Before Midnight



Have you seen the beautifully romantic films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset? Well, director Richard Linklater has now made a third film in the series, Before Midnight which premiered this week at Sundance to rave reviews. (Slate says it’s “so good it approaches perfection.”)

Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, Before Midnight follows the characters Jesse and Celine as they spend a day in Greece. It’s been almost two decades since they first met on a Vienna-bound train, and nine years since they spent another single afternoon together in Paris. True to form, the two characters stroll around town together, discussing their hopes, fears and dreams. As Slate says, these are “unusual and acclaimed films, consisting almost entirely of dialogue between a man and woman.”

Slate says the dialogue between the twosome “as expected, is pitch-perfect… In a manner arguably unequaled in film, Before Midnight captures exactly just what makes it so infuriatingly hard to stay in any relationship.”

The film has been kept surprisingly quiet — no trailer yet! — but it seems to have a September release date. I can’t wait. Are you, too, dying to see it?

And below are a few photos from the first two movies (does Julie Delphy just not age?!)…

Before Sunrise (1995), in their twenties spending a night together in Vienna:


Before Sunset (2004), in their thirties spending an afternoon together in Paris:


P.S. Another great movie that Julie Delpy wrote, directed and starred in.

  1. Enjoy the film but have been recommended to try the book which is apparently much better :)
    50 shades of grey movie
    Really after reading book its all visible after that movie…would be rocking…

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  4. Woo hoo – you have made my day! Thanks – sounds like a date night to me.

    Woah the spammers are out in full force!

  5. May 24th in the states!! get excited my friends!!!

  6. I’m so excited! Can’t believe is going to be a third movie!! Thanks for sharing, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset were two cult movies of mine, but with the years I just can’t see them anymore, I have the sensation that they (specially the first one) are addressed to an older part of me. Is so wonderful to see a story evolve like all life does! Thanks thanks for sharing this news!

  7. I have never heard of this movie before reading your post, but I am quite into love comedy so I chose to watch them. I loved the first one, the two of them were young and pretty and discussing about philosophical and blue sky issues. I definitely loved the film and wanted to watch the second one. And I loved the second even more. Although I am not in my thirties yet (but will soon be..!) I have recognised myself more in what they were talking about and their struggles. So now I am dying to see the next movie.
    I think the idea of making a movie every 9 or 10 years is just amazing. It`s like following you and the developing of your character, love and sentiment through your life. I love it. I think we can all see ourselves on the two lovers. And they are so romantic!
    Thank you for sharing this! Or I would have missed something I am loving som much!

  8. I saw it at Sundance last week! If you are already a fan of the series I think you’ll definitely like it. It is such a fun/interesting series – little snapshots of a romanic relationship overtime. Part of me hopes they keep going!

  9. actual squeal when I read this and then posted about it myself- which I almost never do but I was just so happy- I love these films- linked back to you of course x

  10. This is one my favourite cinematic romances of all time! I love Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy as much as I love Richard Linklater!! These movies may ring true to me too because Hawke & my first love were separated at birth… ;0)

  11. I’m dying, DYING to see this! So is my husband. We’re planning to watch both of the previous ones right before seeing the new one together.

  12. i saw the first one in the theatre and have been dying (for 20 years!) to find out what happens! i can’t wait for midnight…

  13. I can’t wait! I think this means my husband will finally have to watch the first two with me.

  14. I can’t wait! I think this means my husband will finally have to watch the first two with me.

  15. Can’t wait to see this! And catch up on the others :) thanks so, so much for sharing.

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  17. Oh, these are my favorites! I can’t wait!

  18. This is too early to say, if there’s a before noon I hope it’s set in nyc. Can you imagine jesse and celine strolling through a nyc night?

  19. I’m excited to check this out- embarrassed to say I’ve never heard of it until now!

  20. DYING! I saw the first three times in the theater and thus began my almost 20 year love of Jesse and Celine.

  21. I just watched this movie not too long ago! Can’t wait to see the rest.

  22. YES! I adore these movies. I have been waiting to hear about the third and cannot wait to see it! I hope I’m not the only one that held a small hope that Jesse decided not to leave at the end of the second one. It seemed all too possible. Sigh.

