The Best French Toast You’ll Ever Have

Who’s hungry?! French toast is one of those meals that always hits the spot–whether you’re having it for Sunday breakfast, or whipping some up for a midnight snack. Eggy, thick, buttery, syrupy… Happily for us, Miss James from Bleubird Vintage is sharing her go-to recipe, which not only satisfies two adults, but also her three hungry kiddos! Here goes…

The Best French Toast You’ll Ever Have
By Miss James from Bleubird Vintage

Not to toot any horns or anything, but I make really good french toast. It’s delicious and my kids ask for it at least two times a week. It’s simple and quick and always delivers.

You’ll need:
Thick sliced bread (preferably brioche or challah)
5 eggs
1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of salt
1 tablespoon honey
1 tbsp butter
Maple syrup

Note: One of the most important things in this recipe is to get a good thick loaf of bread. I like to use brioche or challah.

Whisk together eggs, cream, vanilla, cinnamon, salt and honey in a large shallow bowl.

Heat cast-iron skillet on the stove. (Cast iron is the best, since it cooks evenly and doesn’t stick.) Melt butter over medium-low heat in the center of your skillet.

Dip bread into the egg mixture so that both sides are fully coated–but not completely soaked or your french toast will be soggy. Place one or two pieces of the bread into your skillet at a time, depending on how many will fit into your pan.

Cook until golden brown, approximately 2 to 3 minutes on each side.

Remove from pan, and place on a rack or oven-safe plate inside a warm oven to keep warm until ready to serve.

Serve with a generous sprinkle of powdered sugar and your favorite syrup. Enjoy!

Thank you, Miss James! These look delicious. Who’s in? xoxo

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(Thank you to Shoko for help with this series)

  1. This sounds really delicious and love french toast. Thank you for sharing this.


  2. Hey ! :)

    I’ve been following your blog since a few months, and it’s really amazing, I really love it. You’re fresh, and always have something nice to explain, tell, or share with us, I really appreciate it.

    I know this post is an old one. I was looking after a nice recipe, and I found this one.
    I’m French, and it’s cool to find very vieille France recipes on Americain blogs ! :D

    We don’t call it “French Toast”, but “Pain Perdu” (“Lost Bread” if we try to translate it).
    In fact, for this recipe, we use old bread (you know, when it becomes hard ; the “lost” bread), put it in a bowl where you have milk, an egg, a little bit of vanilla if you like, a little bit of sugar, and that’s it. Then, into a frying pan, we put some butter, put the sliced bread rightaway, add a little sugar and let it brown just a bit, on both sides of the bread. And voilààà, you have your pain perdu !
    This is the traditional recipe ; but of course, you can add cinamon like you did and put some jam or mapple syrup on it, it still tastes good ! I just wanted to share an old French recipe with you :)

    Anyway, I must say I really like your work, keep going ! Always a pleasure to stop by :) :)


  3. THIS….Excellent…made even MORE so with stale CROISSANTS!!!…

  4. THIS….Excellent…made even MORE so with stale CROISSANTS!!!…

  5. That looks amazing! Can’t wait to get home and try out the recipe. If you love French Toasts, you should check out my blog :)

  6. i was so excited to make this french toast for my 8 and 6 year old daughters so i got all the supplies from the store and quickly ran home. i whipped up the recipe real fast and my children loved it!:) then the next morning i continuously called them to wake up for school but neither of them responded. I rushed up stairs to find them gathered around a pentagram drawn in blood on the floor chanting: “Praise Lucifer! Praise Lucifer!” and sacrificing a goat.

    Something is wrong with this recipe.

    Probably too much cream.

  7. Really this is a best french toast are easy to make french toast this is my favorite breakfast.

  8. Too bad us Type 2 diabetics can literally die from eating these flour & syrup that doesn’t mean we can’t dream! =)

  9. This is very Good recipe. Keep going on with your effort to write more posts.
    for more french toast recipes visit: here many french toast ideas…

  10. French creative people in eating and love and life are all

  11. This really looks delicious. I am craving for it! I so love French toasts but I just do not get the perfect result I want. I did a lot of recipes even from catering Fort Lauderdale tips but they just did not work for me. I hope this will match my taste. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  12. Making this for my son and I. Looks sooo good!!!

