Military-style duffle bag, $440. A heavy-duty waxed canvas backpack that’s beautiful, functional and durable. Made in Portland, Oregon. Not cheap, but he’ll love and use this trusty bag for every trip and adventure for the rest of his life (and pass it down to your kids).

Board shorts for all his boyish adventures year round, $70.

Homemade gin kit to make martinis from scratch within 36 hours. Awesome. $39.95.

Mixtape, like the one you made him when you were first dating. $15. (The genius design plugs right into a computer’s USB port!)

A bouncy ball that bounces up to 75 FEET, to delight his inner kid (and blow your toddler’s mind). $8.50.

His favorite stinky cheese (prices vary) plus this tee, $20.

A portable back-up iPhone battery he can carry with him, since his phone is always running out of batteries. Genius for traveling/planes! $39.50. (And here’s the women’s version.)

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(Amplifiear via Swissmiss)