Found! Great Tees for $15

Have you ever worn a $50 T-shirt? They actually are fantastic—soft material, small stitching, flattering fit, don’t hug your tummy. But who wants to pay fifty bucks for a T-shirt?

So, the new-ish brand Everlane came up with a brilliant strategy: They make fancy T-shirts, but they cut out the middlemen (like retail stores), so they can sell them for just $15. Genius. All my friends are now buying these in bulk, and Alex and I wear them every weekend. They fit beautifully. I’m wearing the box cut as I type this very post!

  1. About 90% of my t’s and sweaters are Everlane. They are absolutely fabulous. I can’t see how anyone could NOT genuinely recommend them! The company is well run and very kind. 2 thumbs up!

  2. Am here to share my experienced with this tshirt. Actually I bought this and really it’s amazing :. It’s quite soft and comfortable, great stuff.

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  5. I love this fine fabric tee. Specially love them in the summer.

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  11. I just went to the site, signed up and ordered some awesome looking shirts!! thanks for the tip!

  12. These shirts are simply amazing. I use them primarily for weight lifting in the gym, so they get beat up, yet always come back for more. Also a great shirt for lounging in because of the comfort. For the price, you simply can’t compare to any other brand because they trump all other shirts in the same ballpark. Most notably, they keep their form even during rigorous workouts and are light weight. The first one I bought was about a year ago, it’s still in my rotation of workout gear. I have 5 total, and reigiously use them once a week. I just ordered 4 more. The other great thing is after you wash them (over 50 times for the 5 I have), they keep their form. After the first washing, as with any cotton shirt, they shrink very slightly, but can’t really tell; they must be pre-shrunk…other cheap shirts I buy (Hanes, etc)shrink so much I can’t even wear them after a few washings. The Russell shirt you get after you wash it once is the same size shirt you get after it’s 50th washing. I’ll never buy anything else for workout gear. It’s worth the price, and then some.

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  14. Just had to come back to tell you – i bought a white box tee on your recommendation – it took a long time to show up (you may have had a part in an uptick in sales!) but when it did – oh, it is so good. I just bought another in white and one in navy.


  15. Loved them so much I blogged about it (and you!). Thanks for the tip!!

  16. I just got my delivery, and it is even better than I imagined! Love it. Thanks for the tip. I also ordered their backpack, since I’m starting out grad school, and can’t wait for fall semester to begin!

  17. Evangeline says...

    1. Why would any company make you jump through hoop after hoop just to LOOK at their merchandise

    2. How can any company require you to sign up a friend before you even know anything about quality fit or design of the product?!

    3. Their marketing is a bit on the fallacious side- $50 tees cost $50 to allow other human beings to make a decent wage and not put them in sweater-shop like conditions.

    Wanna wear a t-shirt while having a clean conscience an not jut try to save a few bucks? Then wear the brands that practice fair labor!

    It disappoints me that strong, educated women still try to cut corners and have a blind eye when purchasing something in a manner that’s convenient for them even at the cost of taking advantage of someone else along the line (the person seeing said $15 tee in this case).

  18. Thank you! Waiting for my order to arrive!

  19. Ha! My mom just ordered 10 of these. You might be responsible for a new t-shirt addict.

  20. Omg, I am always looking for the perfect tee. Sick of spending 3494731 dollars on James Perse. Wow, thanks!

  21. Rather disappointed to discover only after I had to divulge all my information to them in order to view their website that there’s no way the $15 tee would fit my 6ft-frame and the other tee is in fact $25 and dry clean only. Not that great a deal in my opinion. I’ll take my $9 Old Navy vintage tees any day. Their bags do look fantastic, so hopefully I can get something after all the effort.

  22. I was excited to hear such a great review of these shirts, and was all ready and primed to order the tank in navy. And then I realized that they don’t make things in XL. Which is lame, considering how half the country is a L or XL. Now I’m not glorifying the fact that half the country is heavier than they should be. But really? No XL? I’m totally bummed. It’s not MY fault that I have a chest that’ll never fit into a large! :(

  23. Katie says...

    That boxcut tee looks so perfect! I think it just might be my dream shirt. I’m sad to see that they don’t ship to Canada (yet). But luckily I’m going to visit a friend over the border next month, so I’m totally going to make a purchase and have it shipped to said friend’s house. Woohoo!

