Home Inspiration: Pink and Red Rugs

How pretty are these pink and rugs? They’re a great way to brighten up a room. I would never have thought of putting a pink rug in a dining room, but they look so pretty (and not too girly). Thoughts? Three more below…

P.S. The pink rugs in our bedroom.

(Photos from Kimberly Genevieve, Emma Reddington, Janis Nicolay for Style At Home and Laure Joliet for DesignLoveFest)

  1. I’m inspired to implement these designs in my room.

  2. Mara says...

    Does anymore know where the couch/ottoman/bench is from in the first photo. I’m looking for something JUST like it. Loving it.

  3. Syl says...

    Very nice! Where can I purchase the pink carpet from the first picture (bedroom)?

  4. I’m inspired to implement these designs in my room.
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  5. I like the layering of the two striped rugs, especially with the stripes running in different directions. Never would have thought of that.
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  6. I think the bench at the end of the bed is beautiful! Where is it from?

  7. I love them all! We were just talking about getting a new rug for our nook area in the kitchen and I wanted to do red, this post just confirmed it :)

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  15. I love every single one of these rugs! You have quite a nice selection of photographs here. I used to think that a red or pink rug would only be suitable for a 12 year old girl’s room, but after seeing the fifth picture you posted I really want to add one to my kitchen. I’m a really big fan of Modern Rugs. Do you think a modern style would be best for the kitchen? I think it would help to give off a more energized feeling and since my kids like to eat in the kitchen before school I thought that could come in handy.

  16. I have been dreaming about these rugs! Any idea where I can find a look-a-like at a reasonable price? Thank you for sharing these beautiful interiors!

  17. Well, these photos are telling everything about the beauty at your home. These are amazingly beautiful and looking lovely. Your home’s overall appearance is great and eye catching. The way of decorating the home chosen by you is really very good. Using wooden handicrafts items is also a very much popular and elegant way of decorating your home. Using wooden crafted items at home avail a great looking home and workplace in the same manner as the posted photos. I loved the way you brought perfection in your home, but adding crafted object can availed added benefits.

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  20. I’ll have to show this to my daughter, we’re redecorating her room and these are her favorite colors too. I never would have thought to use area rugs as a main focal point like this, but I really like the idea! Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. Hello Joanna! This is my first visit in your blog and I really love it. I also like the pink rugs that you display in this post. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  22. HI, Yeah rugs are beautiful correct but rather then rugs i’m impressed with the dog siting next to the door in kitchen , the photo looks amazing :) and the lamp made with pieces of paper! WOW How original the lamp is :) I’m looking for something original too for my bathroom . Want to keep it so white and only bathroom sink will be in color like this one here: Gold Sink I love it :) However in Europe there is no such a firm as Kraus so need to import it from US… anyway. A great blog , very creative. Keep the good work and share with us more ;) Cheers

  23. I like the layering of the two striped rugs, especially with the stripes running in different directions. Never would have thought of that.

  24. Ok, THANK YOU! I have always loved pink with red – for some reason it’s not so popular? People seem to have a bunch of “rules” about fashion (their fashion sucks, actually…) – like no brown with black. WHAT? Ever heard of leopard? ha

    Audrea Rachelle

  25. Ooh I love them! My parents had a pink perisan rug in our dining room for as long as I can remember. I’m not even sure I registered it as anything but a neutral (until I really thought about it). Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. My favorite is the top photo – I wish there were more info about where to get that rug!

  27. Maybe it’s my computer, but other than the rug under the bamboo-looking chair, these don’t seem all that pink to me. I think the pictures are lovely even though I’m not a fan of the Indian inspired look for my home. On a positive note, they probably don’t show dirt easily. A big plus in my book!

  28. Love decorating with pinks and reds. Our oriental rug is pretty neutral, but I convinced my husband that pink and orange silk curtains would look great in the living room… and they really do. Not as feminine as you would imagine! They add so much richness and brightness to our space.

