Which iPhone Apps Do You Like?

So, I finally joined the 21st century and got an iPhone. Until now, I had been rocking an old-school flip phone, which most people assumed was a toy for Toby. But then I lost the battery, and when I tried to replace it, Verizon told me they didn’t make it anymore. I was like, OK, I get it.

Now I’m excited to have a shiny new iPhone. My only question is: What apps are awesome? I know nothing about iPhone apps–except Hipstamatic–so I’d love to hear your recommendations! Which apps do you use? I’m clueless!

P.S. Me with my old phone:

  1. Thank you for posting this! There are lots of apps but I like Instagram.

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  12. Instagram is one of the best app i have ever used. Its design and features are awesome. Its an excellent picture sharing application where you can add, share, annotate and like you and your friends picture.
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  14. I love Evernote app! It helps you store the important things in your life and work, get things done, capture and communicate more effectively. So far this is the best app on my iPhone.. Also check out this page for latest iPhone apps and reviews.

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  16. There are a whole lot of ‘time wasters’ out there, eh? I’m avoiding those, especially since I don’t need anything else to learn.

  17. Loading Skype right now… Pandora is in and playing (thanks for the suggestion, Nik.) Just learning how to navigate, but so far so good. Pandora is draining the battery pretty fast, even though I’m on my own wi-fi. Like I said, I’m learning.

  18. My phone is only half-smart because I’m cheap and don’t have a data plan! I thought about upgrading, but then I think about the amount of time I spend out of the house and I decide it is probably better for me not to put the internet in my pocket.

  19. I have had my iPhone for eight months and I am sure I will learn the real value of it – tomorrow. I still use my iPad for most everything.

    You have truly inspired me to move forward and learn what this iPhone can do, especially when it comes to business applications.

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  21. I love! spotify is an excellent app!! stylebook is a great closet organizer (you take pictures of your clothes) enjoy!

  22. One of the discussions that are usually done before purchasing an iphone app.

  23. Anonymous says...

    If you have a toddler, you really really wnt the Toca Boca apps….. Worth all the money

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  25. Jodie says...

    Discovr app
    Discovr movie
    Discovr music

  26. Foodgawker and Craftgawker are awesome for some visual eye-candy. In terms of games, Words with Friends is an obvious one but I’m also hooked on Monopoly.

    Maria xx

  27. Sarah says...

    I scrolled down the list of comments and I think mostly ever app I have on my phone is listed but I’m a junkie for discovering cool apps for everything (and then keeping them in folders I don’t open for weeks). Here’s what I think wasn’t mentioned:

    *Inspiration* for flipping through quotes in the subways where there is no reception.

    (All the gawkr apps) *craftgawker*, wedding gawkr*, *dwelling gawkr* food gawker*

    *AppsGoneFree* to tell me of limited time offers on cool apps

    *NYC Subway* probably the best/most user friendly subway map app

    *Retro camera* has some fun lens’ that aren’t in Instagram

    *Temple Run* guilt pleasure game to also play on subway rides where there is no reception

    *Nostalgio* for creating fun scrapbook style pictures

  28. Kate says...

    Actually I realized it was another commenter who had the Nokia, but it’s midnight and I should be in bed instead of reading blogs ;)

  29. Kate says...

    I think I had that same blue Nokia! After 8 years and loads of taunting from friends, family and strangers alike, I decided to upgrade. I have an Android but you can get a lot of the same apps, except Instagram :( I love Evernote to keep track of all my lists and basically every thought that runs through my head. I also love TeuxDeux, it’s the best to do app/website I’ve found. They also both have web equivalents, which is handy when you want to type out a lot of stuff but have it accessible on your phone.

    Enjoy your fancy phone!

  30. INCREDIBOOTH. you HAVE to download it it take 4 pictures that look like a photo strip. its like 99 cents i think but SO worth it, the pictures are soooo cute. every since i got it i have been telling everyone about it. and there is one called Polaroid something where it takes a picture like a Polaroid picture and you shake your phone so the photo shows up. also awesome.

  31. Anonymous says...

    So wonderful to have an iPhone !!! For sure get Bloglovin ! So easy to quick check in with your favorites! Best thing is quality and ease of taking photos, especially with a little one! And so easy to share those photos instantly with family and friends!!

  32. Joanna, you gotta try Star Walk app. You could see the stars in real life as you point your iPhone towards the sky. I am a real romantic when it comes to this.

  33. RunPee! It lets you know all the dull moments in a movie so you can run to the bathroom! haha love it!
    AP, flashlight, Sleep Cycle (tells you everything you need to know about how well or little you slept the night before), Yelp, Pandora, Urbanspoon, OpenTable, and FFCH Lite (tells you how many calories are in fast food chains). Games: Who wants to be a millionaire, Boggle, Labyrinth, Paper Toss, Family Feud.

  34. Lauren H. says...

    I didn’t have time to peruse every comment but didn’t see ‘evernote’. It’s awesome and life changing. Really.

  35. My favourite:
    Lo-mob for photos, pinterest for ideas, ootunes for music, nike for training, smurfs for playing, colorama for kids
    Angela@momsinthecity – milan – italy

  36. Anonymous says...

    Photo apps…I use camera+ instead of the camera that comes w the iphone for picture taking. It has more editing features. Snapseed is an awesome photo editing app too. Colorsplash will turn a photo black and white and lets you colorize only the parts you want to pop out w color.

    Health/wellbeing…yogastretch, yogarelax, tai chi and yantra for affirmations. Living earth alarm clock and lullaby player is gorgeous and well designed.

    News…trove lets you choose the news topics you want to read about, from politics to diy, and then scours the interwebs for articles on those topics. I also love pulse and huffpo.

