Mama’s Boy

At two years old, Toby is full of love. Usually I get an elbow in my ribs, or a smack on the face, but those rough-and-tumble smooches are my favorite. It’s a cliche, but I hope he never grows up:)

(Thanks to our friend Sharon for snapping these photos in Fire Island a couple weekends ago. I’m usually the one behind the camera, so it’s a treat to have some mama/baby photos)

  1. beautiful pics! Two year olds are so incredibly sweet. And it’s hard to believe you just gave birth!

  2. These photos are gorgeous – the lighting is so special. We were on the same beach as you that weekend – we were playing on the lifeguard chair, my husband had a ‘guard’ shirt on even though he’s not a lifeguard, and we were four little blond boys (I’m beginning to sound like a Craigslist Missed Connections….). Anyway – these images are wonderful!

  3. Oh Joanna, I have to say that second image is just breathtaking! A) like someone mentioned, Toby looks like he is telling you secrets, and B) you look absolutely iconic in it- just beautiful. Please blow it up and put frame it for your new home. It just seems like one of the sweetest moment of motherhood!

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  5. You should turn the photo into a photo-strip and print it out. The pictures are so cute!!!!

  6. Cute pictures! I like your dress, and I was browsing Filippa K’s site and thought you might like her collection. Have a look here:

    I’m also totally in love with the cups, bowls and plates she has designed for Rörstrand:

    I have two of the cups from the series and they are lovely to use and look at:)

    Appreciate your blog a lot, and check in almost every day. Keep it up! :)


  7. The picture of Toby pinching your cheeks is the cutest :)

  8. thanks for these sweet comments! kat, i know, haha, maybe just ask a friend to snap a few? my friend sharon was sweet about it, even though i felt awkward asking! :)

  9. haha, rachel, yes actually! we drove up to our friend’s cabin, which is an hour north of the city, and rowed a boat and built a bonfire. but i think toby was most impressed by the rental car. he wanted to go sit in the car the whole time:)

  10. absolutely precious, precious photos! I teared up thinking of me and my little lady (a few months younger). those moments are frequent between us, but rarely caught on film (er, JPG).

  11. I always smile at your comments! We get elbows and feet in out faces constantly!

  12. Love the pics (and the dress is gorgeous)

  13. Agreed, at 2yo boys are starting to come into knowing their own strength. Our 2yo loves wrestling and karate but it seems like I’m always calling out “Gentle!” or “Careful!”

    I also remind our 2yo to ‘hug-hug’ or stroke the side of his face. That seems to calm our 2yo down.

  14. Gorgeous photos!! These are such precious moments!! Jx

  15. Gorgeous photos!! These are such precious moments!! Jx

  16. These are lovely…one of the best things about two year olds is that they give amazing hugs and kisses. Has Toby moved into the licking stage yet?? My boy comes in for a lovely kiss and then licks me. Not so nice :) He thinks it’s hilarious.

  17. Anonymous says...

    my 3-year-old is just like Toby, and I have the scratches and bruises to prove it! he opens my mouth to look inside just like Toby in the last picture. he also likes to (gently) slap my face, which I earnestly believe is a genuine display of affection.

    ah, these boys. I knew having a child would be one part pure joy, another heartbreak. they’re too precious.

  18. What sweet photos!! I agree with others who said you should get them all framed together. :)

  19. Anonymous says...

    You look STUNNING in the second pic. Am in awe Miss Goddard. In awe!

  20. Beautiful! Toby is so blessed to have you two! :)

  21. Such amazing pics. Wish I had some of those with my baby girl. Whenever I ask the hubby to make a pic of the two of us, he succeeds in making us look worse than we are. They look terrible, everytime LOL

    and that full of love, but not of gentleness is so familiar, tonight she tried to poke my eye out with one of her toy horses :-s so funny (not)

  22. It seems to go by all too fast! Your little boy looks so sweet. ;-) Also, I am loving that dress!

  23. Love is the only thing I’m sure my 3 years old son knows best.

    Sometimes we walk hand by hand and out of the blue he gives me a kiss on the hand… it instantly makes me cry…

  24. Sally says...

    You look SO much like Princess Caroline of Monaco, especially in the second photo. I never noticed it until now.

  25. Your posts are always so touching. I have a 20 month old and feel just as you do, you always say it exactly how I feel it. Beautiful!

  26. This is adorable, Jo! I once heard that as a parent “the days feel long but the years are quick.”

  27. He is so precious! you two are so sweet together!

    I love that anthro dress. i’ve been eyeing it myself.

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  29. so sweet and you are so beautiful!

  30. Lovely pictures. Just yesterday I was thinking that Sam (28 months) is going to wonder what I was doing during his early childhood; I’m not in any pictures! I have some very cute pictures of him with his father, aunt, grandmother, etc., but very few with me. How do I make a photographer a friend? Or, a friend a photographer? Hmmm?

  31. Anonymous says...

    Beautiful photos!

  32. Anonymous says...

    What perfect photos! I am a mother of 3 boys who are 4, 6 and 8 and can totally relate! Two year olds are great but don’t worry…little boys stay sweet when it comes to Mom! **Enjoy every minute!**

  33. These images make my heart swell… and I (maybe more especially?) love Toby cracking up after playfully smacking you around. You two are beautiful.

