Seven Month Belly Shot

Alex snapped a few belly shots last night. I’m 31 weeks, which means I’m about 7 months along. The baby has started to lurch around in my belly, I’m starting to feel enormous, and we’ve been washing teeny onesies in preparation. We’re getting close! One surprising thing is that the baby feels so heavy, which is apparently normal for second pregnancies. But if I walk more than three blocks, I have to lug my belly up with both hands. My friend jokes that it’s like carrying a bag of groceries, which sadly rings true:)

Have you seen the tumblr The Pregnant Husband? Made me laugh out loud a million times.

Hope you had a great weekend. xoxo

P.S. Great book for mothers-to-be, and a pregnancy survival guide.

  1. you look gorgeous and the pregnant husband link had me laughing inappropriately loudly in my cube at work {i’m 37 weeks so i relate :)}

  2. You look beautiful! Sending nothing but good vibes.

  3. You are glowing!

  4. Looking marvellous and blooming Jo, I can’t believe how quickly it has flown by. Feels like only a few days ago you told us you were expecting again :)

  5. You look absolutely stunning.

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

    PS. I am now addicted to The Pregnant Husband. I’m quietly watching all of the gifs at work and feeling equal parts amused and guilty.

  6. The Pregnant Husband made me laugh with tears! Thanks, that happened long time ago!

  7. Joanna, I’ve been following your blog ever since, and it’s so insane to see how much your life has changed since then! You look gorgeous. :)

  8. you look AMAZING! But along those “heavy baby” issues I HIGHLY recommend you invest in a blanqi (they’re fools for not having sent you one already!) I was pregnant with twins and this made everything better. I wore it EVERY SINGLE DAY of my pregnancy, from 14weeks onwards. I also think they should make one of non-pregnant ladies, but seriously best $60 i ever spent.

  9. Joanna – I have to tell you that you look amazing! I saw you last weekend at the playground (I didn’t want to disrupt your fun with Toby and friends), but I have to tell you that the reason you caught my eye is because you looked so beautiful. And my instant thought was “oh she must be famous, she’s so pretty” and then I realized I was right, because in all of our eyes you are pretty famous. :) Anyway, I know when you are 7 months pregnant, it’s not often that you feel beautiful. So I wanted to let you know.

  10. You look wonderful!

    haha that was a great tumblr!

  11. You look beautiful! You’ve mentioned before that you were intrigued by your friend Leigh’s home birth (I’m a student midwife and I used to love following her blog), any plans for home/ natural birth this time around?

  12. you look stunning! xo from minnesota

  13. oh my gosh you look beautiful!

  14. I wore one of these during my pregnancy and it made a *huge* difference in alleviating how sore and heavy my belly felt:

    surprising subtle under clothing. I swore by it! and I’ve only been pregnant 1x so can’t imagine how much more beneficial it will be to me if I’m ever expecting #2.

  15. You look so beautiful! I’d be curious to know… what books or other things have helped you to prep Toby for his sibling to-be, and what, if anything, are some of your unexpected second pregnancy challenges or anxieties that were perhaps absent the first time around? You are just glowing!

  16. 31 weeks here, too! (First timer, though). Yay for summer babies.

  17. Your pictures make me want to be pregnant! Haha.

  18. so sweet, joanna. i can’t believe you’re already 31 weeks! my second pregnancy also seemed heavier-weird:) congrats + best of luck! xx

  19. Oh my goodness! You look so cute. I have nothing to add to the pregnancy conversation since I have no experience with that, but I had to remark on these photos.

  20. I am 31 weeks with my second baby too! My bub is lurching around like anything too (it feels much more full on than the first ever did) and my bump is SO much heavier and bigger as well – I walk to work every day and lately it feels like everything is dropping south!! I have to waddle along like a slow old turtle! Second pregnancies are definitely very different to firsts. Guess lugging around my (still not walking) 16 month old doesnt help!! Would love to hear more about your pregnancy – its so nice to hear someone else go through similar things particularly as we have just moved overseas so I don’t have any of my usual mum friends to chat to!!

  21. I echo everyone’s compliments:) You look beautiful! Your baby could have the same birthday as my son, July 5th!

  22. Random question: how tall are you?
    You carry pregnancy so well, and one of my fears as a shorter/average height woman is that it will overwhelm my frame! I hope I will look as elegant as you!

  23. First off, congrats on your pregnancy, you look amazing! oh boy, did i miss reading your blog! I used to read it every single day in Madrid. Life changed dramatically and I was relocated to Buenos Aires (a sole start from scratch) not easy but Im sooo glad to be back on track and to be able to read you again, Jo! :)

  24. Looking great, Joanna!

  25. I am literally crying tears at work over that tumblr. Thank you for bringing into my (pregnant) life. My husband is also going to love it. The only problem is all this laughing is making me almost pee my pants. Happy 7 months!!

  26. Congrats on hitting the 7 month mark! How is Toby handling everything? Is he excited for his new role as big brother? I have a feeling he’ll be a great one, serenading the baby with his new-found violin skills!

  27. Now that you mention it, my second pregnancy did feel heavier than my first, too. I’d never heard that before. But then again, my second also ended up being born about a pound heavier. :) You look great!

  28. Happy seven months :)

  29. you look beautiful! p.s. i am dying at that tumblr.

  30. You look so amazing and happy!

  31. Oh this makes me so happy for you! You look so happy, can’t wait to ‘meet’ the new little one xx

  32. you go girl!

  33. You look beautiful Joanna!


  34. You look so great! I can’t believe you can wait to find out the sex! I am so curious! :)

  35. You look VERY cute! Hope all continues to go well. Nice framed photo behind you by the way. :)

  36. So excited for you and your family!

  37. I definitely remember that sensation. I was forever propping da belly up with couch pillows when I sat down. The belly band suggestion is a good one. I used one and it was nice to have a bit of a belly sling under my shirt. ;)

  38. Oh, so sweet! I agree- my second was definitely “heavier” feeling than my first. You look wonderful, joyful, and at peace!

  39. You are lucky that the rest of you has not gained any weight : ) and you do have a cute belly

  40. You look amazing! You are all belly :) My belly felt much bigger and heavier during my second pregnancy, but my second baby ended up being much bigger than the first one. I’m so excited for you!

  41. that site is incredible…and i’m not even pregnant! haha.

    also, holy wow on the 7-month-mark! (how did time pass so quickly!?) you are just glowing!! :)

  42. You look great! Only a few more weeks left… how crazy!

  43. Same thing happened to my cousin, she’d hold up her belly after standing for 10 minutes. She used a pregnancy belly band to help provide support. There are a bunch online that might help :)

  44. 9 more weeks! Could you have a fourth of July baby? that would be tremendous! :)

  45. How lovely the two of you are!

  46. Oh you look so gorgeous! I loved the stage of washing all the teeny onesies in preparation, it is so exciting!!! xx

  47. Gorgeous belly! And I am so hoping to be THAT pregnant very soon!

  48. What beautiful photos! I remember thinking the same thing about my second pregnancy – I spent a lot of time with my hands fastened under my bump!

  49. Wow time flies, I remember when you announced your pregnancy on the blog. Those photos are beautiful!
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style