Paris Daydreaming

Who’s daydreaming of Paris this fall? The city feels extra dreamy when everyone’s bundled up in wool scarves, ducking into cafes for thick hot chocolate. Well, here are seven pretty pieces to inspire some romance at home…

1. Eiffel Tower plush, $68.
2. Paris print, $30.
3. John Derian plate, $48.
4. Saint James shirt, made in Normandy since 1850, $90. (See one on a model here.)
5. Metallic flats, $125.
6. Tea candies, $14.
7. Map tote, $20.

(Graphic design by Rachel for Cup of Jo)

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  5. My husband and I went to Paris for our honeymoon and it was this time of year. Whenever the weather gets crisp, I start longing for Paris again. I love these things.

  6. em says...

    I will be leaving Saudi Arabia in two weeks for Paris! It will be my first time ever and I can’t WAIT!

  7. Lovely things, longing for Paris too!

  8. Heading to Madrid and Paris in November with the beau. It will be my first European trip. Any packing ideas would be beyond appreciated. Oh and…Blanca Gomez, she always gets it just right with her simple, whimsical designs.

  9. You painted a lovely picture. We were there a few years ago and we did the tourist version. Next time we want to do it strolling around the city without a map and just relax.

  10. m. says...

    Oh, i’m dreaming about Paris! I love this city. And this is very funny and nostalgic post.Thank you Joanna!

  11. we’re leaving for Paris on Oct. 25th and will be there for 10 days! partly for the Pitchfork Music Festival (they’re my husband’s clients) and obviously partly for honeymooning. I CANNOT WAIT! I love Paris this time of year…

  12. You make me want to go to Paris so badly! Love your blog! It’s such a daily uplifter for me :)

  13. Love the print you feature by Spanish illustrator Blanca Gómez (Cosas Mínimas). Her work is so delicate and beautiful. xo

  14. Oh what I won’t give for a crisp, fall NYC day! I have a theory that everyone in Paris wishes they were in NYC and everyone in NYC wishes they were in Paris. The two cities need to swap.

  15. I totally agree! Everytime I tell someone I can’t wait to go to Paris again, all I get is: but there’s no sun! Well, I just love Paris in the Fall/Winter!:)

  16. Paris is always a good idea! I dream about Paris like every morning and every chilling times in my day. Making my way there soon!

  17. Raising my hand, because I’m dreaming of Paris right now! (Especially since I convinced my hubby to take a trip there next year. Hooray!) I heart the striped shirt, ballerina flats and tote, by the way. :)


  18. awww i want the tote and the shirt!

  19. i need that pillow!!!

  20. Oh my lordiee,I am always dreaming of Paris…

  21. I am flying back home to Paris in 10 days, after 5 years abroad! So excited to spend fall under the Tour Eiffel!

  22. I’m so glad I have the next eight months to explore Paris to my heart’s content. :)

  23. Just FYI – here in Paris, I’ve been noticing ALL the girls wearing flat or stacked-heel ankle boots in taupe or beige suede. Much more practical than ballet flats, now that the weather’s getting colder.

  24. I’m going to Paris in a fortnight, and I cannot wait! xx

  25. I love the Paris plate, but the link doesn’t seem to be working. Could you please post who makes it/how to find it? Thanks!

  26. I love Paris! I am going back on Monday, and this post has made me even more excited!

  27. I am dreaming of Paris so hard this week. I have never been to Europe, and my boyfriend and I are thinking about going next spring. I would love to go, especially because the Paris Marathon is April 7! What a dream it would be to run that.

  28. good bye work day, hello dreamland. oh what I’d give to jet off to Paris and peruse the shops and eat macarons. That tote is tots adorbs.

  29. Funnily enough, I was daydreaming about NYC today – while living in Paris, which I just LOVE all the same !
    Just plan a mini-trip to Paris like your recent one to Amsterdam and I’ll make sure to pass on the good tips ! (including Saint James and Petit Bateau outlets !)

  30. paris in the winter sounds so romantic! it is definitely on my top 5 of places to travel next!


