Home Inspiration: Big Plants

How striking are these huge plants? They’re like gorgeous green sculptures in each room. I’ve never met a plant I couldn’t kill within a few days, but I’d love to try to grow one of these guys! The plant in the middle photo, above, is a fiddle leaf fig tree, and you can find similar ones at Home Depot. More photos below…

P.S. 10 favorite wallpapers, and pink rugs.

(Photos, from top to bottom, by Carl Dahlstedt, The Marion House Book, Tracy Shumate for Covet Garden, The Marion House Book x 2, Laure Joliet for DesignLoveFest/Emily Henderson, and unknown)

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  2. Beautiful pictures, I loved it

  3. Amy says...

    Did anyone find out where that beautiful big red light is from?

  4. Hannah H. says...

    Do you know where the bedframe is from in the second to last photo? I’ve been looking for one like that FOREVER!

  5. Emmanuel Alba says...

    can you tell me where the red pendant light is from?


  6. Maybe this has already been mentioned in previous comments, but I really like the red pendant light you have over your table. Can you tell me where you found it?

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  9. as a fellow brown thumb.. love these.. will attempt one or a few again.. will try very very hard not to kill it this time around.

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  26. These look great – you’re right about them being sculptural! These plants all have about a decade over my humble houseplants. My largest is a 2 year old avocado tree.

  27. Fiddle leaf fig, huh? Our property has one that is the bane of our existence, lol! It’s as high as a three story house, drops massive quantities of fruitfly attracting rotten fig things, and equally massive quantities of huge leaves ALL THE TIME. And the branches keep growing and engulfing the yard. Argh. That said, I am sorely tempted to dig up the baby growing up underneath the behemoth, and put it inside. :p

  28. We have two large trees in our house, and I’ve found they are much more resilient and easier to take care of than smaller plants.

  29. Great idea purchase for sept.

  30. I love every one of these images. A beautiful selection! Thank you.

  31. Sharing another source for Fiddle Leaf Figs- IKEA! Go figure. Cheaper than Home Depot. I’m sort of in the process of killing mine, let’s hope it will hang on…

  32. I absolutely adore plants in the house. I think it makes everything brighter, fresher and just overall more tranquil. Thanks to growing up with real plants in the house I adamantly refuse to have fake ones. It’s extra work sometimes, but so worth it!

  33. What a lovely post! When I visited my grandmother in Poland 5 years ago I marveled at her magnifiscent house plant that she has had for almost 50 years!!! My mother remembers it from when she still lived at home. Meanwhile, I can barely keep a cactus alive!

  34. I would love to have a big plant in our house — perhaps a lemon tree even — but I think our cats would take it as a plaything and try to climb it. And often.

  35. Wow…. I always like it when light and greenery are allowed inside a room.

  36. Wow…. I always like it when light and greenery are allowed inside a room.

  37. Love these! Just a kind reminder-if you have pets, check to see if nee plants are safe for your home. A friend’s beloved kitty got very sick from eating a fallen orchid leaf (they had it on a high shelf and thought it would be safe).

  38. My mum gave me an orchid as a house warming present when my boyfriend and I moved in together a week ago. I killed it in record time. If it isn’t a cactus, it won’t last a week with me!

  39. I amazingly seem to have luck with houseplants. Our 30-ft windows with SW exposure definitely help. The only giant one I have is something my MIL gave me which she calls a “stick cactus.” It just keeps on growing bigger and bigger.

    After taking the decorations off our Christmas tree this year, my 3-year-old would not let us take it out of the house. He thought it was a plant just like all the others. Since we had cut it down ourselves, it was very fresh and not dropping needles, so we ended up leaving it in the house until March! It was kind of fun, but our visitors thought we were crazy.

  40. Hey Joanna! I too LOVE these big tree plants in homes. They look amazing. I was actually on a serious hunt for a fiddle leaf fig here in Denver until I found out in my research that THEY ARE TOXIC TO CHILDREN AND PETS IF DIGESTED. Maybe you could add a disclaimer or hopefully people might read this comment if they have pets. I would hate for someone’s child, dog, or cat to get sick from a beautiful plant. Thanks :)

  41. Please repost the Italy post without comments!! I’m so annoyed I missed it!

  42. I love big plants in a home, especially paired with high ceilings.
    Love love love the look of that fig tree!

  43. I’ve been dying to try out a bigger plant in my place. They add such life and depth! I’ve discovered the secret to not killing plants: good drainage and watering no more than once a week. (This works for a lot of indoor plants, but not all of course.)

