1. OMG! love this. we have used painters tape to play on the floors, but this is way more fun! thx

  2. Nice idea!
    I’ll be at my family home…. First time in the last 3 years! So excited!

  3. Aww, I loved making my own race tracks when I was smaller. My sister and I would spend hours drawing towns and roads with chalk out on our front drive :)

  4. Hello sweet Joanna.

    Thank You for sharing my tape-idea with other mothera and children.
    And I ca assure You all, that the tape did came off easily. No marks left on the floor. My children has made lots of different cities on the floor after theese pictures was taken.

    I love Your blog, Joanna!
    Have a nice day.
    Hugs and kisses from

  5. Wow what a wonderful idea! I love making toy’s that stimulate play. I can ad this one to my idea book.

  6. we’ll be staying home because i work the day before christmas and the day after….. i hope you have a wonderful holiday!! love the car track made from tape!! Ingenious!

  7. going to florida!

  8. P.S. I flew to California on Friday too! I was hoping to soak up a little more sunshine but at least it’s not 15 degrees like it is back home (in Colorado)!

    Hope you’re having a fantastic trip!

  9. such a good idea :) i’ll be home in rochester for christmas and i couldn’t be more excited :)

  10. I did this same thing recently with painters tape for my 2 year old son. Instead of using it as a race/train track, he spent over an hour slowly peeling the tape off the floor and couch! Either way, it’s a great way to keep the little nuts busy!

  11. How cute! I love that the track even goes up the couch! I’ll be taking a plane back to Ohio Christmas Eve Eve and my mom and I will road trip it back to Chicago the day after Christmas.

  12. When my brother and I were young we had loads of colouring pencils and every year aat school we’d get new ones so the old ones were used for playing cars and trucks, we’d line then up for roads then pack them on the truck trailers. WE the had them throughout the house, we used them outdoors. they were fantastic, mum asked us if we wanted one of those city rugs. But we said no the pencils allowed for much greater variety.

  13. Tape and cars, brilliant! Another great toy we bring travelling is a beach ball. Packs small and is my 2 year old’s fav toy.

    We’ll be staying home for the holidays waiting for our Christmas baby to be born! yah! My due date is the 23rd!

    Have fun in CA!

  14. My dad created those for me all the time when i was growing up:-)

  15. I just might pretend this project was perhaps intended for twenty something tuesday, and do it anyways

    …or file it away for a future bambino :) Very fun!!

  16. home alone :(

    my parents are away and i am working throughout christmas and new year. i have plans to go to my neighbours for christmas day when i finish work x

  17. Hi Joanna,

    I emailed you once about having a dream about being your personal assistnat–just to remind you of who I am.

    I work at a gallery in Santa Barbara called Sullivan Goss. We are instating and celebrating a three month long exhibition for NY/CA artist Lockwood de Forest at the Palm Springs Art Museum that will be on display December 16! If you are in Palm Springs, you should totally go!


  18. i saw this idea on pinterest a little big ago— love it!

  19. I discovered last holiday season that my one year old loved playing with scotch tape (discovered haphazardly as I was wrapping gifts for Chriastmas). A few months later, we flew to San Fran and packed a roll of stickers and a roll of scotch tape. She loved sticking both of them to everything (including us and herself), which kept her occupied for hours!

  20. my grandma did this for us when we were kids…we LOVED IT!! I can’t wait to do this for baby J

  21. Adorable! And hours of fun for the little one, for sure.

    Enjoy the warm weather!

  22. how freakin cute! my brother’s favorite game when he was a toddler was to make parking lots with all of his toy cars. if we had had hardwood floors he would have loved this.

  23. That’s so sweet!! I love it. I’m looking forward to going to freezing ice cold Minnesota to spend Christmas with our families! :)

  24. Perfect for traveling! It reminds me that once I painted a roadway on a board and familiar landmarks (McDonalds, home, best friends mobile home, school etc). Easy to put away…it just slid under the sofa with a box of cars on top.

  25. This is so a clever idea. My experience with packing toys when we go on holiday is “take the bare minimum”. People like you and me are used to city living so our bubbas spend a lot of time indoors playing with toys. But in California, you’ll be mostly outdoors (I imagine) so Toby will not need much more than sticks, dirt, flowers, stones and a good book to be happy. I swear!

  26. So cute! I love the tape itself.

    I have been using a lot of chalkboard paint lately and I recently saw a post where a mom turned a CraigsListed coffee table into a play table for cars – the kids could draw on their own track.

  27. This is so sweet and when they are older, it works for hopscotch as well.

    I have three daughters and have found a couple of boas can satisfy a wide range of distraction/recreation needs. Also, they make your Dyson super festive when you clean up their mess.

  28. So clever! This looks fun for both mom and kid. :)


  29. That is brilliant! I love that it is coming over the couch arm chair.

    Depending on when baby comes (my estimated due date was Sat. the 10th) we will go to my parents or quite possibly be on our own with maybe a visitor or two.

  30. such a great idea! let me know any other toys and games for long car ride and a week in a small condo with 2 wild and crazy little boys

  31. Great idea! Although you’d want to be sure that the tape came off easily and didn’t leave residue.

    We’ll be spending the holiday at my in-laws (in town) and at home. We’re still figuring out which part of the day will be spent where, but since we’ll never get Baguette to nap at their house (it’s quiet enough, she’ll just be too excited), we’re going to split our day.

    It will be the first time we’ve spent part of Christmas in our home, and I’m really looking forward to it.

  32. Why oh why have I never thought of this before? My son was/is obsessed with cars, trains, planes and things that move Awesome idea.

  33. Anonymous says...

    Is it a certain kind of tape? Something that comes off easily? What a great, fun idea!

  34. one other note…the buldings, roads and letters i hot glued to the red felt were also felt. just cut out shapes and glued them on, easy peasy ;)

  35. love this idea! when my son was little, i bought a long, fairly wide piece of felt, in bright red from the fabric store and hot glued on roads, buildings, trees etc. along with the alphabet and my son’s name (ethan) on it. if you hot glue felt to felt it adheres like bondo. i could then roll it up and take it anywhere i went, with all of his matchbox cars and trains etc. he loved it!

  36. I LOVE this idea! Genius! half the fun would be in making the tracks…

  37. elizabeth says...

    Fun idea! Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

  38. This is adorable! Thank you for sharing! Happy holidays

  39. My son is 5 years old but he will be so EXCITED when I present him this IDEA!!!Thansk for sharing!!! Such an ORIGINAL one♥

  40. That is super creative and that tape is pretty cute too:) Happy Monday, Joanna. xo

  41. SUCH a great idea! I am definitely going to do this with my nephews when I head home for the holidays in a week and a half. Love that so few supplies are necessary :)

  42. I’d like to head to California this Friday! Brrr NYC got cold this weekend!

  43. i love attempting to read norwegian because when you say the words out loud it’s like “teipcity? ooh! tape city!” (that’s an obvious example but you get the idea :D)

    have an awesome time in california! happy holidays!

  44. ….And I will go to The Netherlands (my home country) to celebrate Christmas with my family :-)


  45. This would be PERFECT in our house of wood/tile flooring. I am thinking my Levi will be thrilled with this idea in a few months when he can understand this concept (?).

    We’ll be right here in Florida for the holidays. Lighted palm trees and all. Kind of like the Corona commercial.

    Have a lovely trip!