Diane Keaton’s fantastic new memoir about her relationship with her mother–and Woody Allen, Warren Beatty and Al Pacino. $14.35.

Red lipstick, because she’d never buy it for herself. (Bonus: It’s moisturizing.) $32.

The iconic Finnish Aalto vase, because it makes even a bunch of daisies look straight out of Helsinki. $108.

Brownies and chocolate chip cookiescombined. Six for $14.

A beautiful tiny bar necklace, $49. (I wear this everyday and adore it.)

Pinecone candles, $29.

Silk pillowcase, which not only feels good (and perfectly cold!) but helps you not get wrinkles when you sleep. $18.

A rad natural sea sponge, because she always had one when you were growing up. They’re also unbelievably gentle on your face. $5.

Amagansett Sea Salt with a sweet, briny flavor, made by a husband and wife. All steps–from the ocean to the bottle–take place in their tiny town in the Hamptons.

(Photos by the New York Times.)

Striped slippers from France, $88. (Or duvet socks!)

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