United States Cutting Boards

AHeirloom, the Brooklyn-based etsy shop, makes fantastic United-States-shaped cutting boards. They have the whole country, individual states and other countries. Which would you choose? I’d go for England or Michigan…
They also have new monogrammed cutting boards and muddlers, which would make sweet wedding gifts, don’t you think?

Today they’re giving one reader a $150 gift certificate. For a chance to win, please visit AHeirloom and leave a comment below with your favorite item. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck!

Bonus for all readers: Get 10% off with the coupon code CUPOFJO, good through September 2nd.

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  2. ooh la la. I know a future married couple who I’d looove to give this too!

  3. I’d have to get the Alaska board – I’ve seen plenty of state-themed boards and jewelry, but rarely have I seen anyone tackle the jagged coastline of my home state!

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. I would love a Massachusetts cutting board!! I’ve been lusting after it for ages, but everyone makes fun of me when i say i want one :-)

  5. Love the round beech cutting boards! …Engraved Wood Cutting Board 11×14 Round Personalized by AHeirloom.. the muddlers are also nice!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope atyahoodotcom

  6. My favorite item is the California cutting board, but if I won, I would get the Rhode Island cutting board as a gift for someone who lives there!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  7. I love the muddlers and the double bamboo skewers! Such beautiful work!

  8. JJ says...

    I love the shape of Minnesota on a board!

  9. i was thinking about buying their boards as part of wedding gifts for all of my friends getting married this summer! a gift certificate would be a great addition. i’d go with the vermont one, myself.

  10. Those personalized muddlers are so awesome! I can imagine making lots and lots of cocktails with those.. yum! And I’d love to see a cutting board of Canada.. ;)

  11. I want a Texas cutting board for when out of town guests try texas grass fed steak!

  12. That North Carolina cutting board and the USA one are both wonderful.

  13. These are awesome! I would get a Michigan board and one of their monogrammed boards- that chevron detailing is lovely!

  14. i love the illinois one with a heart in chicago!

  15. The California cutting board should be in my life. :)

  16. Perfect for my about-to-wed sister! Thanks for the chance!

  17. I’d love a USA, North Carolina, and/or Italy cutting board!

  18. I’m from Australia, but I’d love the USA one!

  19. I was originally going to say California because that’s where I’ve lived most of my life, but I decided there is way too much California stuff out there so I’d rather have North Carolina. That’s where I was born. :) Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway! I’ve seen these cutting boards before and have always wanted one.

  20. think a New York cutting board would be a perfect gift for my friend who moved to europe for love.

  21. The California one! I live in Texas now, and I miss California all the time!

  22. I’d get a Nebraska cutting board. I love that you can get a little heart put on it with your favorite city.

  23. Michigan!

  24. Those are awesome! I would get one of the USA

  25. I’d get the Maine cutting board for my parents!

  26. I’ve been wanting a CA cutting board for years!

  27. those momogrammed muddlers are fantastic.

  28. My husband and I gave state cutting boards to our parents as thank you gifts following our wedding! I would love to have something for us!

  29. My husband and I gave state cutting boards to our parents as thank you gifts following our wedding! I would love to have something for us!

  30. The Michigan cutting board. Who doesn’t love a mitten?

  31. I would LOVE to have an Indiana board! Adding this to my Christmas list, thanks!

  32. MINNESOTA! My original state. :]

  33. I would love a Georgia cutting board…to remind me of home while living in NYC for grad school!

  34. Me says...

    California! Love it!

  35. I have been pining over the Idaho cutting board for months now!

  36. Oh, goodness. I would love to give my fiance a Fenway cutting board. He does the cooking and we both love baseball (and the Bo Sox). This would make a fabulous wedding present :-)

  37. My home state of North Carolina would be lovely!

  38. UK or California for me :)

    my husband is French, at our wedding in 2010 we had GIANT wheels of cheese! this would be the perfect anniversary gift!

  40. EP says...

    Definitely the Michigan board. Michiganders ftw!

  41. I’d love one of Brooklyn! Perhaps engraved with my wedding date next year (Aug 22?) or Maine!

  42. An Indiana cutting board, please:)

  43. An Indiana cutting board, please:)

  44. The muddlers are such a great modern-but-not-too-modern. And all the woods are beautiful.

  45. USA AND OHIO!! these are awesome

  46. AJ says...

    North Carolina with a heart around Charlotte for our two best friends getting married! An added date would be lovely as well… We can’t wait to be apart of it and they would love this as awesome cooks!

