Toby got bongos for Christmas, and now every time we have friends over, he gives a private performance. His mad skills are only exceeded by his relentless enthusiasm. (I love this photo from Saturday night:)

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  2. Anonymous says...

    Aw this is so cute!

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  3. Your picture remind me of my son when he playing drum. I love to hear his laugh.

  4. My 9 month old loves playing the drums too! But more than anything he is fascinated when we play guitar. I would love to get him one but they all seem too old. What baby guitar do you have for Toby?

  5. He’s so cute!

  6. babies + drums = good times had by all!

  7. thanks for all these sweet comments! xoxo

  8. Bongos? That is absolutely brilliant.

  9. Sharon T says...

    That is so adorable. He looks like he is having so much fun!

  10. oh so cute!
    My son who is 2yo is obsessed with making noise …heu sorry gorgeous music. First it started with his baby drums, then it moved to frantically “playing” on the baby piano to now actually using any kind of object to smash it on the living room table. My beloved table is ruined BUT he sounds so prod making that music and dancing to out that I can’t get myself to stop him!
    Good luck with Toby’s developing talent :)

  11. Anonymous says...

    I admire the bravery and patience of his parents. Good show

  12. Presh! What a perfect gift!

  13. so adorable! Looks like he’s having a blast!

  14. That is adorable! The look on his face in the photo is priceless. *LOVE*

  15. hanging out with babies seriously doesn’t get any better than this!! Today bongos tomorrow the banjo! Toby is all set!

  16. what a cutie – that is awesome!!! xx’s

  17. toby is the man!

  18. He’s really starting to look like your brother!

  19. i love your “toby” posts!!! what an amazing little man that is!!!

  20. what a fabulous gift! my seb would just die for a set of bongos. i’ll have to put that on my list for his birthday. thanks for the idea! and what a sweet picture that is. isn’t this the most wonderful age?!

  21. Ida F says...

    Too cute! Today my sister just found out that she is expecting a boy! I think I will give him drums someday :)

  22. haha, he’s too cute. I want to eat him!

  23. what a sweetheart! I remember when we got Drums for Michael. He was a BIG fan!! Hope you got your neighbors some ear plugs ;)

  24. Im not commenting on how he’s playing the bongos, just on how i’m starting to clearly see elements of both of you on his baby face! :) fascinating! :D

  25. what a cute photo! love how music can’t help but bring out our truest emotions.

  26. Few things cuter than a baby on bongos.

  27. Anonymous says...

    So cute!!!!! He looks as if he is having a blast. The noise! The power!

  28. Lol what a rockstar!!!! So cute

  29. dori, sort of….he’s not in classes of anything, but he loves playing on his baby guitar, bongos and tambourine :) i think all babies are pretty musical!

  30. Awww so cute! He looks totally thrilled (as does your friend!).

  31. absolutely adorable! kids and instruments can be quite a magical (and entertaining!) combination

  32. My six year old cousin just got a mini drum set for Christmas and he loves it! His grandpa has been giving him lessons so he even knows how to count off and raise his sticks in the air at the beginning of every performance, so cute!

  33. Awww..this is awesome:) He is really enjoying himself, isn’t he? Love!

  34. Haha nice.
    Are you considering teaching him instruments at a young age?

  35. They normally don’t need bongos or any kind of drums to make drums sound’s… they naturally tranfomr any piece or furniture or toy into a drum ;-)

    Ps – love the picture! Toby looks like a real pro

  36. i love babies and drums! we have a few djembes around, my little one was banging on them before she could walk :) we totally need bongo’s, though..