  23. Wish Ethan Hawke was still 25 when they filmed this! :( Ah well sure it will be as amazing as the other two! :D

    Just goes to show that to make a brilliant romance film you don’t need a cheesey-stereotypical screenplay, just relatable characters and an honest script, written from the heart. :) Great actors helps too… I’m so seeing this! :D

  24. Like everyone else here I LOVE these films… They are just so gorgeous and their chemistry is perfect. I cannot wait to see this next instalment!

  25. no friggin’ way. This is amaze

  26. I loved the two previous movies and can’t wait for the third to come out.

  27. I thought the exact same thing about Julie Delpy not aging when I saw those promo pics for the new film! Incredible.

  28. I can’t wait to see this. The record shop scene in Before Sunrise is one of my favourite ever scenes in a film – so perfect. I watched that film over and over in my late teens but having rewatched both films in my early 30s Before Sunset suddenly resonated in a way it hadn’t when it first came out.

  29. My all-time favourite films and it’s true what you say about Julie – she doesn’t age. I have always loved her choice of clothes/bag in Before Sunset – classic and very Parisian (and her apartment – oh my goodness!). Looks like she has perfected the “evening in Greece” look too x

  30. Just a day before I watched the two previous movies…. >Loved the movies and the chemistry between the two actors…

    Waiting for the next movie in the series…

  31. i am always on the lookout for a recommended movie i can borrow from the library, thank you! (I haven’t seen the first two either…that’s what you get for living in communes for years, bit of catching up to do!) x

  32. julie delpy is such a gorgeous woman…i have such a girl crush! i’ve actually been waiting to watch the trilogy – i had heard of the actors’ greatness, but since only 2/3 films were out, i decided to wait. so i guess this is IT! :D

  33. Just saw this at Sundance. Really beautiful.

  34. Beyond excited to see this film. I love Julie. She’s a great actress and singer. My favorite film of hers is “Two Days in Paris”

  35. This is the 1st time I actually commented, b/c I really loved these films! The dialogue was great. I loved it when Julie talks about getting a gun in NYC in “Before Sunset” in the cafe. She’s terrific! They do give a sense of youthful longing that i felt we once had when we are younger, but they also showed when we get older, love gets complicated b/c there’s life. It should be interesting to see what Linklater comes up with this 3rd one. Will Ethan & Julie becomes jaded and the moment has already passed. Ah, love when it was young…

  36. THANK YOU!!! Before Sunset is one of the movies that I connected with in such an intense way – It spoke to me when I first saw it, and all these years later I appreciate how delicately an realistically it portrays this one man and one woman and their relationship with one another. I love watching Celine and Jesse peel back the layers on what begins as light-hearted conversations and becomes unflinchingly honest emotions. Thanks for sharing with those who are well acquainted and introducing it to those who have yet to fall in love with them. <3

  37. THANK YOU!!! Before Sunset is one of the movies that I connected with in such an intense way – It spoke to me when I first saw it, and all these years later I appreciate how delicately an realistically it portrays this one man and one woman and their relationship with one another. I love watching Celine and Jesse peel back the layers on what begins as light-hearted conversations and becomes unflinchingly honest emotions. Thanks for sharing with those who are well acquainted and introducing it to those who have yet to fall in love with them. <3

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  39. I saw her film “2 Days in New York” last year at Sundance. She did a Q&A at the end. She’s so charming and her real dad played her pop in the film. Definitely recommend it.

  40. The ending scene of Before Sunset is possibly my favorite movie scene EVER! It seriously gives me chill bumps. I did recently watch Two Days in Paris and Two Days in New York but I found them kind of annoying. Still, I will watch this one when it comes out….

  41. Funnily enough, I just saw Julie Delphy in person. She’s beautiful but also totally normal looking. She has a real body compared to the general waif thin actresses that usually populate L.A. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the third film since I thought the two characters had ended up together!

  42. I haven’t heard of any of these films but I did see two days in paris and it drove me crazy to watch a couple bicker for 2 hours!

  43. Oh I absolutely can’t wait! The first 2 films were a few of my all-time favourite movies. The dialogue is SO good!

  44. Well it would seem that all of the comments on here could fill an entire cinema. I too am excited to learn of a third installment.

    Maria Pinkelton

  45. My favorite movies of all time. Even went to Vienna on our honeymoon because of it! Cannot wait for this!!!

  46. Just heard the other day that there was a third one at Sundance. Can NOT wait. The end of the second film is one of my favorite movie endings ever, with Nina Simone playing in the background. Love it!