  24. Lyay! I just ordered one for myself and one for my husband!

  25. So excited to learn about this! Just ordered some tees now, one of my favorite staples!

    Thanks for sharing!

  26. Can’t wait to try these!

  27. Joanna just bought my first one and incredibly excited. Thanks for the inside tip!

  28. I’ll echo the pout of “no shipping to Canada”! Boo! :)

  29. I’m in need of new t’s!! Thanks!

  30. I live in t-shirts! I’m not too fancy…American Apparel, Target, etc…definitely going to give these a try. Thanks for sharing! xx

  31. Anonymous says...

    Thank you for sharing this info, Joanna! I just purchased two tees as a trial and will buy more if they end up living up to the hype. :)

  32. Thank you for introducing these to us. We are always on the quest for the prefect tee. And love the price point! Living in LA, a white tee is a staple in our wardrobes.

  33. Those are my kind of prices! I signed up immediately, only to discover that they don’t ship to Canada :(
    Good thing I still have Joe Fresh…they may not be $50 tees, but at $4.94 on sale, you can’t go wrong!

  34. I’m loving that all these companies are cutting out the middle man! its best for everyone! hooray!

  35. Luda says...

    Like so many good things you feature on your site….no shipping to the UK – sob! :-(

  36. Nothing like a comfy white t shirt. The boxed cut looks amazing. Just may have to get one.

  37. dj pomegranate says...

    I’m going to be a voice of dissent here…! I ordered a long-sleeved black V-neck tee a few months ago, and it is…just fine. It is definitely not feather-light, and after a wash and dry, it shrank–not a lot, but enough to not really drape well like it did pre-wash. Enough to look like a $15 tee. It’s also much stretchier than most tissue-weight tees are (comparing to similar styles from J Crew, Madewell, etc.) It feels like it has a bit more elastic, and the fabric is thicker, so in my mind it’s not in the same category as those $50 tees. It is still a very nice shirt, and the price is still very good, it’s just not (in my one experience!) exactly what they promise.

  38. Completely agreeing with Meaghan’s post regarding the somewhat misleading marketing that Everlane is engaging in.
    Good read Overdressed-The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline

  39. I live in v-neck tees and these cost less than the ones I get at the Gap! Hallelujah!

  40. Boo to no international shipping! We need affordable luxury tees too! :)

  41. Not sure how I feel about the box cut, but I bought a classic tee for myself and two for the hubbs. Can’t wait for them to arrive. Thanks, Jo.

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  43. I wanna look on the website but as I am based in the UK they wont let me – I don’t have a Zip Code – sad face.

    Great idea though. x

  44. God these look incredible! I hope they ship to the UK!

    Abi x

  45. Hi Jo,
    Really enjoy your blog, it is part of my daily routine to check in and see what interesting topic your have chosen for the day.
    I wanted to give you a little feedback in regards to your recommendations for products that are sold online. It would be great if somewhere within the post you can mention that they only deliver to the USA. As an Australian living in Paris it can be a bit of a let down to join you in your excitement for a new product only to get to the site and find it doesn’t ship outside of the States.
    So I hope this is useful for you.
    Oh and Motherhood Mondays… fantastic!
    Elisa Mallinder

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  47. Lill says...

    Nooooo! No shipping outside of the US! Devastated…

  48. Jasmine says...

    Jordan, I think using the word deceptive in your comment is going too far. It’s hurtful and unnecessary.

  49. Anonymous says...

    Joanna, this is why I read your blog!!! Thanks for the heads up!

  50. Just what I was looking for! Thank you!

  51. Anonymous says...

    I want one!!!! Please ask them to ship to Canada…. What’s the big deal?