  44. She should post the Italy article but close the comments. Pretty please!

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  46. The only thing that makes me sad about this post is that you’ve leaked my secret source for finding fiddle leaf figs! ;)

  47. Big plants look so bold—definitely a lot like sculptures. I love the one in the third picture—plus the space looks so roomy.

  48. I DO NOT have a green thumb, which is why I usually stick to succulents, but I love the idea of a fiddle leaf fig tree!

  49. yes! i’m dying for some big plants. i have so many plans for when we move next month and big plants in all the rooms is definitely one. so fresh and inviting!

  50. jm says...

    I really like that round table and the chairs in the first picture. The chairs look as if they have leather seats. So attractive!

  51. jm says...

    Love the pictures of these interiors.

  52. Yeah, I wish I wasn’t an indoor plant MURDERER, because these would be lovely in my apartment. These are so lovely and GRAPHIC.


  53. I also missed the post about raising children in Italy. I wish Joanna had removed the negative comments instead of the entire article!

    • so bummed about that too! i am taking my almost two year old to italy next month and was so happy to see that italy would be featured in this series. man! rude comments blow. :(

  54. I bought two large indoor plants a few months ago – a fiddle leaf fig tree and a canela tree. I am currently killing both of them :(

    • Most people kill plants by overwatering them…or by changing their light exposure too suddenly (e.g., from shade to outdoors in direct sunlight without a transition). And sometimes, lower leaves falling off is just a sign of upper growth…so it’s not always bad. Hold on there!

  55. I started a new job yesterday and my new office has loads of plants including a giant one, I LOVE IT

  56. I started a new job yesterday and my new office has loads of plants including a giant one, I LOVE IT

  57. jr says...

    I really want to get a Fiddle leaf, I *think* I have the perfect spot for it. I currently have a couple orchids and succulents.

  58. I simply love plants in interiors. Today me and 2 blog friends launched a new blog series called “Urban Jungle Bloggers” to promote the use of plants in our home. This post is so spot on! Thanks Joanna!

  59. Beautiful pics! Btw, I wasn’t able to view the Motherhood series in Italy. Did anyone else have that problem? I’ve been loving the series so I’ll be looking forward to reading it if you can fix that problem.

  60. I love plants in the home. My yucca plant looks a bit ragged though because the cat does love chewing it.

    • I am wondering too

    • Joanna wrote two comments in her previous weekend post, explaining that the interviewed mother asked for the article to be taken down because of some bad/mean comments.

    • Thanks Adélie. That is so annoying; I’d wish she had deleted the bad/mean comments not the post. Italy is a big country with a lot of contrast, of course is not the same to raise a child in a small town in the north than a big city. People should it be a little more tolerant…

    • Deleted the whole post?! Why let yourself be a part of a huge blog like A Cup of Jo (with millions of readers) if you’re going to make her remove the whole post as soon as someone says something unflattering? That post probably took a long time to put together too. Shame, I love that series.

  61. I really like the one at the head of the bed! I bought some ferns on sale ($3.99 a piece!) at an end of summer sale. I know they don’t have a chance of surviving through the winter (I, too, kill everything) but I have lofty dreams of them flourishing in my reading window.

  62. fiddle leaf figs are the way to go! we have a huge one in our living room and ive been able to take care of it for over a year…definitely a first! we got ours at international garden on 6th – and they deliver. and were super nice and helpful…

  63. These are amazing! We used to have a huge avocado tree that my husband grew (from the pit! Such a champ), but it outgrew our 340 square feet. Now we have an orange tree and a lime tree instead :)

    • You can prune back the trees…I think you do it in spring when you repot. Cut off some of the roots and trim some of the branches (look it up online somewheres). There are ways to keep the tree room-sized!