Beer’s Taste Alone Gets You a Little High.

You know that moment when you sit down, take a sip of beer and instantly feel the stress melt off your shoulders? That feeling is biological. According to a recent study, “our brains start to release euphoric signals in response to the taste of beer, even before alcohol even gets into our blood,” reports The Atlantic. “Our bodies anticipate the effects of alcohol by a conditioned response, like Pavlov’s dogs.”

File this under “I knew it.”

P.S. How to keep lipstick off your glass, and 8 fun tips for drinking wine.

(Photo by Aya Brackett)

  1. I don’t doubt that the response works that way, but I wonder why I don’t have the same response with wine, or whisky. I think the hops have something to do with it.

  2. My hometown’s brewery’s motto is “…because without beer, things do not seem to go as well.” from the diary of a Capuchin monk here in Kansas who found they couldn’t withhold beer from the brothers during fasts or Lent because, well, things did not go as well :)

  3. This is exactly why alcohol free beer is awesome during pregnancy!

  4. As for the lipstick on the glass, I always thought there was something a little sexy about that. A kind of “my lips were here” flirtation. Is it just me?

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  6. That’s totally cool! No wonder I love going to my local brewery so much! =)


  7. Yes, totally knew that! I think the same is true for wine.

  8. I totally knew it! ;)

  9. mmm sounds good right about now! I hope you do your “father’s day gift ideas” I am in need of some :)

  10. ya right???! just reading this makes me want a sip.

  11. This is totally right. “I knew it!”

    Kate x

  12. That totally makes sense. Thank you for sharing!

  13. This is so how I feel about coffee. I’m a wee bit addicted to it, and if I have a headache brought on by not having had my morning coffee yet, my first sip seriously makes the headache start going away. I know that there’s no way that the caffeine works immediately, but I can’t argue with the effect!

    I’ve noted though that the immediate relief doesn’t happen as much with iced coffee, so I think my body also relaxes from that first sip of shockingly hot liquid too?

  14. so true! just the thought of sitting down to have a cold beer makes me smile and feel at ease.

    this week is philly beer week! i am drinking one cold beer a night (and writing about them on my very little blog).

  15. Brilliant! That makes sense, I’ve had that moment a few times before! Like aaahhh… we’re NOT thinking about work ANYMORE! I especially like light, fizzy unoffensive beers with a low ABV that won’t make me woozy after a few sips. The redneck in me loves Budweister, I will admit… ;) Also Corona, with lime!

  16. Oh no, not beer! I like juice :)

  17. When I was a little girl, my Dad would sometimes give me the first sip of his beer. I didn’t like the beer, but I loved that I was given this privilege by the guy who meant the most to me in the world. Whenever I have a sip of beer, that memory floods back. I miss him still.

  18. Love this — you are right, we all knew it!

    — Al

  19. Interesting! Wonder if this is true for gin, too. All I can think about in reference to the Pavlov experiment is the episode of The Office where Jim ‘trains’ Dwight to expect a mint every time his computer beeps!