    Fun stuff….trover lets users post pics of “discoveries” they find when traveling. Its twitterish in that you can follow and be followed. You can search an area to see the discoveries nearby and many of the photos are gorgeous. Popsugar is a great timewaster if ur stuck somewhere. Covers everything from beauty, fashion, interior decorating, to celeb style and what not. Starbucks is a must. Bump lets you transfer data from one iphone to another just by clanking them together. Hbogo if u r an hbo subscriber. Houzz is great for decorating inspiration. Moleskin has an iphone moleskin notebook app that you can customize-its a little wonky at first. Hey tell is a walkie talkie app… After a few cocktails this can get really fun w friends. Webmd. Flashlight…you will be surprised how much you use it. I keep it on my first desktop so its always ready for dark parking lots, getting up at night, etc.

  37. Oh my gosh, I have read through every response. I already have, and love
    B of A
    But reading through the responses
    I have added about 5 more
    For my 19 month old grandson sam… I have
    Itsy Bitsy
    easy sign. sign documents from your phone!
    Now will you get an ipad and ask for apps on that?
    Love to hear what others recommend.

  38. Gotta do instagram, words with friends, pic collage, sketchbookx, skitch and if you dont already belong to pinterest you gotta do it now with your new iPhone so ADDICTING!

  39. NextStop is great for the subways in NYC. It has the subway map, as well as telling you when the next train is coming to a specific stop (based on the train schedule). It’s good to know when they’re skipping stops or it’s going to be a 40 min wait!

    Also: Ride the City (for biking around NYC), Convert, This American Life, Kindle app for iPhone, and

  40. Mary says...

    Joanna, you HAVE to get SKYVIEW!! its amazing, shows you the stars in the sky, while moving your phone! Amazing stargazing and very romantic:)) xo

  41. I just converted three months ago. I used exclamation points to help you out a bit too. ENJOY. These are my go to:

    LED Flashlight!
    JotNot Pro!!!
    Temple Run!

  42. Anonymous says...

    Oh, good luck with the new iphone, love mine. That is some camera for a mobile phone.

    Really must apps:

    photo – camera+ (because then you can control so much, including time delay and multiple shots and even do some editing). Instagram is fun though somewhat limited. Hipstamatic is fun either though a pretty greedy app – the disposable version is lots of fun. And snapseed is the most intuitive photo editing app I have yet found.

    useful stuff – evernote, makes sync between computers and phone so much easier. Find my iphone I think cames with the phone, just make sure you enable it on settings somewhere. A unit conversion app is really useful. dropbox. shopping apps from favorite stores stores.

    games – angry birds, cut the rope, bejeweled blitz, jambalaya, cross fingers, sudoku are the ones I use much. All got free previews.

    Radio apps are also great ( but also for wifi only unless you got a great great data plan). I am in Europe so no Pandora for me, but tuneinradio is great.

    And a tip, for kids there is a app called Talking Pierre (and lots more from the same company) which seems to work fabulously to make children of any age laugh. Not at all educative but children seem to love it tremendously. Free app, with annoying ads, children do not care about the ads.


  43. Liza morten says...

    For NYC, download the UrbanDaddy Ap! It asks you what neighborhood you’re in, who you’re with, and what you’re in the mood for, and then it comes up with a long list of bar/restaurant recommendations! I love it because sometimes I just need ideas! The AP also has a sense of humor, for ex, you can choose “I’m Broke” as one of the criterion!

  44. Looks like you have a lot of suggestions! Might I suggest 2 more? Trailers app to watch and browse new movie trailers. And Momento. This one is really sweet.. It let’s you document memories and moments in the day with words, pictures, video..and it’s organized by a neat calendar. I just wrote about something I remembered about my mom while waiting at a restaurant the other night. And document what i did on a spontaneous day trip. It’s those fleeting memories and thoughts that are the sweetest memories sometimes.

  45. instagram is so much fun! and addictive…

  46. Thank you for posting this! I got an iphone recently too and now I have tons of great app ideas! The only ones I had before this were hipstamatic, Facebook, and kakao talk

  47. Finally, Apple has added Sprint to AT&T and Verizon, giving barter 3 choices of carriers with the new iPhone.

    Jailbreak iPhone 4S

  48. are there any apps for mums and babies?

  49. Shazam and Google Reader are my tops! I’ve found so many great new artists through Shazam.

  50. Mo says...

    Haha @ the saved by the bell pic. You took it back Joanna.

    I’m a scrambler/words with friends addict, it’s terrible. And my Pandora app is great for jogs/study time.

  51. The 8mm camera app makes your hd iphone videos look like old home movies from when you were a kid, with or without that turning reel sound. I love seeing videos of my kids in this format.

  52. I have yet to hop on the iphone bandwagon (I want to so bad! haha) but I think you always need google maps, facebook, and instagram.

  53. Keri says...

    Living social

  54. kkmarie1221 says...

    one of the coolest apps i’ve come across is called INSPIRO. it’s like a conversation starter/brainstorming/random word generator with a lot of different functions. you should try it! it would definitely help with any kind of creative writing. first comment i’ve ever left, but i adore your blog :) i always read your blog along with a few others first thing in the morning while i drink my coffee before class. thank you for always being so sweet, honest, positive and entertaining!

  55. a great alternative to pandora is
    8tracks. it’s a music app which allows you to browse user curated playlists by artist, genre, or mood. It’s great for learning about new artists because when you search for something you like, every playlist with that artist will pop up, and it’s likely the one you choose will have similar music by artists you’ve never heard of before. I love it and listen to it everyday at my desk at work. Best of all, it’s free!

  56. My iPhone is really new but I’m already addicted to Instagram (@anaplaya) and other cool apps are Sky Walk, so you know the name of the stars in the sky, Kindle, if your eyes are really good, and Kayak, for traveling :)