Heart Braid

How gorgeous is this heart braid?! It would make everyone around you smile. My friend Reagan of Hairdresser on Fire came up with this back-to-school braid, and ten-year-old Vivian was our beautiful model. Here are the steps…

“I first came up with this heart braid for Valentine’s day, but I love how pretty and simple it looks year round. This style is great for any age.” —Reagan

Prep: Brush the hair until it’s tangle free. You’ll need two elastics (I like Goody’s clear ones) and a few bobby pins.

1. Section off the top area of the hair as if you would when you wear it half up. You can sweep the bottom half over to one side to keep the hair divided. We’ll only be working with the top half for this style.

2. Split the top section down the middle into two equal partings.

3-5. Braid both partings before securing with an elastic. The braids should be pretty close together (like in the picture), as opposed to on either side of her head.

6-7. To create the first half of your heart, you’ll coil the base of the braid around itself to form the part of the heart that’s rounded. Pin in place.

8. Fold the remanding tail of the braid in half to make the heart’s point. You’ll want to tuck the loose hairs and elastic so they don’t show. Pin in place.

9-10. Repeat with the other braid.

Note: This style also looks great if you use all of the hair. Instead of sectioning off top and bottom halves, you would split the hair straight down the middle, like Pippi Longstocking, and do two braids using all the hair before completing the rest of the steps. Enjoy!

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(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Hair by Reagan Baker. Styling by Kendra Smoot.)

  1. nice… i have to wait for myhair to get longer.

  2. That hair.
    Oh, my heart won’t stop pounding.
    Just the sight of that heart braid is making me want to cry tears of happiness.
    I can’t wait until the day I can try this on someone’s hair (or have someone try it on me)!! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this Jo!
    Vivian is so beautiful! That hair alone is just seriously wow-worthy.

    Have a wonderful week! <3


  3. This child is 10?!
    What are they putting in the water?!

  4. well good grief that is a gorgeous 10-year-old.

  5. HY says...

    What a lovely hairstyle and Vivian is such a beauty! She looks so serene and mature.

  6. Her hair is amazing! My son has hair that same color and can I say that I am jealous? Beautiful tutorial.

  7. Your *model*, I meant :)

  8. Looks beautiful, but how many of us have hair that thick? It would look heinous in hair as fine as mine!!! Ah, well. Your looks much older than 10, and is gorgeous!

  9. This is my favorite hair style post by now :) Thumbs up for your creativity girls !!


  10. God! I’m out of words.. that girl really took my breath away! her face is so full of emotion.. I’m just speechless!

  11. Oh I wish I had such lovely thick hair!
    Thanks for sharing this great idea

  12. I love your hair tutorials, except they’re always intended for girls that have LONG & THICK hair. I would really love to see a tutorial on here intended to help us ladies who don’t have luxurious, long, thick locks.

  13. What a beautiful braid! Vivian is very pretty. Her hair color is gorgeous!

  14. what a cute idea and Vivian is stunning!

  15. How fun is this?!?! If only my hair was thicker then I would be so excited to practice this for when I have a little girl. Maybe she will be lucky. Hope you have a fabulous Monday!


  16. That little girl is absolutely gorgeous! And what a lovely idea with the heart braid! I have all boys, but you can bet I would try this on a little girl at the first chance!

  17. Wow, this is so stunning! And crazy simple too?! Vivian is so beautiful, and I love that she looks her age instead of being dressed up like a mini adult. Loving this hair series!

  18. Wow, love that braid! You are AWESOME!

  19. How pretty!!!
    And she has such gorgeous hair color …

  20. S says...

    i like this braid, but i actually like her pants even more. do they make them for adults?? haha

  21. wow, what a gorgeous illustration! it’s so creative, cute and pretty. Thank you very much for sharing.

  22. Adorable! What a cute little girl!

  23. What a pretty model! Cute hair idea!

  24. Beautiful hairstyle and model! It’s hard to believe she’s only ten. Lovely!

  25. Ahhh this is so cute! I wonder if it’d look good too if you make smaller braids. Aahh I need to try this!

  26. What beautiful photos! Completely charming. Lovely post considering I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to do this particular hair tutorial – still working my way through your other sweet hair posts :)

    x Elena Randomly Happy

  27. OMG that braid is so cute it looks like a little heart! RoRos World

  28. Great post, I love this tutorial!

  29. Really cute!

  30. Holy cow she’s 10? So pretty!

  31. I love her hair.. that is amazing color! I want it too…

  32. I’ve been growing out my hair, and it’s been SUCH tremendous fun doing intricate braids and taking more time in my “boudoir” getting ready for the day, like women used to.

  33. So sweet. I’ve never seen this done before. xx

  34. Oh I am yet to learn the fishtail braids but this one look a lot easier to do. So pretty! :)

    another day to wander

  35. I love this look!

  36. Beautiful! Can’t wait until my little girl has enough hair for us to try this!!

  37. Her hair is so thick and beautiful! My almost 6 month old daughter has hints of auburn coming in and I hope (and wish and pray) for her hair to stay that beautiful color.

  38. Ohhh how beautiful and she has the prettiest hair colour too:) Aww…I want to have a little girl now so I can braid her hair like this:)