Cup of Jo Gets a Makeover!

So, I have some exciting news (to me, at least). After almost six years with the same look, A Cup of Jo is getting a long overdue makeover. The Brooklyn-based design firm Apartment One came highly recommended, and I was thrilled to collaborate with their uber-talented team, Liza and Spencer. The new design will launch in a couple weeks.

Meanwhile, I’d love to ask you a question! After our first meeting, the designers presented me with four potential looks. Please tell me your favorite look (and, if you’d like, guess which one we ended up choosing). Here are the four options…

Option #1—Blue:

Option #2—Ivory:

Option #3—Sky:
Option #4—Handwritten:
Let me know your favorite below! I’d love to hear your thoughts… xoxo

(Top photo of Alex and me by Max Wanger)

  1. They’re all so beautiful! But I love the handwritten one. I feel that one has the most personality. Good luck!

  2. # 4 but with the ombre coloured background in the header! :)

  3. I love #4! But I would do it with an ivory background. Can’t wait to see the redesign!

  4. I love option 4 the most! Followed closely by 3!

  5. LOVE THE CRISP WHITE! The handwriting is fun, personal, welcoming and the photo of you two really pops! Remember, change is good. :)
    XO Lisa P.

  6. FOUR!!!!!

  7. When is this going live? Can’t wait to see which one you chose! x

  8. Andrea Heng says...

    BLUE BLUE BLUE!Time for a fresh crisp look!

  9. Michelle says...

    I love option 4!

  10. 2!

  11. Ubon says...

    I Love #2

  12. You are my aspiration, I possess few web logs and rarely run out from brand :). “He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future conquers the past.” by George Orwell.

  13. Anonymous says...

    SKY! SKY! SKY!

  14. DD says...

    Option #1 – Blue. New but still says “Cup of Jo”

  15. Anonymous says...

    hands down option #1 =)

  16. S. says...

    Hello , I really like your blog, and I could wait to know which new design you will choose, and to help to choose, I prefer the second one : Ivory !!
    Sonia ( from France )

  17. Could it be handwritten but with the blue background? I Also prefer Alex positioned closer to you.

  18. Anonymous says...


  19. Anonymous says...

    sky !!!!! option 3

  20. 2 and 4! 1 is ok and i’m not a fan of 3… it looks amateur

  21. Anonymous says...

    2 or 4!

  22. Oh I really love #3, the combination of colors and the lettering is just perfect! For some reason when I look at #1 all I can think of is the blue hospital scrubs!

  23. Anonymous says...

    #2…it’s classic, totally you. #4 is pretty, but i worry it will become dated quickly…

  24. Danielle says...

    option 2!

  25. Option 2 for sure!!! If not, then I would go for Option 3. xoxo

  26. Anonymous says...


  27. Anonymous says...

    Hands down #3!! the first 2 are boring and the 4th is TOTALLY not you!! Be true to yourself and go with #3… trust me I’m a devoted fan that visits your site every week!! :-)

  28. numba one! love the blue. catches the eye.

  29. sky or ivory!

  30. Handwritten all the way! Looks more clean and modern than the others.

  31. I like the blue and absolutely don’t like the hand written.

  32. Anonymous says...

    Number 1 or 2. Very polished!

  33. I love the sky one :)

  34. Anonymous says...

    Option #4, followed by #3, then #2, then #1.


  35. Option #4! Fabulously simple and clean looking.

  36. Anonymous says...

    Sky–Option 3!!!

  37. Anonymous says...


  38. #3 is the ticket.

  39. 4 looks vintage yet modern, classic yet edgy. Go for 4!

  40. Anonymous says...

    SKY. Visually and Conceptually Consistant. It just makes sense. Smile.

  41. #3 is the best!

  42. Anonymous says...

    The first one for sure. In a heartbeat. That;s the most Joanna to me.

  43. Option # 1 looks best to me.

  44. Handwritten, hands down.

  45. Roma says...

    Option 3!

  46. Anonymous says...

    Go BLUE! :)

  47. Anonymous says...

    Option 3! Love it!

  48. Anonymous says...

    #3 ! love it.

  49. I vote for No 3! No 2 comes 2nd 1

  50. Handwritten is my favourite.

  51. I like option 1 or 2! :)

  52. Anonymous says...

    Handwritten sort of looks like it says A Cuys of Jo. Are they only changing the header and styling of the fonts? Either 1 or 2 looks good, although not very different than your current site.

  53. The number 4: it’s unique to you,and simple.Direct. Than I’ m hesitating the 2 is a reminder of your blog…The framing also emphasize your content…finally stay faithfully to You only you :)

  54. Options #3 or #4 are my favs, they both have that charming spunk I love about your blog!

  55. Anonymous says...

    option #4 please

  56. This is a tough choice! They all look amazing!!! I think my favorite is Option #1 and then Option #2. BUT the more I look at Option #4 I like that, so that is my second choice. Can’t wait to see which you go with. ALSO…I am so eager to see your bathroom renovation!!! When will we get to see?

  57. I like either #1 or #2! Excited!!!!

  58. i love handwritten joanna! very fun!

  59. I love #2 the best!!!

  60. I LOVE THE HANDWRITTEN! It’s perfect for your personality.

  61. Number 2 for sure!
    It’s clean and pure and very pleasant to the eye.
    Simple is the best


  62. I like the 1st one (blue) and the last one (handwritten).

  63. Anonymous says...

    option 2!

  64. Definitely option 2!

  65. #2 without a doubt… clean simple classic
    excited to see a new design. your clever an awesome posts deserve a great venue:)

  66. #2 without a doubt… clean simple classic
    excited to see a new design. your clever an awesome posts deserve a great venue:)

  67. Anonymous says...

    Blue, and runner-up: handwritten!

  68. Anonymous says...

    Option 4 looks great!

  69. Anonymous says...

    ivory is really lovely!

  70. Anonymous says...


  71. Anonymous says...

    option 3!!! without hesitation!

  72. number one no questions! I love how you and alex are closer together and I LOVE the pop of blue! It’s so welcoming :)

  73. Anonymous says...

    I vote for 1 or 2. I am not so excited about the lettering in 3 and 4, especially when the balloon substitutes the ‘o’.
    Good luck choosing!!