  47. these are my favorite movies i have ever seen! i didn’t know anyone else watched them! so excited for this new movie

  48. i am nuts about this series. thanks for the heads up!… since i’ve been reading you for years but never commented, would also like to add that i think you’re a rock star, a true pioneer in this whole medium (that i somehow recently managed to join). love a cup of jo!

  49. Can’t wait to see this movie. The first two movies are my go to movies when i’m feeling a lil blue

  50. I would love to see this! I own the other two and treasure them so much! I love Before Sunset more than Before Sunrise, but they are both awesome films.

  51. I’m so excited for this movie, my heart is literally aching looking at these pictures!

  52. ah, i can’t wait to see this! i love both of the films. julie delpy is just beautiful. two days in paris is also very well-written. if you haven’t, you should also check out two days in new york, somewhat of a follow-up to the first film! everything she touches turns to gold.

  53. I’ve been so excited about this since I first learned about it last Summer. It’s been so amazing going through the same thoughts and emotions along with these 2 people. Before Sunrise in my twenties, Before Sunset in my 30s, and now Before Midnight in my soon-to-be 40s. I expect the same true-to-life discussion about life and relationships at these different moments of my life. Linklater, Hawke, and Delpy have truly given us a gift.

    Thanks for sharing the latest!

  54. This has truly made my day. Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are some of the most touching and romantic movies I have ever seen (Lost in Translation is up there too!) These films are such a departure from typical “romantic” movies- they contain dialogue that is so realistic and intimate, and I agree that the longing and intense desire the characters feel for one another is palpable. Ethan and Julie’s characters do not “get together” in the traditional sense (have a committed relationship or marriage); as a result, their infrequent communication only heightens the intensity of the love they feel for one another. It’s extremely cynical, but I’d argue that their relationship may have crashed and burned had they gotten together (it sounds like they may even touch upon this in the movie!)It is so refreshing to watch a film in which the characters question the existence of “soul mates” despite feeling such an intense connection with another person- what a departure from the typical romcom crap (and TV shows- ahem The Bachelor) that is crammed down our throats all the time! This is a far more complicated and nuanced (and, I’d argue, accurate) depiction of real emotions and relationships, which is why I think it resonates so strongly with viewers.

  55. So excited about this! And you’ve inspired me to re-watch the first two films.

  56. Can’t wait to see this! I was thrilled when I heard about the upcoming third film, Hawke and Delphy are are amazing together!

  57. I love Julie Delpy, she also recently wrote, directed and starred in “Two Days In New York” — the continuation of “Two days In Paris”. They are both hilarious and so true about French/Americans differences!
    -Love from France

  58. I have never even heard of these movies, but am dying to see them. What an amazing idea to cast the same two characters in an ongoing love story. Perfection.

  59. Oh my gosh! This looks SO good…I gotta watch the first two now. Funny that you posted this today, because I just made an illustration and post about date nights:

    Thanks for giving me another date idea, Joanna. :) Well…maybe I can force my husband into watching it with me.

  60. The first two are on my list of all-time favorite films, so I can’t wait to see this one!

  61. I saw this movie at Sundance this year among all the P&I. Everyone was cracking up! If you are married this movie will knock your socks off with how much you will relate too. Perfection!
    xo TJ

  62. Peeing my pants excited!

  63. I think the first 2 movies perfectly captured the age from angsty existential 20s to the more jaded 30s. I related more to the jaded 30s since I saw the films after my teens but I’m very interested in seeing the third installment. I thought the couple had ended up together after the 2nd film! I guess my romantic imagination was so wrong.

    • I thought so too!! Hmmm… maybe it’s just the two of them on a vacation and talking about things?? I dont know, curious to see how they account for the ambiguous ending in Before Sunset.

  64. I’ve never seen any of these! Looks like it’s time for a marathon.

  65. I love the previous two! Such a hopeless romantic ;)Can’t wait for the next one!

  66. Before Sunrise was my favorite movie when I was a teen. It’s hard for me to believe that a THIRD part could be interesting, so I’m definitely excited to see it!

  67. Thank you for making me aware of this. I loved both movies and will be looking forward to this new release.

  68. Very excited for this! I love their chemistry. Thanks for posting this!

  69. i’m going to look into these movies. i haven’t seen either!

  70. K says...

    These are the sexiest movies ever. Can’t wait.

