1. i got to hang out with maddie & theron when they came to des moines, ia. they are quite a pair; assets to our world.

  2. Awww your dog looks like my dog!! My cutie pie’s name is Guido! He was a lab dog and has numbers tattooed in his ears. He is the sweetest dog on the planet. Very timid (from being in a lab, when he was a puppy), but soo happy. He likes to run, bark and eat. All the rest of the day he sleeps! I just wanted to share because your dog looks EXACTLY the same as Guido and just as cool! Take care! Pets to you guy! <3

  3. Hahaha!! Hilarious pictures!! I love them and Pinteresting them right now :P

  4. you should check out Sage Tails too! http://sagetails.com/ Sage has a wonderful story and she takes the best pictures!

  5. I think their prints should be a giveaway! They would look perfect on an art wall or in an entryway. I want some!

  6. Now that I know that dogs can do, I am also thinking about getting one.

    Thanks for great posts, all the best to you and your family Joanna.


  7. Ahhh! My husband sent me this last week and I just LOVED it! She is so cute and sweet to stay in those positions for so long… I adored the one of her on a horse. My two dogs are insane but I love them to bits…

  8. Well, I wish my dog was so smart and talented:) Anyway, love the pics :)

  9. Oh Joanna I saw Maddie too…somewhere…just standing there. That’s pretty much all she has to do is stand there! Even if she’s standing with all fours flat on the ground – all she has to do is look at the camera and I just crack up!
    Can’t decide if she loves it or hates it.
    She’s kind of the Napoleon Dynomite of our four legged friends.
    I hope she knows she’s famous. I think she does.
    Happy weekend!
    xo Lisa

  10. I just love these photos! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Nat says...

    Loved these links. The switcheroo was oddly fascinating and that dog… well! Adorable and interesting! And the burger tip — genius! And the gentleman tip– so true! Ok! One more exclamation point and I’m done!

  12. Eleanor LS says...

    wow, that is really cool but also is his blog “This Wild Idea” where he’s travelling all over the USA to video/photograph people and their stories. LOVE that.

  13. I love Maddie on Things! Thanks for reminding me about the site.

  14. thank you for this. this is fantastic! hahaha


  15. Man, this pup should be mine. I’m amazed! I have a 3.5lb yorkie and he definitey could not handle a skateboard. Or rainboots.

    Shared this over on my blizzog today! Thanks for such a great series!

  16. Planking, dogstyle!

  17. I love these pics too! The dog is so sweet looking!

  18. Anonymous says...

    Ahh! That’s my friend Theron’s dog. He’s in the middle of a year-long photographic essay project called This Wild Idea. He’s wonderful and so are his photos. Check it out!

  19. whoa Maddie the Coondog is the best!!! I’m in love, thank you!

  20. I love these! I’m pretty sure my dog isn’t as coordinated though!

  21. Love it! This reminds me of Food on My Dog, which is equally hilarious.

  22. The boots one is my favorite…so sweet and hilarious!

  23. wow very well behaved dog, mine won’t even look at me when I try to take his picture lol and my sisters would just book it once off the leash

  24. oh.


  25. Thanks for this–LOVE it! What a sweet pup!

  26. those photos had me laughing out loud. How does the dog do that?! So cute!

  27. This made me really happy today. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Is this for real? Amazing.

  29. aw! I bet Maddie and my doggies would be best buds!

  30. My fiance and i love this site so much! We have a black and tan coonhound and she is the most loving dog i have ever had!!!!! he was used to small dogs like terriers and i was used to beasts like german shep. we ended up adopting a coonhound, she is absolutely perfect! She’s not a licker, a jumper, but she’s a cuddler. :) she potty trained rather quickly and isn’t much of a barker either! she’s so perfect!

  31. Andrea A says...

    I saw this on Swissmiss when I was sick at home this week. It was a perfect solution to help me cheer up just a little bit, while feeling so yucky. The dog’s face in some of the pics on there are just priceless. Also, HOW does he stand on some of those things?

  32. Wow! I needed that this morning. Nothing like a good belly laugh to start the day. I kept glancing over my shoulder at my little sausage body dog and thought, ‘he’d never…”

  33. Anonymous says...

    Is that photo shop or real! Wow!!!

  34. these are wild! what a patient dog :)

  35. Os this for real or photoshop magic? If it’s for real, these people are my new favorite people int he whole world. So glad you posted this, I’m going to forward it to everyone in my life now!


  36. wonderful.

  37. The wellies one is THA BEST!!!

  38. Heavens, that shopping cart picture was hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend.


  39. I know how you feel! These photos are so sweet and quirky.

  40. haha i saw this yesterday on stumbleupon..


  41. hahahah i’m totally wondering which of those is photo shoped! although i bet if he dog is old enough he would stay like that for quite a while
    in dramatic fashion

  42. HAHA!! That is all sorts of awesome. Thanks for sharing, that just made my week!

  43. dog life, auuuu!

  44. HAHA! LOVE this!

  45. Shout out to the midwest! Love seeing my amazing WI and MN being represented! Cool idea. I might need to get a print!

  46. Love that pup! Our little Milo is like that these days…on top of everything and inside of everything!

  47. OMG! This is so sweet! Maddie must be the most patient dog :)

    Joanna, I adore your blog! It’s my absolute favorite daily read – thanks for all the wonderfulness you share!

  48. wow, i was having a terrible morning until i looked at these photos.

    ps. you should totally get a dog. babies + doggies = endless photo ops and cuteness

  49. Kelly R says...

    Ok, that is absolutely hilarious. Love it!

  50. ha love! a bit like how a blog in the past – that made funny scenes with clothes and her baby – made me want a baby!

  51. oh my gosh. i’m obsessed. i have to meet this dog.

  52. those are hilarious! I love the one on the fire hydrant. What a good sport her dog is.

  53. YOWZA! That balance is pretty remarkable! What a tolerant dog, haha! I can only imagine what’s going through Maddie’s mind – “You want to balance on two shopping carts? You guys are insane! Oh, you’ll give me extra treats. Allllriiiiight.”


  54. Love it! What a great dog!

  55. H* says...

    this s soooooooo funny!

  56. omg. this is too cute!! thanks for sharing!

  57. Dogs are so cool. Just get one Joanna! :)

  58. hahahah, this is awesome!! :)

  59. have you seen foodonmydog.tumblr.com
    Such a good, sweet dog! This never fails to bring a smile to my face when I’m feeling crummy!

  60. ok this is hilaire…

    thanks for sharing lol!

  61. Becca says...

    Stopp. I love it.

    Another favorite: http://stuffonmycat.com/

    Animals on things, and things on animals (I’m basically Dr. Seuss with that line :) ) are my favorite.


  62. this is hilarious.

  63. that’s so cool!! :)

  64. that dog is so much more talented than i am! ha!

  65. Ha! That dog has some serious balance! I’ll have to check it out some more, thanks!