our move! Everything went smoothly last weekend, and we’re now settling in. Here are a few photos of the apartment, if you’d like to see…
Here’s the living area, which has a dining nook and an open kitchen. We love how bright and airy the room feels; it feels like you’re outside even when you’re inside. You can’t see it in these photos, but the windows on the left actually have river views; we set up the rocking chair right there, so when I nurse Anton, we can look out over the sailboats.
Here’s the master bedroom, which also has water views to the left. (Thankfully the room feels bigger than it looks in this teeny photo.) We also look onto the building across from us, which feels straight out of Rear Window.
Here’s the boys’ nursery, which looks over this hidden playground! Toby calls it “our backyard,” which I love.
(A Shake Shack picnic our first night there:)

Thank you again for all your sweet notes! Wish us luck decorating! xo

P.S. Our old apartment in the West Village.

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  2. Your new apt is going to be wonderful! Love the windows (even though you can see straight to your neighbors…and they can see straight to you!) Have fun decorating.

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  8. Can’t wait to see it decorated!!

  9. Can’t wait to see it decorated!!

  10. lovely layout! and so nice & full of light. good luck with the move.

  11. It is gorgeous, so stunning Joanna!

    The open-ness of your living room, and all the windows are fantastic. They’re all I hope for in a future home!
    And hardwood floors are seriously the best. (and easier to clean messes up!)

  12. Wow! It looks fabulous! My flatmate of several years is soon moving out way down here in Sydney, so I am looking for a new place, preferably one that I can afford without having a flatmate. It is no easy thing! And moving, well, blah, glad you made it!

  13. Siiiiiigh… Your life … is so dreamy :) I’m sure you will do wonders with making the apartment look gorgeous. Congratulations!

  14. So happy for you… but even happier for your sons. Good living space is essential to growing children. I will be looking forward to seeing how you decorate this apartment. It looks pretty awesome!

  15. it is beautiful and i love the light! as an architect, the layout is great! congrats and may you have happy times in it!

  16. Congratulations, I wish you lots of happiness in your new and lovely home. I stumbled upon your blog a month or so ago when I found out we were moving from the UK to NYC (with our 18 month old). It has been an inspiring must-read ever since. If you or any of your lovely readers have any tips on family (and dog) friendly neighborhoods, or general moving to New York tips, I would really appreciate them.

    And btw, I loved the ‘British say, Americans think’ piece – hilarious. I will keep it in mind as I have to admit, I use many of those phrases often!

  17. You’re in! Congrats. I absolutely love TriBeCa, my fave area in manhattan. Probs bcs where i stayed on my first visit, at the cosmopolitan hotel on chambers! Back when the wtc was still there. It still had the dangerous downtown vibe then. Love a rainy afternoon down there. Enjoy! xx

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  19. So exciting!! Love all of the natural light. Congratulations!

  20. It looks so spacious and bright! I love it, congratulations!! And you have 2 bathrooms?! What a gift!! :)

  21. Congratulations Joanna, it’s a time full of new things for you guys…the house looks airy and full of light.
    Can’t wait to see how you decorate it!
    ps. that “backyard” is so beautiful!

  22. Beautiful apartment! I’m sure you’ll make it look amazing!

  23. goodluck! i’m sure you’ll make it amazing!

  24. congrats on the move!! looks like a lovely inviting space

    PS let us know if you want help / advice on furniture placing – moving furniture & helping make a space make sense is a huge part of what we do :)

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  26. it doesn’t look tiny at all, and those floor to ceiling windows are so valuable! I wonder if you’ll want to stay here longer than a year :))

  27. Congrats!! The place looks so lovely with all these windows!!

  28. how incredibly exciting for your little family! all the best as you move in!

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  30. Best wishes from a longtime reader, Brooklyn-manhattan-back to brooklyn resident!
    And I can’t resist recommending a friend’s beautiful shop for home furnishings over here in my new neighborhood of Ditmas Park, Brooklyn:
    Have fun growing into your new place!

  31. Congratulation on getting a new home! What a lovely place to start a new chapter of your family!
    Best wishes from Hong Kong :)

  32. So exciting – I can’t wait to see it all done up!

  33. I love all the windows! I wish you every happiness in your new home!

  34. Congratulations!

    Very exciting :)

    Can’t wait to see it all finished and set up :)

  35. Congratulations! It looks gorgeous. All that natural light!!

  36. What a beautiful place! I’m sure you will make it better with all the furniture and stuffs. Good luck with your new home!

