Ok, it’s a rainy Thursday. Let’s talk…

How old were you when you first had sex?

I was 20. I was a college sophomore. I had a boyfriend. I was nervous.

For weeks leading up to the big event, true to form, I overanalyzed everything: Should I move around in a certain way? Was I supposed to make sexy noises? Would everything fit together the way it was meant to? Would he like it? Would I like it? Would it feel natural? Honestly, the idea of it felt so awkward.

But then my (cooler) friend told me a handy tip: When you’re making out, simply focus on how it feels. Don’t think about anything else. Because if it feels good to you, she told me, it will almost always feel good to your partner.

So, one morning, I just did that. :)

Spill the beans: How old were you when you lose your virginity? Who was the lucky guy or girl?

P.S. Would you wait to kiss until your wedding day?

(Photo by Todd Selby)