1. So true! It constantly amazes me how much some people hate staying home. That’s my favorite thing to do!! Lol.

  2. i just found this blog and i love it! I’d rather stay at home and watch a movie with friends! so maybe a little of both?

  3. Anonymous says...

    Pretty much an introvert–love a good book and a movie. It’s my idea of heaven! However, I’m not shy about talking to people at all. I really enjoy my girlfriends and a night out I just like a certain ammount of space and time to recharge my batteries so to speak. I don’t think there many people that are 100% either way.

  4. Haha.. definite intro!

  5. A people loving introvert married to a people loving over the top extrovert.


  6. Haha, introvert! I love a cozy night at home.

  7. Ah, this is hilarious! I’m definitely an introvert, though I do have my extrovert moments. I’m not *always* happy to stay in at night :)

  8. introvert. haha i need that friend that will drag me out and make me have fun

  9. Anonymous says...

    That comic isn’t really accurate. Introverts draw energy from within, whereas extroverts get energized from being around other people. A true extrovert would probably not be very happy about staying inside.

  10. this made me laugh so much; at first I only saw the top one, and I actually thought, “Why is he sad? That would make so happy.” haha I know what I am… :)

  11. A firm introvert unless you offer me an afternoon in a little cozy café with good chai tea. Then I could follow you everywhere.

  12. Anonymous says...

    Interesting how the bias in the comments is with introverted folk. I have often wondered if bloggers in general are more introverted. I am totally extroverted, and once, years ago, I tried to start a blog. I gave it up after about a week, as I was always out with my friends and too busy to write things down.

  13. Definitely an introvert, especially if there’s a new show I need to catch up on :))

  14. oh my gosh! i totally thought that said “pregnancy test” at first, and then i just sat here thinking, “i don’t get it…” hahaha! man, it’s late. this usually introverted sometimes extroverted girl needs to get some sleep. :)

  15. A little bit of both—but mostly an introvert!

  16. introvert … all the way …

  17. Shy with the men. Loud when I know the people. Too much on my mind usually. I tested a very low extrovert, and never really test dead center on any. I’m by test and extrovert. But I’m in tonight, and would be devastated if I weren’t.

    (By the way, I love this pic so much I may borrow this.)

  18. I am introverted. I rarely do anything that is out there. My friends think I am a party pooper if I won’t ride roller coasters. I don’t mind watching them, I am not just being polite when I say it. I just don’t like being extroverted. Shyness suits me to a point.

  19. Anonymous says...


  20. Introvert. INFJ to be exact. For so long I struggled to understand what introvert meant. I thought it meant you didn’t like people. And I like people. I just really need my recharge time, and proud of it now : )

  21. this introvert just laughed!

  22. I’ve discovered that I am exactly half and half. If I spend too much time alone, I go crazy. If I’m out and around people too much, I crave downtime. Hard to please I guess. :)


  23. I guess I am an extrovert, a shy one maybe.

  24. Anonymous says...

    joanna what are you?

  25. Anonymous says...

    Definitely somehow both. It really depends on my mood and the attitudes of other people involved.

    I was a very shy child and many social situations seemed scary or painfully uncomfortable. But I was pretty confident in my own abilities, so I was content to occupy myself with art projects or reading. Even at 30, I have no problem staying in, because I’ll be creatively productive in some way.

    On the other hand, every year of my life I find that I’m increasingly willing and eager to be friendly with strangers and chat people up – it just gets easier with age and experience. Now I’ll go to parties and find myself being one of the last to leave!

  26. HA! This is just wonderful..I’m all about bringing the party to my place, so I can cuddle up and be home after everybody leaves. Intrextovert for sure!


  27. Oh I’ve had so much fun reading people’s responses to this one!

    My roommate just had me take the test a few weeks ago, and we’re BOTH ENFJs– haha! I guess that’s why we’re good roommates.

    I like to think I can enjoy both, but right now a little cozy time on the couch is sounding especially appealing…

  28. haha I guess I’m an introvert! I like to be home…but I’m pretty extroverted around people I know well.

  29. This made me chuckle – it sums up my and my husband’s Friday evening perfectly. Me (the wannabee hermit after a long week), him (the woo-hoo-it’s-the-weekend-guy). V x

  30. Extrovert, strangely enough. Most people would guess the other for me.

  31. An ambivert!

  32. My sister and I call ourselves “social-anit-social.” I would say I’m a friendly introvert.

  33. Definitely an introvert. But I like to get out if it’s to a nice dinner at a new place with an old friend. :)

  34. I’m an introvert!! :-)

  35. Hilarious! One hundred percent introvert on my end.

  36. Overall, I’m definately an introvert – I love staying in my pjs, cuddling up under a blanket, and watching movies or catching up with my sister.

  37. depends on the night:)

  38. Kara says...

    Depends on the day, my mood, etc…but I generally favor the introvert.

  39. Haha, this is too cute. I’m most definitely an introvert. I get so excited over staying in, watching movies, and crocheting all night. :]

  40. Introveeeert! But there are times when I just HAVE to go out, or I’ll explode !!!
    It depends on my mood, I guess.
    Joanna, what about you? :)

  41. The introvert is totally me, woohoo night in! Husband going out with friends, even better! Definately need that alone time to recharge the old battery. Love your blog!

