Two Days in Paris

Not that I’m obsessed with Paris or anything, but I loved Two Days in Paris, written and directed by Julie Delpy. She always plays such authentic, neurotic, funny, brilliant characters. One reviewer likened her to a current-day Annie Hall. I lurve her and everything she does.

  1. have you seen 2 Days in NY? it’s hilarious in its Frenchy neuroticism that Delpy does so well :) Chris Rock + predictable culture shock scenes is just too good.

  2. This is literally one of my all time favorite movies, I know virtually all the dialogue by heart! I saw it in Paris the day it opened and remember laughing out loud (in typically American fashion).

    There are just not enough flms like this!

  3. I love Julie Delpy and Paris, both! Julie’s movies are brave, authentic, and true to herself. I respect her so much as an artist. I lover her collaborations with Ethan Hawke as well. And was her Dad not a scream in this movie? What a character!!

    -Laurie :-)

  4. I loved the film – she is multi-talented!

  5. I loved this film. Julie is my hero:)

  6. I love Julie Delphy’s ‘Before Sunset’ – again set in Paris :-)

    Will try and find the dvd for Two Days in Paris :)

  7. How cool! how come I have never seen that preview before? Hm, even with the sound off I loved it, don’t know why the sound was off…