If you come over to our apartment, you might notice me wince if you ask where the bathroom is. Our bathroom has always been an eyesore. The tile is chipping, nothing matches, and the walls are a drab white. We want to fix it up, but since we’d like to move to Brooklyn next spring, we don’t want to do anything too major. So, we’ve decided to give it a quick makeover with…a coat of paint!

Valspar Paint was sweet enough to offer the paint (thank you, Valspar!), so now the question is: Which color should we choose? Valspar offers a “Love Your Color” Guarantee, where if you don’t love the first paint color you choose, they’ll let you pick out a second color for free, so we feel emboldened when it comes to picking richer colors. I’m usually pretty bad at picking out paint (it’s so hard to envision on the walls!), but here are our three favorites, inspired by the rooms above…

Do you like any of these? Or would you pick a totally different color? Please weigh in below…we’ll share the before-and-after photos next week. (You’ll die when you see the before:)

P.S. My inspiration board.

(This post is sponsored by Valspar Paint. Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible. Interior photos, in order, by Seth Smoot, Patrick Cline/Lonny and Domino)