  42. ooh, stephanie, i’m so interested in the Meyer-Briggs test, soooo fascinating. would be fun do do on a rainy day:)

  43. Shy extrovert; gregarious introvert. Seriously mixed.

    Love the illustration.

  44. I’m a total extrovert. A bunch of my friends are really into personality tests, and I took the Jung or Meyer-Briggs test — so interesting and so accurate! You should give it a try.

  45. I am absolutely right down the middle. It totally depends on the day!

  46. Introvert, for sure! Especially as the weather turns colder! Nothing better than being in the comfort of your own home.


  47. I am definitely an extrovert!

  48. This is too funny! I like to think that I’m an extrovert, but most nights by the time I finally get home, all I want to do it stay there. Maybe a daytime extrovert, and a nighttime introvert? :)

  49. Honestly, it depends on the day! Sometimes I just need my space, others I want to be with friends and get out!

  50. im an extrovert but I love going on. I think I love the surroundings. Just please dont try to spark a conversation with me I will fall over lol . But im a semi introvert with friends.

  51. the introvert! my plans today include going out and i said this with a frown and sigh.
    this made me laugh!

  52. i use to be an extreme introvert but i think i’m changing…or just getting more comfortable with me ;)

  53. if i’m out with others i’m an extrovert, but a night in is always welcome!

  54. I am quite the extrovert, but as I’ve gotten older definitely have become acquainted with my introverted side. I just started a new job about 6 weeks ago and everyone keeps commenting on how quiet I am – it’s very interesting how we can change back and forth.

  55. Such the introvert! I used to be embarrassed by the term, but I learned that it can be a strength. Here’s to a great night at home :)

  56. Haha! This is so funny. I am soooo the guy at the bottom. I need calm cozy nights at home to refill my introvert soul. Not ALL of the time. But definitely when possible, it’s a total treat!

  57. Introvert! I love being around people to a point, and then need some recharging by being by myself.

  58. definitely an introvert!!! which i have found to be hard in college, where everyone “thinks” they are/or have to be an extrovert! : )

  59. Introvert for sure. But after a few cocktails, maybe more of an extrovert :)

  60. Ha I love this! I am an introvert that has extrovert moments – but love when I get to cheer about staying in and getting me time!
    Much love,

  61. introvert, I just love being at home. Relaxing with a good glass of wine and a good talk is perfection to me.

  62. I used to be an extrovert, but anymore…in my over scheduled full time employee/grad student world..a night in, is cause for celebration.

  63. Introvert, all the way

  64. Just like Libby. Just because I’m outgoing and I laugh a lot people assume I’m an extrovert. I was confused myself as well for years, and was pushing me to go out and have a good time. Now, I’ve come to terms with me being an introvert and, oh so enjoy staying at home, knitting, having a few good friends around and nothing more!

  65. I would say that I’m an introvert but my boyfriend would disagree. lol

  66. 10 years ago, extrovert all the way. Nowadays, I’m super pumped for a cozy night in.

  67. Mademoiselle Michael, that’s crazy!! :)

  68. haha, love this. I am almost always the second one unless I really like my outfit or just got a haircut in which case I feel like staying in is a waste! That feels so silly to admit, but it’s true. :) haha. So many of my favorite nights include thai takeout and a movie or two (or three) with my guy. Nothing’s better.

  69. Introvert, but I am not shy…just like my space, when I can manage it.

  70. Introvert!! Some people are always surprised when I say I’m an introvert because I can be outgoing… but if I had to choose, I love a cozy night in!

  71. I just began a new job, but before I was hired at the firm, I was required to take 6 hours worth of personality & IQ tests! A lot of firms are now relying on personality tests to help them in the decision making process to see if employees will gel with other employees and hopefully stay with the company long term. I’m happy to report that I did not have a breakdown in the course of the 6 hours :) I am an ENFJ, but I consider myself a private extrovert haha.

  72. This is very funny. For one of my graduate classes we actually had to take a questionairre that determined which one we are… I’m an extrovert :)

  73. Definitely a mix! Meyers-Briggs has me right on the cusp. Most people look at me and think extrovert, but I love alone time and most nights would rather stay at home, get some take-out and watch a movie with my hubby.

  74. I see both sides in my personality. I don’t think I could identify with just one all of the time. I’d say I go back & forth, depending on the week.

  75. I would say I’m 75% introvert and 25% extrovert… I love a good night in on the couch with some takeout :)

  76. introvert!

  77. Definitely an introvert. My favorite Friday nights are spent at home. I love being out during the day, but dinners and evenings are home time for me. I love love love staying in :P

  78. That’s hilarious! I’m definitely an introvert, and when I get a night off to stay home and chill I totally want to throw up my arms in celebration!


  79. anonymous, that’s so interesting! also, becca, love that dude, haha, what a cute video. :)

  80. definitely feeling the introvert! But force myself to be the extrovert when I can :)

  81. Anonymous says...

    Do you know the original meanings are not how we see them today? An introvert is someone who gets their energy from themselves – and extrovert is someone who gets their energy from other people! If going by colloquial language, I am an introvert – if by the
    psychological meaning, I am an extrovert : )

  82. Hilarious! I’m a little bit of both – it depends on how crazy my week was whether or not I’m excited to stay in!

  83. AHH after looking at this I’m not even sure – although overall I’d have to say extrovert!


  84. 1000% introvert!

  85. Jo says...

    Ha. So identify with the introvert. Need to stay in and recharge…

  86. Anonymous says...

    a shy extrovert.