1. This is so true! it’s quite funny! Good to know everyone can relate!

  2. :r says...

    I can relate.

  3. I’m currently in the middle of the scribble, I hope it straightens out soon. Thanks for the smile!

  4. Hahaha awwww I love this!! <3

  5. Thanks for this so close to Valentines! Definitely me at the moment!

  6. Lux T says...

    I feel completely identified with this!!
    When is this getting better???

  7. Hahaha! So true!! I love it!!

  8. Haha thank you for this! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

  9. Anonymous says...

    I feel like that every day.

  10. when friends ask about my love life {or the lack thereof}, i tell them it’s twisty.

    THIS is twisty! i feel so validated.

  11. Anonymous says...

    I so needed that image this week. I just turned 25 a month ago and have recently stopped dating someone who wanted to marry me. what.a.mess. What makes it worse is that all my friends are married & have small kids. I feel so behind most days.

  12. Just stumbled across your blog, I love it! The little love diagram made me laugh haha. Now following you lovely :)

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  13. Anonymous says...

    So true!

  14. Mo says...

    Haha, this is how I feel about my life itself. Love life is like the top drawing, thankfully.

  15. I love this. And am glad I’m not the only one who has been spending most of her 20s feeling like this.

  16. You DID!??! Phew. So relieved to know that other people feel/felt completely crazypants about relationships in their 20’s. I’m 24 and almost everyday I’m like, “what the EFF am I doing?”. It’s nice to know that there’s light at the end of that tunnel!

  17. This just cracked me up!

  18. I hate the fact that I can relate to this so much! I used to be in the “normal” category…what happened?!

  19. So funny. Looks familiar.

  20. ha! totally what a mess i was.

  21. So glad that this doesn’t only apply to me! 20s suckkkk.

  22. Hahaha wow. So accurate.

  23. This is exactly what I have been experiencing! A tangled ball of yarn. I feel like everyone else is a nice A-B. Good to know it may improve after my 20s! Thank you, I needed this this mornings

  24. oh good- because i am in my twenties and that is *exactly* how i feel!!!

  25. My husband and I started dating when we were 19. I love him to death, but i kind of wish I had experienced that kind of confusion in my twenties….or don’t I?

  26. haha. simple, but address the matter just right

  27. I’m so happy to hear you/see you say that your twenties felt like this! I’m 25 years old and feel like I will always feel like this!

  28. Ahahaha this is so true to life at the moment it’s not even funny.

  29. HAHA :D Hilarious!
    But isn’t it great that we can all laugh about it, though? :D

  30. LOL…Well, i think that for the most part, you do have to go through the second pic to end up on the first one, don’t u think? It’s a process…Bisous!


  31. This brought a smile- thanks!:)

  32. Are you talking about me? Hahaha ;)

  33. I love all of the weird little charts that you post. So funny!

  34. Yes! This is my life!

  35. If you look closely, there is a heart somewhere in that tangle.

  36. Oh my gosh… real love, real marriage!!!

  37. H* says...

    i’ve been there for so long!!

    Kisses from Barcelon

  38. ha-great-may have to try and buy a print with this…

  39. This is genius! We have been there.

  40. lol How very funny! I’ve watched so many friends go through this. However I myself have been lucky enough to only go through the first picture. I’ll be marrying my first and only love this September. :) And of course I can’t boast enough about it! ;)

  41. Stephanie says...

    Thanks for this! Valentine’s Day reminders have made me feel especially single this year, and this made me feel less alone!

  42. that´s my love life, too…

    ahhh, so true! :-)

  43. Haha, that’s awesome. I’m there! I have a first date tonight, though. Wish me luck!

  44. Hahaha – oh how I know that to be far too true – but at least I can laugh about it?! One day I will figure it out…hopefully!
    Much love,

  45. Ha ha, love this!

  46. I’m right there right now and it’s driving me crazy… Any suggestions?

  47. I’m still there…

  48. Haha! Just what I needed today! It’s so true…I don’t think that seesaw thing really exists!!

    Have a great day!