Gold Birthday Candles

Do you have any special birthdays coming up? My dad’s birthday is April 1st, so I’ve been brainstorming a fun gift I can mail to Michigan. But if we lived in the same place, I’d love to bring out a cake with these tall gold candles. They’re masculine, elegant and grown-up enough for someone who all your friends think is a spy.

P.S. Cheeky birthday candles, and birthday cheese.

(Photo by The Soho)

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  4. The spy comment made me laugh. Some of my friends think my husband is a spy. One even says his name in quotes whenever she talks about him. It’s funny.

  5. My Dad just turned 60 this week! And my Birthday is tomorrow. Birthday’s are pretty much the greatest excuse ever to make people feel special. What are you getting for your Dad? I’m traveling to see him as part of the gift but I want to bring along something special :) Suggestions anyone?

  6. a bit of simpatico.. my father’s birthday is april first, he has passed now but something about being an april fools baby.. mischievous. (;

    • My father’s birthday is April 1st, too! Amazing how many of us have dads born that day.

  7. My birthday is also April 1 and I’m turning 30. I never thought I’d be phased by it but I am freaking out just a bit.

  8. The candles are beautiful. I actually have my own birthday on sunday and I’ll be 24 on 24th :) This is my first post here, but I’ve been reading your blog since before you got married. You are so positive and inspiring, I love coming here.

    warm hugs from Poland

  9. I LOVE these candles!

  10. I LOVE candles. They’re my favourite part of a birthday, and these are beautiful! x

  11. There’s something so lovely about longer candles!

  12. My fella’s birthday was on Sunday. I took him out to Darling Harbour (Sydney, Australia) for a fancy meal, and we went to a different restaurant for each part of the meal. He also got a birthday gift at each restaurant.

  13. One of my mom’s friends used to send cakes in a care package to her son in college by packing it in popcorn (real popcorn!) and leaving the icing separate! How genius is that? You can eat the packaing material, too! :)

  14. My 30th birthday is in mid-July (on the same day my good friend is due to have her baby!). I plan to spend it having a picnic in the park with all my friends and all of our kids. Can’t wait to finally celebrate my birthday in Summer! (usually we live in Australia where it’s Winter in July)

  15. My birthday is April 16th and I’m wishing for a day off work, dinner at red lobster, moccasins or some stupid safety work shoes lol and beeswax candles.

  16. I want this cake for my birthday. It’s May 3rd so you have plenty of time & you can mail it to me lol

  17. My dad’s birthday is also April 1st!! It was always a family joke that his birthday is April Fool’s Day. Happy birthday to your dad too!

  18. I love the gold candles! Thank you for sharing…they are so cool!

  19. I’ll be 20 on a pril 3rd!

  20. There’s gotta be a bakery that would deliver, I’m sure you could even ship them these candles for the cake as well! If not… I think I found a new business venture.

  21. My dad is an April Fool as well! What I love is over the years, he’s gotten some pretty hysterical cards from being born on such a silly holiday – especially from his parents. :)

    The gold candles are fit for a king – but I think I’d love them too!

  22. Very sophisticated.

  23. I love sparklers on a birthday cake. My Mom started doing it years ago and it really is festive. Those are so pretty though!!

  24. H says...

    What a coincidence! Today is my 20th birthday (: and those candles are so pretty! I used to be terrified of turning twenty but what kept me calm was hearing Taylor Swift’s song “22” about being twenty-two and she made it sound so fun and exciting. I realized that any age can be fun if you make it fun and that there’s no reason to be depressed about it. Haha (:

  25. So, so lovely! My best friends birthday is tomorrow :D

  26. oh love the gold candles! i got my husband lego candles for his last birthday, they were quite the hit!

  27. These candles as so pretty! My birthday ‘s coming up actually, I’ll be 29 in april (yikes!) same day my kid sister turns 25 – yep, born the same day four years appart. My mama used to always make us angel food cake, so now I make it for myself. :-)

  28. Today is my birthday :) My mum is making me a cake (fingers crossed for gold candles!)

  29. All my friends think my dad is a spy too! Funny.

  30. Those gold candles are the perfect thing to drop in the mail. I love making birthday boxes to send to relatives.

  31. Just celebrated my dad’s birthday on St. Patricks Day. :) Happy Birthday dads. Of course we also had to Skype, not being in the same city either.

    Ummm, GOLD CANDLES?? I kinda need those.

  32. My dad’s birthday is coming up too, it’s April sixth! I think I’m going to throw him a surprise party with a cake and those candles atop it! Thanks for the idea! :) xx

  33. Happy Bday to your dad! Speaking of spys…I watched Skyfall the other night. Lord help me, Daniel Craig is delish.

  34. I love this idea! I think tall candles look so elegant, especially on a smaller cake, which is good, since a big cake is always too much for us!

  35. It’s my grandmother’s 88th birthday in a few weeks and I’m going to blow up a few pictures of her and all her grandkids and one of her & my grandfather! =)

    Ergo – Blog

  36. My birthday is tomorrow! I’m traveling for work on my birthday but the hotel I’m staying in has a manager reception every Wednesday. I have already requested that it becomes my birthday party… and this is how you know that I stay somewhere too often.
    With Luck

  37. My birthday is also on April 1!

    A fun birthday gift add-on I like to include is a bag of fortune cookies, to reveal the “future” of the recipient’s new year.

    • Me TOO! Turning 29.3 :)

  38. How pretty are these candles. Love them!

  39. My birthday is soon! I love these (and that cake is beautiful too).
    Everyone thinks my dad is a spy too. The best part is he doesn’t deny it.

  40. Perfect timing! My birthday is today:).

  41. Some birthday’s…but, I am most anticipating my dad’s and my own birthday in July. I will be spending it at Centre Court for the Men’s final (on my birthday!). Whoop!


  42. I have my Birthday on Friday! Those gold candles are awesome. Happy early Birthday to your dad!

  43. You mentioned this spy joke so much that now I seriously think your dad is an MI-5 agent.

    Happy birthday to James Bond Goddard!

  44. I agree! My family lives in WI and I always want to bake fun cakes for them, but have to settle for shipping their gifts!

    -Samantha from Blissfully Bossy

  45. Such a great photo! Those candles are so great!

  46. Ohh these are perfect! My best friend’s birthday is this coming weekend and I’ve been brainstorming ideas for cakes and decorations that are refined and also have an vintage twist. These candle’s seem like the perfect thing for the occasion. Thanks for the share!

    Quinn Cooper Style