  34. these are so very sweet. thank you for sharing! I have my own two-year-old and I love experiencing motherhood along with you!

  35. These pictures are so precious!

  36. These photos are so beautiful! I know that people talk about terrible twos but I love the twos. My older son turns three in a few weeks and there are moments I wish I could just stop time. Over the weekend, he was saying, “see you next day” instead of “see you tomorrow”. That simple, silly thing made my heart swell so much that I couldn’t even begin to correct him. I’m sure it will only be days before he sorts it out and I cherish those tiny things that make my son who he is at this age. Time is flying!

    P.S. If you don’t have one, you might like having a camera remote so that you can take photographs of you and Toby (or you, Toby and Alex) without having to rely on someone being there to take the pictures. I did this when we were in Montauk (just sitting on the front porch or playing in the yard). I set up the camera on the tripod and just started snapping away. We got some great family pics and it was really fun!

  37. Love these pictures!

  38. This has got to be one of my favorite posts, ever, on COJ. I always love your family pictures because they’re filled with so much pure love and happiness (and great style, too!). Thanks so much for sharing. These are precious. And I love the two year old stage. I used to babysit twin toddler boys and they were just the best. I miss them so much!

  39. Adorable. Little boys are just the cutest! I don’t have kids yet, but my little brother was always such a lve-bug growing up, where I was sort of opposite :)

  40. So cute! Toby looks a lot like your brother Nick in these photos!

  41. I have a 3 year-old and constantly get explosive kisses, knees on my face, the whole rough-and-tumble smooches. I was 100% identified with this post, so lovely to have boys :)

  42. i LOVE your dress!!!

  43. So cute! Did you do something “amaaaazin” this weekend as requested? :)

  44. Being a photographer, I love this post. It’s personal, and I like your dress!

  45. Anonymous says...

    Those are great pics!
    I have just a few pictures of me with my daugthers, I too am usually the one who is behind the camera. I say to my husband that our daughters will believe they were motherless when they were little since they are with everyone but me on the pictures.

  46. Sonia says...

    Lovely beachy photos! My Milla has just invented hug, kiss, hug, kiss which involves alternating them faster and faster until we essentially bang faces and hurt ourselves. It’s the best!

  47. Lovely pics, you both look adorable! :-)

  48. My sweet little nephew is Toby’s age, and I adore his rough and tumble loving!

  49. Oh man, those photos so perfectly capture the love of a toddler! Also, it’s crazy how much Toby looks like you and Alex both.

  50. these photos are so precious! such treasures. he looks so much like you :)

  51. oh i totally know how you feel. I finally got some mama & little guy shots too….time flies.

  52. little boys with their mamas are the sweetest. great pics!

  53. you’ve got to frame the third one down! im thinking a black and white.. x

  54. Oh Man I love these pics….

    Very obvious that little man loves his Mumma! Bless his wee heart. These pics are gorgeous Joanna! Snaps to treasure as he gets older. X

  55. Anonymous says...

    Gotta love that ruff (yet genuine) manifestation of love! my almost 2 years old little Boy is now entering the édip’s complex phase, he gives me lots of Kisses and smashes my nose and my cheeks in the most adorable (and sometimes painful) way :-)

    Love, macacagravaporcima

  56. D2 says...

    Love these photos, Joanna! So cute. I too have a little boy who is 2 and it is such a fun lovable age. I don’t want our little George to grow up. PS – LOVE your dress from Anthro!

  57. Awww! These are precious. I especially love second to last one where he’s grabbing your smile and laughing. So cute.

  58. These are really some of the sweetest pictures ever. I love that they capture Toby in the act!

    And, off topic, but I love that your dress is sort of a play on chevron, but looks really different. Such a great print!

  59. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! (the both of you :) you should have these framed 3 in a row for Alex’s birthday :)

  60. Beautiful pictures and you look really amazing in that dress:)

  61. I’ve enjoyed Sharon’s pics from Fire Island- must have been so great to get away together! I always loved going on vacations with friends when I was a kid.

    (p.s. I admire your positive attitude in response to not-so-positive comments. you’re an inspiration to this amateur blogger :)

  62. Aww, love the one where he is pinching your cheeks. He looks so delighted! Sharon takes the best photos :)

  63. Anonymous says...

    Apparently when my husband was a baby, he thought headbutting was a form of kissing/affection. My mother-in-law said she had her fair share of fat lips! Little boys are so entertaining. :)

  64. With twin boys who are nearly two, I know exactly what you mean. There’s nothing quite as sweet as rough-and-tumble lovin’!

  65. Such sweet photos. I love that the second one looks like he is telling you a secret. Perhaps he was;)

  66. B says...

    These are beautiful pictures, wow! Toby is such a cutie! You’re a really lucky mama, thanks for sharing :)

  67. Beautiful shots of you and your boy!!! It must be so hard for them to grow up…

  68. kendra says...

    Cute shots! Toby is precious. Where did you get your dress?