Deer Beds

Remember the deer bed photograph from my friend Abbey’s beautiful home?

Here’s the story behind it: Photographer Katherine Wolkoff followed deer trails in Block Island to photograph deer beds. Apparently, deer press down the vegetation to make a sleeping place where predators won’t see them. They never use the same bed twice, but the imprints can last for a few days. Katherine found the experience incredibly emotional, and she chose to make her prints 40×50 inches, almost life size. How moving, don’t you agree?

(Top four photos by Katherine Wolkoff, bottom photo by Seth Smoot for Cup of Jo)

  1. I like this one is like a painting if you don’t know the difference.

  2. Oh my god! They cost more than my rent!

  3. It’s funny how sometimes someone else can make you see something beautiful in the everyday that you’d missed countless times before. That’s what just happened to me with these photos. We live out in the country where deer are a daily sighting at certain times of the year, and deer beds like this abound. I never thought much of the deer beds, but now I will!

  4. These photos are beautiful! I grew up on a farm in Australia, and in the paddocks where the cows didn’t go, the grass used to grow quite tall. My brother, sister and I used to crawl around in the long grass, making a labyrinthine maze of passages and rooms.
    These photos reminded me of the wonderful fun we had in the fog-grass, hiding in the grass and pretending to be tigers in the jungle. Although we have deer in Australia, I’d never heard (or seen) these deer beds. Thanks for sharing these with us!


  5. I can’t get these deer bed photos out of my mind. My sisters and I used to find deer beds under trees in the field we played in behind the house I grew up in Maine, so these photos evoke sweet, personal memories for me. Alas, they are out of my price range. Some day. Thanks for sharing them, Joanna.

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  7. These pictures are wonderful! They must leave quite an impression in that size.

  8. these are just beautiful- there is something strangely eerie about them. thanks for sharing joanna!

  9. Those look so nice as a big print!

  10. i dont think i could get into this! a deer completely ruined my poor 1994 camry this summer. cant find a place in my heart for the creatures since then!

  11. Info:

    The Deer Bed prints are available in two sizes:

    40 x 50″, edition of 7 for $6,000 per photograph


    20 x 24″, edition of 7 for $2,600 per photograph.

    And of course 15% off for Cup of Jo readers.

  12. yes, how do we find out how to purchase? although I am scared it’s way ridiculous for me to afford….

  13. this is unrelated to the post, but is that a wooden ride-on in this last photo of (presumably) your apartment? Im trying to find a good one for my toddler son for christmas. Where is this one from, if you dont mind my asking?


  14. These are so beautiful! How raw, natural, and intimate!

  15. These are so beautiful! How raw, natural, and intimate!

  16. How do we buy?

  17. It’s funny, I’ve always wondered what deer beds looked like, or rather, how they sleep. So intriguing! If I had the extra money right now I would seriously consider getting one of these prints. Thanks, Joanna!

  18. Love these! I’m moving October 1st and would love one, how to I buy if I’m not in New York?

  19. Really beautiful.

  20. That’s so interesting about deers… had no idea. These photos are so gorgeous. Who would have thought deer beds could be so beautiful?

  21. I second Jane’s statement. Please let us know! Thank you. :)

  22. Thank you so much Joanna for providing this opportunity! I have been eying one of these prints for a year now. I am just confused on how to purchase. Do we do it through the Gallery? When you call the gallery, it’s a voice message that says they are closed through the summer. Could you let us know how we move forward on pricing and purchasing?

    Thank you! x

  23. Please tell me how i can get one! I love it but I am from Boston

  24. I love how it can be a conversation piece, yet it is not “out there.” Such beautiful photography!

    -Sarah {}

  25. To be honest I really cannot believe how much I love these photos. I mean… deer beds??? Who would’ve thought right??? They are exquisite! Thanks for sharing them!


  26. Is there a code to use? I want to buy one!

  27. I’m with Becca! Love it, but not sure how to buy…

  28. So lovely! I’m sharing this post with my mum – her farmhouse in Upstate NY has many deer visitors in the morning and at dusk. It’ll inspire her to seek out similar photo opps. Thanks!

  29. this seems like it’s just a new york thing, since the linked website doesn’t have a check-out. is this true? you can only buy it at the gallery?

  30. Really nice post :)

  31. Wow, I never knew that they looked like this. How beautiful and interesting.

  32. Just back from a great trip to NYC. next trip, all galleries. i’d love to see a cup of jo guide to up and coming artists and the galleries that show them!

  33. I love these. my siblings and I used to play in old deer beds in the woods, pretending they were our homes, so these are just beautiful. love the idea of printing them almost life size too.

  34. What an awesome discount! And I love that you cover the coolest kinds of topics here, Joanna. Fun stuff :)

  35. OK, Joanna, total n00b question about art/photography purchasing (am I even allowed to own photography if I use words like “n00b”?) – I think those images are amazing and would love to look to see if they’re in my price range. I noticed on the gallery’s website, prices aren’t listed. Is there a specific location to find this information, or in your experience, is it best just to contact the gallery for a price quotation?

    Thanks so much!!


  36. This IS moving. wow. The animal kingdom is so tender & loving (and so vicious and harsh). The photographs are just gorgeous.

  37. i know, how sweet is that? i love how vulnerable they seem:)

  38. I had no idea deer did that (and I live where a week is given for Thanksgiving Break so people can go hunting).


  39. Beautiful and very unique! Congrats to the photographer for her work, so special.