  47. The DC cutting board!

  48. AJ says...

    North Carolina w/a heart around Charlotte and the date of two of our best friends wedding day would be an awesome gift to give to them as a thank you from two people in their bridal party :) We can’t wait and I know they’d love it.

  49. I’m French so I would go for the france shaped one for sure :) But my husband is from Rhode Island, the board is a perfect mess haha I love it !

  50. Super cute! Ive got mitten pride, all the way :-)

  51. I’d have to get my homestate, California. But if they ever add Australia to their designs, I’d love to get one for my Aussie boyfriend.

  52. No Canada! I would have to go with a custom initial then.

  53. Oh I definitely want the muddler. Love the rich color of the maple!

  54. Oh I definitely want the muddler. Love the rich color of the maple!

  55. his and hers!!

  56. California or Illinois cutting board. The muddlers are cool, too.

  57. I would love the Alaska cutting board!

  58. I have to go with the Ohio cutting board to represent!

  59. I gave these as a wedding gift last year! The bride and groom were from New Jersey and Pennsylvania and the NJ one is perfect as a cheese board and the PA one for a regular every day board!


  60. MT says...

    Rhode Island and Hawaii! How clever and talented! I would choose the France board with a heart in Lyon or Paris, or maybe the Minnesota board with a home – these are great :)

  61. Well it depends on who I am getting it for ;) I would get an Ohio cutting board to represent my homestate here in NYC. But I think the wedding / engagement boards would make a great gift!

  62. Sweet home Alabama with a heart on Birmingham :)

  63. I know it’s custom but i LOVE the star one!

  64. this new york mets fan would LOVE to cut my food on the CITI field cutting board!

    kateghesel at gmail dot com

  65. I would pick Washington state!

  66. Cutting boards are so cute!

  67. Love these! Might have to take advantage of the 10% off! I’d love one of the custom wedding ones for my fiance and me. :D

  68. i love the idea of a short poem, written on the 12×6 banner cutting board (and oh man, that walnut is just stunning). :)

  69. I love their cutting boards! I think I’d go for New York, where my husband and I first fell in love…:-)

  70. I’d have to get a custom Canada one.

  71. I would love an England cutting board – I lived there for over a decade! Oh, and a muddler!

  72. I am French, so of course I would pick the France board! and I think I would rather use it as a cheese plate.

  73. I love their cutting board and the muddlers, how fun.

  74. I really want a muddler! I need them for my cocktails. Also they seem like great quality and the monogram is so cute!

  75. I want a muddler! I need one for my cocktail experiments and these look so nice!

  76. I would get the Nebraska board for my home state.

  77. I LOVE the custom confetti round board on the last page!

  78. The confetti hand-painted cutting board is my favorite! Just my style.

  79. I love the 11×14 Round Personalized board!

  80. The USA map is soooo cool!

  81. K says...

    Oh man, I had a California cutting board on my wedding registry and never got it. I would love to now!

  82. Florida!

  83. love the monogrammed muddler! what a great wedding gift

  84. What a great giveaway!! I have wanted the Texas cutting board for so long now. Thanks for the opportunity!

  85. I’d have to go with the whole country–USA–since Wyoming is a pretty boring cutting board state. Ha. marthaisom at gmail dot com

  86. I’d LOVE one in the shape of Vermont… :)

  87. yes!!! I NEED a muddler!

  88. h. says...

    Those classy muddlers, for sure! Oh, all the tasty cocktails I could make with those (and look good while doing it).

  89. I’d love a muddler, and maybe the Michigan board? Or Maine…

  90. I would get a NY one with the brass house marker where I grew up on Long Island as a gift for my mom!

  91. I am positively in love with AHeirloom. I’ve been talking about getting my boyfriend’s parents an AZ one but I didn’t know they had muddlers!

  92. My favorite is the custom initial engraved cutting board :)

  93. Love love love the state cutting boards!!

  94. Ive always wanted the Colorado one but it just looks like a rectangle! Ah Colorado!

  95. Texas! I just moved back to my home state and would definitely pick that one. :)

  96. Love the handpainted star cutting board.