  52. I’m 5’10” and inquired about the length… Too short for me, shucks!

  53. I’d love to hear from anyone who has an Everlane T already–do they fit true to size? Run a little small?

    I’m right in between a M and L, wear a M for Banana Republic v-necks if that helps compare. Trying to decide which to go with!

  54. Jordan says...

    What do u get when people sign up through your link?
    I’ve noticed it’s not just, but like all you other commissioned links….deceptive much? even if this isn’t sponsored.

  55. I was just on the hunt for a soft tee shirt this morning. Thank you so much for sharing.

  56. Anonymous says...

    Great find. Thanks!

  57. Cool, thanks for the recommendation.

  58. I was just thinking about how I love my Alexander Wang Ts! I received many as part of my compensation package at a boutique I worked at. Though they don’t wash well at all, the fit was amazing. Now that I don’t work there, I can’t justify the whopping $80+ price. I can’t wait to try these. And at $15, I can risk putting them in the washer. Thanks for the tip!

  59. I love tees! Thanks for the recommendation!!

  60. T-shirts look great – such a shame they don’t deliver outside the US!

  61. Anonymous says...

    Love this.

  62. Always looking for the perfect t-shirt! Just ordered two, can’t wait to get them in the mail!

  63. the photos that go with the size chart are GENIUS!!! one model in all four sizes so you can see the difference…so awesome.

    With free shipping for new customers i’ll totally drop $15 to see if they’re as good as the $40 ones i’ve fallen in love with from Fluxus!

  64. Valerie V. says...

    wow, thanks for the tip, joanna. i’ve got 2 coming my way!! hope they live up to the hype!

  65. Anonymous says...

    Interesting, but I’m not pleased with having to “become a member” in order to even see the merchandise.

    How is the fabric? Hefty? My biggest complaint about cheap tees is that they usually have really flimsy fabric. (Although, even Old Navy used to sell great tees but now they’re all “tissue tees” even though they’re not advertised as such.

  66. They are the best! I bought three and plan to get more! Better than GAP, JCrew, etc. Perfect, perfect!

  67. I just bought two, I can’t wait to get them!!! :D I love t-shirts, but can’t justify shelling out the big bucks, even though they always look so nice, I’m so excited you posted about Everlane! Thanks :)

  68. I just bought three and can’t wait for them to arrive. (Free shipping with 2 or more items I happily found out). Thank you for the recommendation!

  69. thanks for posting about this, I can’t stand spending 50$ + for a T SHIRT but the cheap ones are…well…cheap (and not cotton usually). Sweet, I’m def going to get a few!

  70. erin says...

    Thanks! I just bought two! I love finding good t-shirts that are cheap and don’t fall apart!


  71. What size do you normally order? I’ve been on the fence with ordering for ages–I’m pretty small but their size chart makes me feel iffy about whether to get a small or a medium!

  72. Kari says...

    Well this stinks! One can’t even look at the website if one isn’t American. Why would they do that? It makes me feel very unfavourably toward them.

  73. Thanks for the amazing tip! Just bought 2 shirts and the weekender for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong… :) Can’t wait to receive them in the mail!

  74. these are so great! thanks for the tip. what size did you get? do they fit true to to size?


  75. Oohh I’m a Seattleite! Where in Seattle is your stand going to be? I would love to stop by and enjoy a cup of this delicious looking lemondade (and if you were to put in a shot of gin or vodka, I wouldn’t complain;)

  76. Best post yet-thank you!

  77. In only partial shame I will raise my hand and say I’ve paid €50 for a T-shirt (from Petit Bateau). The drape and fit was just so damn beautiful.

  78. I have just received an invitation to join, no doubt from someone else who read this post! Love soft tees, off to check them out.

  79. lynda says...

    just bought 3 on your recommendation! thanks! Lynda

  80. Steffi says...

    Nononono… No shipping outside US :((( and they look sooo nice :((

  81. Kelly says...

    Joanna, thanks for answering Jen’s question about sponsored posts/whether they sent you free shirts. Now that I know this isn’t a sponsored post, I am going to try it!

