Do you have any long-distance friends? My friends Clare and Brooke live in California, and I find that we never talk on the phone anymore because, as much as we want to, we just can’t find time to sit down for those long and involved catch-up conversations.

Well, my friend Kendra told me a genius idea that other day. She and her best friend live far apart, so they made a rule that they will talk for five minutes at a time. If the call goes longer, fine; but if they have to hang up (to go to work, comfort a baby, eat dinner), then it’s totally cool. Not every call has to be a deep conversation. They can just ring and say, “I’m getting my haircut today, any advice?” or “What cute things is your baby doing?” and chat quickly and hang up. Now they enjoy these little calls all the time and are in close touch.

Brilliant! Do you still talk to your friends on the phone? Or just text?

P.S. Making friends as an adult.

(Photo from I Love Lucy)