1. SJ says...

    Nice movie art posters.

    Thanks a lot for posting on this blog!!

  2. I truly appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again!

  3. Wouldn’t these be amazing as framed prints? A whole apartment full of real and imagined movie posters.

  4. Ha — great find! Baumer sitting on the turf at his match is classic!

  5. My parents have an original Annie Hall poster on their wall with the “a nervous romance” tag line also…My favorite movie!

  6. These are so cool! Wouldn’t you just love to dedicate a whole wall in your house to well designed movie posters?!

  7. The Top Gun movie poster is from/for sale at Backpocket Creative http://backpocket.goodsie.com/ (and no, I’m not at all associated with that website.) Just wanted to give proper credit and a source. :)

  8. Im obsessed with Annie Hall ;) What is up with these snarky anons? gee whiz.

  9. That’s really cool! Also, hurray for dropping the f-bomb on Cup of Jo. :)

  10. Annie Hall – just wonderful!

  11. I just watched Annie Hall for the first time! What a coincidence :)

  12. Anonymous says...

    @Anonymous at 2:34
    Well, maybe for Joanna it’s because her father is British.

    Ever catch on to phrases your friends and/or family use? No?

  13. Anonymous says...


  14. HAHA! That Fargo poster is spot-on! Love it!

  15. ahh these are so lovely! each movie I scrolled made my heart leap a little (how did you know all my favorites?)

    the scene in Royal Tennenbaums when he takes his shoe off is so great (and the song they play at that time, Mothersbaugh’s Cannon, is what my bridesmaids walked down the isle to).

    I love seeing an old favorite in a new way. Thanks for sharing great links, as always!

  16. what a great find! I love the Annie Hall one, too!

  17. love moonrise kingdom soooo much… “are we going to be men and stop him from having part of his brain removed from him?”

  18. Anonymous says...

    West Coast Girl Friday… no, the advertising is saved for the main content of most of the posts.

  19. Anonymous says...

    What is with this new trend of Americans saying, “spot on?”

    Americans never used to say “spot on,” or “dodgy.” I’m not sure any American naturally uses these terms. Whenever someone does, it strikes me as so phony and forced.

  20. I am dying to see Moonrise Kingdom.

  21. rachel says...

    Fun posters! Is it just me or does Diane Keaton look kind of like Joanna in that poster?

  22. my boyfriend’s mom begs me to watch Annie Hall anytime we talk about movies. For some reason, I haven’t gotten around to it. I don’t know why though.

  23. Susan says...

    I love the Annie Hall…but the nervous romance is from Allen.

  24. These are great :) I totally almost watched Annie Hall last night!

  25. Anonymous says...

    Love the Annie Hall poster, too!

  26. awesome. I loved Moonrise Kingdom- even the poster makes me smile :)

  27. Sarah says...

    We have an original print from the artist who did that Royal Tenenbam’s print. Re-imagined movie posters are such a fun, graphic, and affordable art form.

  28. Anonymous says...

    Nice Annie Hall poster….I have one of the originals framed it’s different.

  29. Hello Joanna,
    Wanted to say a little thank you, for the integrity in which you run your blog. The bane of my existence is advertising (it so invasive and in your face whether you like it or not!). I like that we don’t get flooded with advertising in the body of your blog as is seen on other blogs. Who knows, maybe that’s the way of the future…sad as it may be.

  30. LOVE these! They’re so eye catching and memorable. My favorites are the Moonrise Kingdom and Royal Tenenbaums posters.

  31. it´s simple but significant the way you express yourself!

  32. I agree, the Annie Hall one is great! Have a beautiful Wednesday. xo