  13. I also love french toast for breakfast especially with fruits. mmmm looks good!!!

  14. I just made this today. But ran out of honey so I substitute brown sugar. It still taste good.

  15. Nice story behind the recipe. And recipe is explained pretty good, food is perfect for breakfast!

  16. I wonder why I did not knew this before…. it was a good read. You are working on a very good blog.. I look forward to visit your blog again….

  17. hehe I had your blog open in another tab to read, and then I clicked a link from a different blog and ended up here as well! Oh the coincedence. I’ve been craving french toast recently, so I’ll definitely be trying this out :D Rhi xx

  18. I have never had a french toast that was better than the french toast I make….but I might give it a try.
    And I agree with the bacon comment. Bacon + French Toast = perfection.

  19. I just made this French toast. It was soooo good. My husband and I loved it!

  20. love her blog and her sweet little family. can’t wait to try this…

  21. Carly says...

    I am so happy she uses brioche, I discovered a couple of years ago that this is the KEY to off-the-wall French toast! To make myself believe I’m being healthy I also like to serve it with warm caramelised fruit… With maple syrup of course ;)

  22. I’d like to complain about this post. It’s just cruel, leaving something like this – that photograph! – to lurk in a girl’s Google Reader for her to read before breakfast.

    ESPECIALLY when she’s at work and can’t go and make a plate immediately!


    French toast was a treat breakfast when I was a child (like pancakes or Froot Loops).

    My mother always served it with lemon juice and sugar which to me was only very delicious, not strange, despite everyone’s reaction when I confess to how I still eat it!

  23. This looks amazing! Thanks for the recipe :)

  24. I must tell you that you have to check out the Raspberry and Cream cheese stuffed brioche french toast at Delicatessen, it’s sinfully good and I have it every time I have brunch with my gals! you will luv it!
    and you can just walk it off with some Soho shopping!

  25. Love French toast! Even cooler to see it served on a Blue Heaven dish, which is how we always eat French toast.

  26. That looks amazing! I never thought of putting vanilla on the french toast… I will be making that for sure tonight for my midnight snack. Thanks!

  27. Jo says...

    yum! French toast brings back childhood memories for me. I need to add cinnamon and vanilla, those must make a difference!

  28. YUM! French toast is one of the most indulgent breakfast meals and this recipe seems to take it to the next level…can’t wait to try a bite!

  29. looks amazing! always want to make french toast with panettone bread as I just think it will take it to the next level! Yummy post indeed!! Thanx will have to try the recipe!!

  30. So pinning this one! Thanks:)

  31. the photo at the top is to freaking die for!

  32. Okay, this is kind of nuts… as in incredibly caloric, but SO delicious and a serious WOW breakfast. A peanut butter and banana sandwich dipped and cooked as French toast. Add a bit of rum into the batter, sprinkle with icing sugar on the plate. AMAZING.

  33. During my first pregnancy, french toast was all I craved for the first 5 months. I had it nearly every day. I still love it! I just don’t eat it every day! :) Thanks for sharing!

  34. Mmm, the whip cream sounds like the kicker here!

    Looks like breakfast for dinner tonight! xo

  35. Holy cow, this best of series rocks my world! I just about fell off my chair when I saw that first photo and the good news is that I can actually get all of the ingredients here in France (where there is nothing at all French about French Toast)!!

  36. I love James from Bleubird, and this recipe looks delicious!

  37. Yummmmm! This makes me want to have breakfast for dinner!

  38. This makes me so hungry! I wish I could have French toast at my desk right now.

    mon amy

  39. Anonymous says...

    I love French toast! We always make it with leftover French baguette that’s too stale for sandwiches. I’m pretty sure that’s how it originated, soaking stale bread in egg/milk so you can still use it. Adding vanilla and cinnamon sounds SO good.

  40. Because we have so many Turkish and Moroccan shops here in the Netherlands, I love picking up a big flat round of bread — it makes extra thick, extra sumptuous french toast!

  41. Love love love French toast! I made America’s Test Kitchen’s stuffed French toast for Easter but I tweak it and add jam to the cinnamon/sugar cream cheese filling and it is divine. The #1 secret for perfect French toast is adding flour to the batter to keep it from getting too soggy. It sets it up nicely with just enough crisp and chew!