    • She did go, and I asked her to marry me while we were there!

  31. Ugh, I am always dreaming of Paris. I wish money (or plane tickets) grew on trees! This is a great collection of lovely things :)

  32. It’s funny you never see anyone in Paris wearing any of this. :)

    • Totally.

  33. My sweet husband bought me an Eiffel Tower necklace from Tiffany for our 10 year anniversary last week. Now it’s sparked a desire to make a trip in person! Lovely round up.

  34. it’s like you read my mind. if i can’t be in paris, i’ll be a parisian in denver. : )

  35. ::sigh:: I am always dreaming of Paris! Love this roundup!

  36. This morning I was talkingwith a collegue about how beautiful Paris is! I´m looking forward to go back soon! Paris, je t´aime!!!

  37. A sailor shirt and ballet flats are necessities for every woman’s wardrobe!

  38. Love it. I lived in Paris for several years and it will always be in my heart.

  39. Oh Paris! I love this post.

  40. Feeling so inspired! I want to go to Paris, yesterday!! Time to start planning!!

  41. This is such a pretty post! LOVE the roundup; you’ve got me dreaming of Paris now :)

  42. I’m going to Paris for the second time in New Years and I’m so happy and anxious, this post is making me more excited for this trip!
    Love your blog

  43. My husband and I were there a month ago- it was wonderful! And all the chic women walk around in those exact ballet flats in navy, black, cobalt, etc. Of course I had to get some.

  44. my boyfriend and i are learning french this spring. :):)

  45. oh! that little stuffed eiffel tower is totes cute.

  46. I just moved to Paris a month ago, and every street I turn down is gorgeous. And it’s true–Parisian women are insanely chic. Messy hair has never looked sexier.

  47. I am!!! And can hardly wait to go there! Love your choice of items :)

  48. Your description just makes my heart ache to go RIGHT NOW! I love your picks.

  49. What a sweet collection.

    Not that I’m biased, but have you noticed that there’s a total overabundance of Paris/French goodies out there and far less Rome/Italian (or other places). I wonder why that is?

    Thanks for sharing. That Paris plate is totally original. And holler if you find anything Italian :)

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  50. i’m going for the first time this christmas; i’m so excited!

  51. I feel that somewhere, deep down, I am Parisian. These little items are so cute! Le sigh… :-)

  52. I’m moving to France in January for an internship. I can hardly wait!


  53. Mmmm, I used to live in Paris and cannot stop dreaming of going back. I actually miss the cold, rainy days there—those were the best for popping into a cafe and just drinking cafe au lait and reading all afternoon :) Thanks for stirring up the happy memories!


  54. *always* dreaming of paris… with our baby due next week (!!!) i don’t think we’ll be making it there this fall (shame, because it’s so close for us living in Belgium)… but maybe baby’s first Parisian gettaway will happen in the spring :) maybe the Oeuf Eiffel Tower will hold us over until then!

  55. I visited Paris last spring for the first time. it was nothing short of magical. i love the parisian lifestyle and can not wait to get back.

  56. When DON’T I dream of Paris?? :)
    Although, Connecticut is actually quite beautiful this Fall. It’ll do.
    Eat Cake

  57. Daydreaming of Paris constantly! Cause Paris is always a good idea! Great post! x

  58. OMG! My husband and I are saving up for a trip there. So we soak up every piece of pre-Paris vacation dreaming that we can. Love love love this.

  59. I’m daydreaming of Paris, Italy, and London! Never had the opportunity to travel outside of the country, but I’m making a point to do it before I’m 30. It’s one of my dreams.

  60. I am majoring in French Studies in school so much of the focus is on France. I’ve never been to France and I an always dreaming of Paris. Love all seven of these items, may need to get that tote!

  61. I love Paris and that print totally tickles my fancy:) Have a cozy Tuesday Joanna. xoxo

  62. Paris is on my travel list! I landed there once for a few hours on my way home from India and the view from the sky was enough to make me fall in love.