  29. I especially love the rug and the colour combinations in the first picture, so lovely and cheerful!

  30. love love love this!!!! I would never have thought of such a bright rug in the dining room but this just works. Now if I could only sneak this into our house…

  31. I love how these rugs bring life to the room!

  32. Oh.. my…
    The photos are so captivating! I always fall for the Oriental style in decorating. Amazing and inspiring selection!

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  34. Great post! My boyfriend and I are moving into a new flat this weekend and I can’t wait to start decorating. Brilliant inspiration!

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  36. Those are nice and inspiring. I always think about entirely designing and decorating my house in the future. It’s funny because whenever I go to a mall, I always look for Home Decor. I don’t know. I can’t explain it. I just love housewares, etc. Anyway, pink and red are nice. But for me, I like brighter colors.. I know some people prefer reserved ones, and cool tones. But for me, I love colors that will really pop, but I’ll do that with my curtains or chairs, not entirely. I’ll make sure it’s balanced.. and for my room, it would be more neutral to help me sleep better at night, and makes everything so peaceful. I don’t know.. I think having some bright colors in the living room area and kitchen just makes you feel more at home and energetic. I think that is important.

  37. I’ve been looking for a rug for my new apartment downtown… I’m inspired! I just may go pink!

    xx Raychel

  38. I absolutely love pink and red!!! It’s such a CHIC combination!!

  39. Love the rugs-I have several tribal and similar rugs in several rooms. In the first picture in the bedroom- what color is the wall paint ?

  40. Yess! I am a huge tomboy- but I love a rug with some bright pink in it! Maybe because most rugs with pink are usually awesome kilims…

  41. jm says...

    These rugs look great in these houses – so cheerful, yet tasteful!

  42. You clearly picked the best of the batch! If done well pink and red rugs can look great. It’s best if they are just rugs though, and not wall to wall carpeting.

  43. My parents’ house is filled with reddish/pinkish oriental rugs. They make the space so warm and bright, and set off the cooler tones in the room in a really nice way.

  44. Love, love, love!

  45. I LOVE all of these rugs but trying to convince my husband of them is another matter. That bedroom rug is to die for awesome. Maybe in my next life I can have pink? LOL

  46. My parents have a beautiful pink and blue rug in their living room that they bought in Morocco. It really warms up the room. It wouldn’t work very well in my house though.

  47. They look beautiful (although, my home is far too neutral for one)! Have you tried soft pink light bulbs? They lend the perfect glow to a room (and they’re not super bright, which I love). They’re the only ones I’ll use! x

  48. They’re all beautiful. I have been on the lookout for a vibrant Kilim rug for ages!

  49. Love it! A little bit of pink keeps them from looking too formal.

  50. I’ve lived in my apartment for 5 years and still haven’t found the right rugs! I bought a few cheap and neutral ones which were supposed to be temporary. Rugs seem to be even harder than bedding to choose!

  51. I have been looking for the perfect rug for the past several weeks! Rugs are so crucial for tying a space together. Do you have any recommendations for where to buy a great rug?

    • I watch Joss & Main sales for rugs. They get great stuff.

  52. I have a big, plain red rug in my living room and I love it. It makes the room look so happy!

  53. I love them!!!

  54. I adore the dining chairs in the third photo, any idea where they’re from?

    • Those are Eames Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Armchair (DAW).

    • Thank you!

  55. I love them all! We were just talking about getting a new rug for our nook area in the kitchen and I wanted to do red, this post just confirmed it :)

  56. Honestly, I can’t speak for pink and red rugs as a generalization, but every one of the ones you posted would be welcome in my home!!! :)

    • Wow, they actually do not look too feminine (or girly as you mentioned) at all. Before I scroll down to all the pictures that you have shared, I have already pictured the rugs to be too bright and unsuitable for most parts of the house. However, after looking at them, I think they will work just fine like any other coloured rugs and are indeed universal colours. I bet they will look great and complement all the storage cabinets, sofas and other furniture pieces as well when placed underneath them. They add life into the rooms and make the rooms prettier.

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