Back in my dating days…

I was kind of…The Worst. If I didn’t like a guy, I wouldn’t tell him outright, but instead I would give him a good-night kiss (I know) and then slowly…stop…answering…his calls. And the worst part is that I would do this even if we had gone out like five or six times, and even if I had spent the night at his house (I know!!!). I’m not proud to admit it, but this blog is about being honest, for better or worse, right?

So, since I felt mean telling a guy that I didn’t like him, I rationalized that it was better not to say anything. After all, I was saving him from that awkward conversation, too, right? But the real truth of it is: I secretly wanted to take the high road and tell guys how I felt, but I was just too big of a wuss to have those conversations. I couldn’t get up the nerve to be straightforward.

So, tell me: Have you ever done the “slow fade”? (I hope I’ve matured enough not to do it anymore, but I guess now that I’m married I’ll never know.) Or do you take the proper route and have an honest conversation? And if so, how do you get up the guts?