  37. What a beautiful apartment! I actually grew up at Duane and Hudson and have the BEST memories from Washington Market Park. Enjoy those views over the river!!

  38. Wow! It looks big! Congrats on the new place!

  39. It looks so beautiful!!!! I bet it’ll feel nice and cozy in no time!

  40. Those WINDOWS!!!!! Amazing and beautiful! Best of luck getting settled!

  41. Wow! Beautiful windows, so light and open. Enjoy!

  42. So bright and airy! Having lived in NY in a much smaller place, it looks palatial to me :) I think you may live in a neighboring building to my husband’s cousin and her two sweet little girls. One is the perfect age for Toby :)


  43. Wow! Looks awesome- congrats!


  44. Do we want to see the aparment? Is that even a question?? :)
    What a sweet space, can’t wait to see how you make it your own.

    Manda from Eat Cake

    • This just reminded me of when my mom taught me the word ‘voyeur’ when I was in high school and I was tortured by all the long driveways near us leading to mansions hidden at their ends. I wanted to see them all! (note we did not live in one)

  45. Wow, all of that natural light looks wonderful!

  46. jm says...

    Oh, the views! gorgeous!

  47. That one window IS right out of Rear Window (one of my all-time faves)! I halfway expected to see Miss Torso working out at the barre or the lady who lowers her dog to the ground in a basket! Enjoy your wonderful new space–I know you’ll all be very happy there!

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  49. jm says...

    It is amazing how your apartment is so outdoors! The windows are spectacular!

  50. What a great place! I just visited NYC for the second time ever back in May. I fell in love with it all over again. Manhattan is magical. (I lived in San Francisco for 6 years – also amazing – so I can’t complain). Enjoy decorating! P.S. Your boys are simply adorable.

  51. love those huge windows! but WOW i cannot imagine living in NYC. i’m spoiled where i’m at.

  52. Lovely, lovely space!! Congratulations!

  53. Two bathrooms?! Bright windows? Lucky!

  54. Beautiful, beautiful… and nice open space. I’m so happy for you! Best wishes for all things happy in your new abode. The boys will go wild once Anton starts creeping! ;)

  55. gorgeous apartment – the huge windows are a BIG plus. always amazing to have tons of natural light.

    The Casual Classic

  56. It looks great! Good for you. Nice big windows.

  57. The light in your new place is incredible! I like the black cased windows too. Good luck with the unpacking stage. :)

  58. I love it! Makes me less scared about feeling at home in a big city.

  59. Congratulations on your new apartment! It’s beautiful! I’m excited to see it when it’s all settled in! Good luck!

  60. Congratulations! I love love all of the big windows! So lovely on sunny days.


  61. You have such an amazing space! Best of luck!!! Please send photos once it’s all decorated, etc!!!

  62. Good for you! The apartment looks great. I’ve never lived in the city, only on Long Island, so all of this sounds exciting to me. Enjoy!

  63. I’ll miss your old apartment, but I wish you all the best for tour move!

  64. Love! That park is amazing! We visited it last summer after finding it on your blog. My husband was impressed that I found it and our then 2 year old loved it!

  65. It’s so nice! Love the windows. I don’t know how New Yorkers do it though, it’s so small for four people! But, I guess you have the biggest, best, backyard ever- the city

  66. Of course I love the crusty old buildings of nyc, but it is such a revelation to move into a new full service building. We used to live around the corner on Harrison street (before we moved to Brooklyn) and just loved the parks along the water. Mini golf is just north of you!

    Keep an eye out for the meatball sandwiches at Terroir. And Sunday dinner at the Harrison is fantastic, whatever the theme. Bagels at the place on Chambers. Coffee at Kaffe 1668 (they have a little rocking sheep for Toby)! And, if you haven’t been, drinks at Smith and Mills. It is fun whether it is 5 pm or 3 am. Oh, and the brunch at Locanda Verde is awesome, without the hassle of dinner crowds. Enjoy!!

  67. It looks wonderful. I’m sure it will feel like home very soon. Good luck with the decorating.

  68. Very nice and open! Great windows! We are coming to NYC next month for 3 days – my stepdaughter lives in the West Village – we’re taking her to a few shows, and found a lovely Inn close to her – it got very good reviews and I can’t wait! She lived in LA for 2 years after college and we only got to visit her out there once…much easier to hop up to NYC for more frequent visits – and I always love NY – I was born there and lived in the Bronx until I was 7. Of course, that was a LONG time ago, but my heart belongs to NY!