  42. Oh wow I just read the French Toast with bacon comment. That would be amah-zing!

  43. So true. It really does hit the spot every time!

  44. Must try this! Love having breakfast for dinner sometimes too- this would be perfect!

  45. Looks delicious! I’m going to have to make this tomorrow for breakfast!

  46. omg yum! that looks so easy, too… :)

  47. You won’t beleive what I’m going to say but I’ve never tried French Toasts. I have avoid them because I know I wil love them. And I don’t need any more food addictions… ;-)

  48. I haven’t had French toast in a looooong time. I might just have to have some for supper tonight!

  49. French Toast!!! This is my go-to meal of choice! Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. I am super obsessed.

  50. Ahhh I LOVE bluebird vintage! She is one of my daily reads!! I think her an her hubby invented to word Hipster. ;)

    Fabulous guest post… I’m going to make these for my fireman when he gets home from work Sunday morning!

    xo, vanessa

  51. As good as the toast looks, I can’t stop looking at her cute plates!

  52. Me. I am in.

    I want to hurry home and make this. Right. Now.

  53. My dad used to make French Toasts on Sunday evenings when I was a child. Such good memories !
    In France we call it Pain Perdu which you could translate by “wasted bread” because we usually use bread from 2 or 3 days ago.

  54. cold french toast–now i want to try that:)

  55. yes, she’s expecting a fourth baby, amazing! :)

  56. This looks delicious!!! I’m one of those people that loves to eat breakfast foods for dinner and this is one of my favorites! xoxo

  57. I discovered the wonders of using Challah for French Toast a few years ago and I’ve never looked back! It’s so so delicious. I like a really moist french toast and the thickness of the bread lets you soak up all the goodies without it ending up soggy and falling apart. I’ll have to try this version! The hubs will be excited.

  58. I LOVE french toast. I make it pretty good too, though I have to say part of what’s great about french toast is that I thin kit’d pretty hard to make it bad. You can even use stale bread, super healthy multigrain, whatever, and it turns out damn good. And here in Spain around this time of year they make torrijas, which is basically (from my american pov) soggy french toast, made in big batches, and then eaten cold. It may sound less that appealing, but it really is so good! And from them I learned that you can make a big batch and just let them sit and have them for a snack in the afternoon or the next day even. Yum!

  59. Just made this. Mmm mmm good!

  60. I’m always looking for any excuse to buy a loaf of challah! I think I’ll do this for Sunday breakfast!

  61. This is how I make my French toast. So simple and delicious. I’m craving Sunday brunch now. xo.

  62. I love french toast. I’ll have to try this recipe!
    making breakfast for any time of day is always a hit in our household!


  63. I adore Miss James. This sounds like such a yummy recipe. Can’t wait to try!

  64. love french toast. especially when it’s really been soaked in milk. also: i’m officially hungry for a second breakfast.

  65. I love french toast but mine always comes out soggy. Maybe it’s because I’m using too thin of a bread?? Ooo the cinnamon & vanilla must taste good! I gotta try! Thank u!

    Lemanie’s Randomness Blog

  66. I love Miss James! Did you know she´s expecting baby #4??? And that toast must be to die for…

  67. Wonderful post!! I could go for some right about now :) I adore Miss James as well, and those Pyrex bowls.

    Have you ever tried French Toast with BACON!?! It’s like NO other.

    xo, Amanda

  68. Aaah using brioche or challah bread – a great tip I will definitely try. I usually make mine with some granary-style sliced bread I have lying around for an eggier version. Even slightly stale bread is fine because you can soak it in egg.. (should I say that?)
    I’m definitely in! I will be trying out your recipe – thanks! :)

  69. Love the pyrex bowl for dipping the bread into the eggs…and the ceramic owl supervising the proceedings!

    French toast is THE best breakfast food…better than pancakes. And being Canadian, I’d add some maple syrup!

  70. yum, and more yum.. and Delighted to discover Bluebird Vintage.

  71. Oh man, if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life french toast is definitely in my top 5. Can’t wait to try this recipe. I love this series!