  82. I read a really interesting post by Brad of Well Spent on this a few months ago.

    Basically, he (and several small-scale American clothing designers and manufacturers that he interviews) point out that the reason quality clothes cost what they do often isn’t the “evil middleman” but things like paying a fair wage to sewers, designers, etc.

    Anyways, food for thought.

  83. I ordered one for me and one for my husband today! I am seriously considering the weekend bag. drool!!!

  84. Shannon says...

    Just bought a few shirts! Thanks for the great recommendation. That box tee in white is SO up my alley. :)

  85. where do they produce the shirts and how much do they pay their sewers? 15$ sounds like there is not much left for them.

  86. Their weekender bag is awesome too!! I just got mine and I love it!

  87. Thank you for sharing! I just purchased some for my husband. He loves nice t-shirts!

  88. This is perfect timing! I was just thinking I need to buy more simple T shirts.

  89. I bought 2 of these shirts at the beginning of the summer and LOVE them. They’re feather-light and super flattering, just like you said, Joanna! Truly amazing. I haven’t stopped by the site in awhile but I hear they have awesome totes and backpacks now too!


  90. Ohh, awesome. I’m loving everything on this website. Maybe they’ll love your post so much you can host a giveaway! I’ll take… one of everything.

  91. I promptly went and bought a few, and I NEVER impulse buy. Thanks for this heads up! Eeee :)

  92. Well that was a waste of time. Aha!!! No shipping to Canada :(

  93. Thank you so so much! I’m in a simpler phase style-wise and this is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for. I bought some long sleeved t’s from J Crew on clearance recently and they didn’t work for me at all, maybe this will even things out!

  94. I have been searching for the perfect tee, so thank you for sharing! I was considering buying one of those $50 tees just to see what all the hype was, but instead I just ordered the V from Everlane in muted black. I usually wear S, but went for a M just in case. Figured if it’s a little big it’ll be that much more cozy anyway :)

    Everlane has free shipping and returns for new members, too!

  95. LOVE THESE! just wish the made these in maternity sizes! this may just have to be a present to myself after the baby is born!

  96. I just ordered one yesterday!!! LOVE!

  97. This site is beautiful. I’m so glad you shared! Thanks.

  98. rad! i just ordered the ryan pocket tee… cant wait for it to get here.. i also got joe the pocket tee in white and black. eep! thanks girl

  99. Anonymous says...

    Oh no! I don’t think they ship to Canada. :(

  100. jen — no, everlane is not a sponsor in any way. they didn’t ask me to write about them (they don’t even know i’m writing about them), and we paid for all our shirts just like anyone else! i’m simply genuinely recommending them. i told all my friends about them and wanted to tell you guys. i have zero involvement with everlane in any way other than as a regular customer. thanks for asking!

  101. Their tote bags are awesome too! I have a red one and I carry it everywhere!

  102. They also make adorable bags and belts and launch new products every month or so! love!

  103. D2 says...

    Thx, Joanna! Will purchase ASAP!

  104. Awesome tip! I just bought one for me and one for my hubby. He’s been wanting to try a v-neck, and theirs looked great…not too deep. And shipping is free! Sweet. :)

  105. YES! Was just saying I need to up-date the classic tee’s section of my wardrobe, but who has hundreds of bones for that? Not this girl. Thanks for the killer tip!

  106. I wear the Joe Fresh cotton T-shirts in different colours almost every day to work. The cotton is thick, the cut flattering and they come in V-neck or scoop neck. Even though I’m wearing a T-shirt my work outfit looks put together. They are only $8 so I can buy as many colours as I want ;) I think Joe Fresh is available in NY now?

  107. jen says...

    Is this a sponsor? Did you get paid to write this post or do you genuinely recommend these t-shirts? Or did they send you them for free?

  108. AAAAAH! Can’t wait to check this out!

  109. Are they cotton? I am having such a hard time finding great tees in good old-fashioned 100% cotton…

  110. i swear, these are the best tees. especially the box cut. soooo flattering.

  111. I’m a t-shirt fiend and so thankful you shared this!!