  69. I want to have a shake shack picnic. Your place looks really nice!


  70. So pretty! I will always love parquet floors!

  71. Yikes…window treatments!!

  72. It’s BEAUTIFUL! A dream, really. Good luck on moving in, I always think that is the part that is the most fun even if it feels stressful at the time.

  73. What a lovely open space. Can’t wait to see your pictures of it furnished!

  74. Love the new place and I can’t wait to see how you set it up. And that last picture of the boys makes Toby look like such a grown up boy!

  75. Happy new apartment! It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to see how you make it your own…wish I could come decorate with you…I love your taste :)

  76. D2 says...

    I LOVE all the lighting you get. That is awesome! Best wishes getting settled. XO

  77. Those views are amazing! All the best at your new place.

  78. It’s a great building. I’ve worked there as a postpartum doula with 2 different families, lots of babies and kids:) and of course amazing views of the 4th of July fireworks!

    • If you don’t mind me asking, where is this located? We have been looking for a 2 bdr for ages and it’s been so tough!! I love this apt too! It seems like its on the hudson, but downtown or uptown? Thank you! :)

  79. Joanna, join HRP Mamas, if you haven’t already. The community down here is really strong!

  80. I love the floor! And the views! That must be so exciting to have a new place for your little family. Congrats!


  81. Love the floors! And all that light . . .

  82. Looks like a great apartment! Can’t wait to see what you do with the decorating!

  83. Can’t wait to see how you decorate that lovely space (it’s so light-filled)! But I realize with two children, it won’t happen overnight.

    p.s. One of my favourite memories of our trip to NYC last fall was when we had our own Shake Shack picnic. I still dream of that burger!

  84. gorgeous light! and i love the thought of you rocking your babies by the window with the sailboats. so sweet.

  85. Congratulations! What a beautiful clean slate to start with – and what seems like an amazing location. Best of luck settling in!

  86. shake shack makes moving okay right? how did toby take the move? we just resigned our lease but i already worry about when we move, atticus seems so attached to our house:)

  87. Aw, it’s beautiful!! How exciting!

  88. Wishing you all the best. I hope Toby loves his “backyard,” and Anton too.

  89. Very goog luck in you new home, definitively perfect to rise the kids!! looks amazing.

  90. Congratulations! This apartment looks amazing. It must be tough to leave a neighborhood you love but that’s the great part about NYC-you can easily get back when you feel like visiting. I’m sure you’ll have a great time discovering places in your new location too.

  91. Congratulations on the move!! I’ve been in my current apartment in Astoria for two years this October, and a few nights ago after I shut the lights off for bed a cockroach came out of the ceiling fan in my room and landed on my bed…so, it may be time for me to make a move, too! Can’t wait to see what you do with the place :)

    Blonde in this City

  92. Congrats! How exciting for a new space that is so open – a rare find in NYC :) I love following your adventures and have used your recommendations for places to see/do/eat since moving to the area. Happy nesting! – Abbe

  93. I’m excited to see what you do with it, especially since it’s VERY similar to our apartment!

  94. hello,

    congratulations on your new home!

  95. hello,

    congratulations on your new home!

  96. ooh two bathrooms! Are you going to have one a kids and one for adults?

  97. it’s so pretty and big!! i love all the windows and trees!

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  99. It looks amazing!!! With that light, making it prettier won’t be too difficult!
    I’m sure you will be settled and surrounded by cool neighbours really soon! Plus Toby and Anton will really enjoy that hidden playground! Can’t wait to see the “after” pictures!!!

  100. Wow Joanna, it’s a beautiful space! And so much light!

  101. We live in a house in the UK. We also have 2 boys. I yearn for an apartment lifestyle! It is just a totally different way of living. I love the fact that there are no stairs within your home and also that you really live in all of the rooms – there are no wasted spaces. It’s inspired me to de-clutter. Wish you all the best with the decorating. I know how long it can take to work out the best room layouts. And I am excited to see what you do with the place!!

  102. So exciting! Looks like a great apartment! Can’t wait to see how you style it. :)

  103. Welcome to the hood! We love it here.

  104. With a flat like that, it will be hard to move again! So big!

  105. It’s beautiful! I’m so excited for you – may you all be happy and well in your wonderful new space.