My photographer friend Alpha always takes beautiful photos of her nieces (remember this?) and since our new baby will be arriving in less than two months, I thought I’d ask for her advice on photographing wriggly babies and toddlers. As part of a three-part photography series sponsored by Canon, Alpha agreed to share six handy tips…

Tip #1: Use their crib, especially if they are at an age where they like to pull up their little bodies or practice standing. You can play peek-a-boo or make faces behind your camera.

Tip #2: Shoot from overhead. It’s a simple way to get great photos, and it’s a comfortable position for them to stay for a while. If you have a busy patterned carpet or floor, lay down a white blanket to clean up the background. And come in tight for sweet details. Remember, their faces don’t always have to be in the photo.

Tip #3: Use their favorite toys as props. This gives them something to look at and interact with.

Tip #4: Shoot over the shoulder of the other parent or a babysitter. Since the child will feel comfortable, you can get good relaxed shots.



Tip #5: Get on their level and be spontaneous. Crawl around on the floor. Photograph them as they explore and climb. Babies are always on the move doing cute things. When it’s not working to get them to do what you want, photograph them doing what they want.

OVERALL tip: Move your child closer to the light. This is an obvious tip, but many parents forget and end up with dark, blurry photos. If you simply relocate your baby closer to a window, you’ll be able to use a faster shutter speed which will make your photos nicer and your life easier! It will also bring extra light and sparkle to their eyes.

Thank you so much, Alpha!

(This post was sponsored by Canon as part of a three-post series about photographing kids. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible. Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Adorable baby by Kendra Smoot:)