This morning, Alex snapped a couple belly shots. It looks small in these photos, but I swear it’s bigger in person!

A few observations about this pregnancy: I’m hungry like the wolf. And I go from zero to sixty—not at all hungry to suddenly in a blind panic to shovel food into my mouth. I don’t remember that from last time! It’s getting harder to sleep now, and I’m thinking of ordering one of these hilarious body pillows. My boobs are bigger! I’m more anxious than usual. Sometimes I know I’m being neurotic, but I can’t stop. And I discovered these chewable prenatal vitamins, which are awesome since the regular ones are like horse pills. Most of all, we cannot wait to meet this little one in July.

(And my belly was a little bigger after our Indian dinner on my birthday…:)


My belly shot last month, and my growing belly during Toby’s pregnancy.