  71. I haven’t seen any of them!! It sounds like it would be fun to watch all three of these back to back!

  72. I love this movie and CANNOT wait!! I love them both! Perfect couple!

  73. Dying to see it! Even tracked down le pure cafe in the second one while I was in Paris. Love these films!

  74. ummm, cannot wait to see it! love these characters, fun aging with them;)

  75. Dying to see it! Even tracked down le pure cafe in the second one while I was in Paris. Love these films!

  76. Am I the only one who found these difficult to watch? Excruciating…

  77. Thank your for lovely film tip! I think it will be something for me. /Elina

  78. It will be screened at the Berlin International Filmfestival (Berlinale), too! I’m working there and I’m soo excited to see it!

  79. I cannot wait for this, I am so excited. The other two are just perfect.

  80. I love these, so beautiful and heartbreaking (in the best way).

  81. I LOVEEEEEE THESE MOVIES, i am so excited about the third one, thanks for sharing oh and congrats on the new addition to your family! many many blessings for y’all.

  82. M says...

    and “2 days in New York” too! Another great movie she made!

  83. I aboslutely love those two movies. How awesome to have a third one to watch now!!

  84. Ugh! Hoped there (not their) would be a third!

  85. OMG!I adore these movies and hoped their would be a third! Cannot wait to see it! I’d love to buy the trilogy on DVD too!

  86. Yesss – I love Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. So excited!! PS – Joanna hopefully this isn’t creepy, but I had a dream we were on the same flight and I was all excited/nervous to say hi and share recommendations (you were going to Atlanta, I was en route to the Caribbean or something, but I’m from ATL and love it!) Toby was with you and everything. : )

  87. Holy balls. I mean that before sunrise seriously changed my life. And before sunset is really good, too. I love at the end when they’re in her apartment and she’s playing Nina Simone and she says, “you are gonna miss that plane.” I cannot believe they’ve made a 3rd one! September is a long ways away…

  88. I love Before sunrise/sunset, I can’t wait for Before midnight!

  89. So excited, can’t believe I have to wait until September! Julie Delpy can do no wrong- love these films and the ones she has directed, as well. You must watch 2 Days in New York if you haven’t already. Just hilarious.

  90. Eee! I had no idea they were making a 3rd installment but it makes total sense. So excited! September is too far away!

  91. These two films are my all-time favorites. I had no idea this even existed?! Now I’m just counting down the days till September. Hope a trailer comes out sometime before that; I’m already dying!

  92. i love julie deply! i saw two days in paris and two days in new york and loved both. i’m looking forward to seeing before sunrise, before sunset and before midnight!! thanks for the great review!!

  93. jo says...

    can. not. wait.

  94. Uh – I can’t wait until September! Jees! ;)
    Hmm.. I actually think I might stop by the little, lovely bookstore where they meet in the second movie – just happen to be in Paris until Saturday ;)
    BTW Joanna, any tips or favorite places to eat/shop/hang while in Paris.. would love your tips! Thanks!

  95. Did you see 2 Days in New York, the sequel to 2 Days in Paris? I just watched it the other night & it was really great! I liked it better than the first one. (it’s streaming on Netflix)

  96. I like anything Julie Delpy is in ! and Paris, what can be wrong with that ?

  97. I actually just came back from Sundance where I saw it…. I absolutely love the first two films (they are two of my favorites of all time), but I didn’t love this one (that I thought it was very well done). I think the problem is that I went into it with all the romantic notions from the other too. It’s not like the others in that vein, it goes for more realism, at least that’s my opinion.

  98. I LOVE these movies and am so excited for Before Midnight. I was hoping for a quicker release date than September. I want it see it now & then own it on DVD the next day so I can have trilogy marathons! :)

  99. I loved the first one and need to see the second before this third. Julie Delpy is so great/witty.

  100. I cannot wait to see this movie, I LOVED the first two movies! Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke are marvellous together. Something about them just touched my heart!

  101. I’m also excited for it! I loved the first two. I’m also looking forward to watching another Julie Delpy film that just came out on video (and Netflix Instant), “Two Days in New York.” If you haven’t seen the precursor, “Two Days in Paris,” I highly recommend it!

    • Two Days in New York is fabulous!

  102. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!

  103. SO excited for this movie! i hadn’t heard about the sundance premier – thanks for sharing! guess i have a few months to watch the first two over again :)